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Top Covid-19 use cases to solve with Sigfox


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We are happy to announce our last webinar of the season which will be hosted in collaboration with a startup from IoT Valley - MerciYanis.

We will present you with the best facility management solutions for quarantine, door monitoring, soap dispensers, and plenty more!

When? 2nd July, Thursday, 2 PM-3 PM (CEST)
Speakers: Vojtěch Plášil, a Support engineer at SimpleHW
Jordan Gayraud, COO & Co-founder at MerciYanis

Published in: Technology
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Top Covid-19 use cases to solve with Sigfox

  1. 1. About this webinar Who is this webinar for? Sales, technical pre-sales, support, SOs, integrators, IoT platforms Technical level: Intermediate Format: 40 mins presentation + 15 mins Q&A session
  2. 2. Speakers Jordan Gayraud COO & Co-founder at MerciYanis Vojtech Plasil Support engineer at SimpleHW
  3. 3. IoT, Sigfox and Covid-19 ● Workplaces and work forces impacted significantly ○ Around 60% of all impacted workers worked from home only during the first three months of the pandemic and the remaining 40% were in the office for a day per week on average (cit. CIPD) ● Majority of large/small non-essential commercial businesses closed ● Non-commercial institutions where people gather closed too ● Most people staying home - boom of remote working and online shopping ● Increased demand for specific “niche” goods ● Public healthcare system overloaded ● As the pandemic progresses, the impact will lessen, but some things will change for a long time (such as disinfectant dispensers available everywhere)
  4. 4. IoT, Sigfox and Covid-19 possible use cases ● Facility management of closed commercial & non-commercial buildings ○ Breaking in, temperature, humidity, Legionella, public safety in general ● Work efficiency - monitoring chairs of remote workers etc. ● Healthcare-related use cases ○ Tracking of protective equipment, monitoring medication/vaccine transports (cold chain), monitoring soap/disinfectant dispensers, panic/signal buttons for hospitals and care homes ● Public safety - monitoring e.g. road equipment because of reduced staff ● Warehouse efficiency for online businesses based on Sigfox ● Using IoT sensors for monitoring different things that were done by workers in person before the pandemic
  5. 5. Soap/disinfectant dispenser monitoring use case ● Purpose: To replace the soap/disinfectant cartridge on time ● Device used: any SimplePack with a reed switch and a magnet ● Mode used: can be either Reed on/off or Reed counter (sends a periodic message with number of reed switches)
  6. 6. Office chair monitoring use case ● Purpose: To optimize lighting, heating, cooling, and cleaning expenses and to track home office work efficiency and workplace working hours ● Device used: any SimplePack device with an accelerometer ● Mode used: ideally Track me, but differs case by case
  7. 7. Legionella monitoring solution ● Purpose: to monitor water distribution systems and avoid ideal conditions (20-45°C) for bacteria to grow ● Pipes, air conditioning, water reservoirs in both commercial and non-commercial public or private facilities ● Device used: SimpleIndustry Legionella - modified SimpleIndustry with two external NTC sensors ● Mode used: specific Legionella mode implemented just for this use case ● Project-based production, contact us for quotes
  8. 8. Panic button device for hospitals/elderly people Purpose: to get notified when a patient/care resident presses the button to get assisted Device used: any SimplePack device with a button Mode used: basic Press me Can be combined with repeaters/BTS in order to make sure all messages are received
  9. 9. What device should I choose for my use case? If you're not sure what device to pick, you can fill in this form: And we will get back to you shortly with either the top pick or a customization offer!
  10. 10. Meet ● Provides an IoT Sigfox and LoRaWAN based solution for facility management vertical ● An IoT-Valley born startup founded in 2019 ● MerciYanis uses 100% customized PVC support for their clients with the SimplePack integrated inside
  11. 11. Door monitoring use case ● SimplePack hidden in a box and a magnet ● Identify the rooms used by the employees ● Optimize interventions of cleaning teams ● Assure security of the employees ● Customer use cases : Economic School in Paris
  12. 12. Button use case ● SimplePack connected to infrared sensors to automatically resolve cleaning issue at the right time ○ Customer use cases : VillagesNature (center parc) ● Buttons for employees to easily signal lack of soap or masks ○ Customer use cases : CGI
  13. 13. Assure building safety during quarantine periods ● Water leak detection ○ Automatically warns the Facility Manager by mail, sms, Whatsapp ○ Customer use cases : Promologis, Carrefour Properties ● Temperature/Humidity monitoring ○ Automatically warns the Facility Manager by mail, sms, Whatsapp ○ Customer use cases : SCC, Freewheel
  14. 14. Now it is time for your questions!
  15. 15. Thank you for your time!