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I/O Frog - probably the best IoT platform for Sigfox

Key takeaways: How every Sigfox operator or Enterprise customer can get a white label version. Updates in the registration process.

Full Sigfox API2 support. Full Monarch support. Public sharing of maps. Native Google Android and Apple IoS applications.

What are you missing?

Audience: Sales, technical pre-sales, support, Sigfox Operators and integrators, IoT platforms.
Technical level: intermediate
Format: 40 mins presentation + 15 mins Questions & Answers session
Speaker: David Zencak, Found at I/O Frog
Pavel Sodomka, Founder & CEO at SimpleHW

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I/O Frog - probably the best IoT platform for Sigfox

  1. 1. About this webinar Who is this webinar for? Sales, technical pre-sales, support, SOs, integrators, IoT platforms Technical level: Intermediate Format: 30 mins presentation + 15 mins Q&A session Speaker: David Zencak, Founder of I/O Frog
  2. 2. We know you feel these needs... ● I am an end user and want to run a SimpleLeak and CO detector at my house ● I am a Sigfox Operator and I want to test hardware functionality before recommending it further and I want it to be branded in my brand ● I am an integrator and I need a platform to define, deploy, manage and evaluate PoC and run it under my brand ● I am an integrator and I need a middleware. I will use my own visualisation and BI ● I am an integrator and I need scalable platform for massive field deployment and I need it in my branding ● I am a big corporate customer and I need to host the platform on my premises
  3. 3. Typical IoT platform lifecycle 1. Device provisioning 2. User provisioning 3. Device deployment 4. Device management with downlinks 5. Connectivity management 6. User rights management 7. Meta data processing 8. Device performance evaluation 9. Payments ...all included
  4. 4. Easy onboarding Step by step instructions for most common scenarios at
  5. 5. Full native mobile applications
  6. 6. Public Channel
  7. 7. Improved GEO Rules
  8. 8. Multi-language support The clients from Hungary and Slovak may now benefit from fully localised version.
  9. 9. Multi-radio zone support in registration process Correct device certification is now being used in Sigfox registration process after you choose the RC zone during device setup. This new option will enable to register devices within any RC zone on the Earth.
  10. 10. Chipfox GPS tracker support
  11. 11. Supported devices already today ● Betacontrol ○ SiFi Smoke alarm ○ SiWa Water leakage detector ● Carius Tech ○ Chipfox GPS tracker ● Comet ○ IoT Sensor – temperature, atm. pressure, humidity, dew point ● Elko EP ○ AirIM-100S ● ieThings ○ IET10 GPS/WiFi Tracker
  12. 12. Supported devices already today ● Nexelec ○ Insafe+Origi, Smoke detector and air quality monitoring ○ Insafe+Carbon, CO2 detector and air quality monitoring ○ Insafe+Pilot, Air quality monitoring ● SI2C ○ Electronic Seal ○ Parking Pill ● SimpleHW ○ SimpleLeak 1.0 – water leakage detector ○ SimpleLeak 3.0 – water leakage detector ○ SimplePack 1.1 API5 (inc. DevKit) – multifunctional IoT device ○ SimplePack 1.2 API4 (inc. DevKit) – multifunctional IoT device ○ SimplePack 2.0 API5 (inc. DevKit) – multifunctional IoT device ○ SimplePack 3.0 (inc. DevKit) – multifunctional IoT device ● Sigfox ○ Sensit Discovery 3.1 – multifunctional IoT device
  13. 13. Roadmap 1. New devices: Thinxtra, Oyster, consumption meters + more 2. New UX for mobile apps 3. Device onboarding in mobile apps (Android is in beta now) 4. Dedicated tracing dashboard in web app 5. Improved responsiveness for web app 6. Public API for 3rd party access 7. Improved support for white-label solutions in area of billing, reporting, configuration, more payment gateways
  14. 14. Now it is time for your questions!
  15. 15. Register for more: Webinar #5: Ingredients of successful IoT project delivery - from Pilot to Final project 13 November, Wednesday, 2PM, UTC+2 Webinar #6: Is your cheese at correct temperature? Advantages of Sigfox based cold chain monitoring. 27 November, Wednesday, 2PM, UTC+2 REGISTER FOR ALL WEBINARS HERE
  16. 16. Thank you for your time! Sign up for 90 days free here