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Can you really replace GPS localisation by better WiFi or Atlas localisations?

Key takeaways: How can you improve your logistics processes using SimpleHW devices?

What are the differences, benefits, and disadvantages of these localization services?
Sigfox Atlas
Sigfox Atlas WiFi
Default WiFi
Precision WiFi

And their comparison to GPS.

Audience: Sales, technical pre-sales, support, Sigfox Operators and integrators, IoT platforms.
Technical level: intermediate
Format: 30 mins presentation + 15 mins Questions & Answers session
Speaker: Pavel Sodomka, Founder & CEO at SimpleHW

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Can you really replace GPS localisation by better WiFi or Atlas localisations?

  1. 1. About this webinar Who is this webinar insight for? Sales, technical pre-sales, support, SOs, integrators, IoT platforms. Technical level: intermediate Format: 40 mins presentation + 15 mins Q&A session Speaker: Pavel Sodomka, CEO at Simple Hardware
  2. 2. Few important documents General Discovery and PoC Checklist Logistics Discovery and PoC Checklist Comparison of localisation possibilities Tracking modes of Simple Hardware devices
  3. 3. WHY What do you track ? GOODS ASSETS PEOPLE OTHER
  4. 4. WHY - GOODS Cold chain monitoring, recording, reporting Continuous temperature monitoring | Alerts on temperature thresholds Opening of package monitoring Light sensor Tilt monitoring (yoghurts etc.) Continuous tilt monitoring via accelerometer Goods impact or freefall Continuous monitoring via accelerometer
  5. 5. WHY - ASSETS Machinery, forklifts impact monitoring Continuous monitoring via accelerometer Machinery usage / engine hours monitoring Continuous monitoring and recording of vibrations and sending for up to one Second resolution of machine usage Ordering button, panic button Button with or without LED and beep Theft prevention Assets tracking with location Opening of doors etc. Door mode using magnetometer and accelerometer or reed sensor
  6. 6. WHY - BUSINESS CASE ❏ Revenue increase ❏ Cost cutting ❏ PR and marketing ❏ Competition differentiation ❏ Customer acquisition ❏ Customer retention ❏ Customer satisfaction ❏ Energy saving ❏ Environment protection ❏ Labour safety ❏ Personal safety ❏ Property safety ❏ Goods safety ❏ Maintenance compliance ❏ Forgery prevention ❏ Misuse ❏ Better equity/resources usage ❏ Damage prevention ❏ Redundancy/backup to primary system ❏ Behaviour patterns ❏ Customer lock in/ brand placement ❏ Public funds usage/ political points ❏ Gadgetry/gamification ❏ Other
  7. 7. DATA - What Data you need and why ? Location, movement, temperature, tilt, impact, reed switch, orientation, vibration, light ? What is the required precision ? What is the required timing ? What is the required reliability ? What will you do with the DATA ? Integrate ? Visualize ? Change process ? Trigger events ?
  8. 8. TCO Project management costs (10 percent) PoC costs (5 percent) SW Integration costs (10 percent) HW installation costs (20 percent) Devices (15 percent) Connectivity (15-25 percent) Platform costs (10 percent) Costs of maintenance (5 percent)
  9. 9. Comparison GPS Advantages: Precision - works everywhere, from 1 m onwards Disadvantages: Needs open sky Battery consumption WIFI Advantages: Cheap Low battery consumption No open sky needed Disadvantages: Not working outside urban areas Precision around 100 m Sigfox Atlas Advantages: No additional HW needed No battery consumption Disadvantages: Sigfox coverage needed Precision around 1 km
  10. 10. ● The smartest and one of the most versatile Sigfox device integrators can build their IoT solutions upon ● Completely waterproof through ultrasonic welding and no openings ● Ultra-long-lasting for 10 years or 30.000 messages ● Boosted with sensorics ○ Accelerometer ○ Light sensor ○ Precise temperature ○ WiFi sniffer ○ Magnetometer ○ Reed sensor ○ Buzzer ● Geolocation capability with tens of meters precision 14 SimplePack 3.0 Plus “the bestseller evolved“ 20–34€
  11. 11. Tracking with Simple Hardware Sigfox Atlas Does not send any data through payload and is using the signal strength received by a basestation to calculate the position. Advantages: 1. Zero energy consumption 2. Works everywhere where there is Sigfox 3. No WiFi module needed 4. Precise enough for most logistics use cases 5. No additional costs for MAC address resolution Disadvantages: 1. Precision depends on density of Sigfox coverage (by how many base stations the message was seen) 2. Location can be skewed by a large margin if the object is on a mountainside 3. Costs an additional fee on the Sigfox tariff
  12. 12. Tracking with Simple Hardware Sigfox Atlas WiFi Uses 2 MAC addresses that they send to HERE Global B.V. for resolution and you get coordinates right from the Sigfox callback Advantages: 1. Easy to implement 2. Able to process the location if only one MAC address is available even they blur the position in order not precisely position the one MAC address for privacy reasons 3. Automatic fallback to Sigfox Atlas 4. In Stupid mode 1 only one message is needed to send the location Disadvantages: 1. You pay for Sigfox WiFi Atlas for all the messages, not only for those where you need to have high resolution 2. If one MAC address is not relevant or in the database, the position is rather inaccurate 3. Lower quality database of MAC addresses vs. Google 4. No ability to send any additional information in the same message 5. No ability to tag the message as the one containing 2 MAC addresses.
  13. 13. Tracking with Simple Hardware Default WiFi mode Uses 3 MAC addresses in 2 messages with the ability to attach type of event Advantages: 1. Using 3 MAC addresses is more precise then 2 2. If one MAC address is not relevant/not in the DB you can still resolve the remaining 2 3. You pay for resolution only of needed messages 4. You can preprocess and whitelist MAC addresses you know and pay only for the unknown 5. You can use higher quality MAC database 6. Messages are tagged so parser knows what they contain plus type of event is reported Disadvantages: 1. Customer application or IoT platform need to parse the message and call external API (e.g. Google) for position resolution 2. Always 2 messages are needed. 3. If 2 MAC addresses are not relevant/in the database, Google cannot resolve one MAC address for privacy reasons
  14. 14. Tracking with Simple Hardware Precision WiFi Very special mode recording into the device the seen MAC addresses and instead of sending the whole address for external resolution it is sending 6 pointers to MAC addresses plus RSSI, enabling super high precision of around 2 metres in controlled environments like warehouses Advantages: 1. Ability to send 5 MAC addresses plus RSSI in one message 2. Recording internally newly seen MAC addresses and sending them in uplinks to the IoT platform 3. Ability to erase stored MAC via downlink 4. No need to know the location of WiFi beacons, as the localisation uses fingerprinting 5. WiFI beacons don't need be connected to the Internet and can be a combination of public WiFI and private beacons 6. Can be used even outside warehouse if the circulation of object is limited to a few places Disadvantages: 1. Needs application processing or IoT platform support (IoFrog platform support planned) 2. Needs training/pressing the button at a few locations in the warehouse to train the fingerprinting algorithm 3. Not usable for long term cross country tracking (it would see and record too many MAC addresses)
  15. 15. Tracking Mode precision Battery life Event type reporting WiFi module required ? IOFrog support Special Sigfox tariff required Sigfox Atlas km 30 000 localisations yes no yes Atlas Default WiFi 100 m 10 000 localisations yes yes yes no Sigfox WiFi Atlas 100 m 10 000 localisations yes yes yes WiFi Atlas Wifi precision 2m 20 000 localistions in limited areas yes yes no no Stupid mode 1 100 m 20 000 localisations no yes yes WiFI Atlas Stupid mode 2 km 30 000 localisations no no yes Atlas
  16. 16. IoT platform All the data is available at APIs and callbacks of Sigfox backend Payloads and device management and settings is described in detail at For fast onboarding you can use platform 3 months free of charge. Works with any type of connectivity Supports all the functions of Simple Hardware devices If you need help in setting up the device and fine-tune the settings for your concrete business case please fill in the form
  17. 17. IoT is a pilot heaven & hell 22 ...41% of firms are in limbo in the pilot stage, and 30% are still discussing how to start, adding up to 71% of industrial firms still stuck in Pilot Purgatory. And these are all firms interviewed by McKinsey, so assume large firms with big budgets...
  18. 18. Discovery ● 80/20 rule ● Spend 80 percent of time in planning, analysis and 20 percent in execution. ● Don't concentrate on technology, concentrate on the business case. Calculate ROI, TCO ● Describe integrations, resources, installation, logistics etc. ● Do not rush for Pilot/Solution validation until you have budgeted and approved the final service. 23
  19. 19. Call to action 1. Choose ONE problem 2. Calculate ROI, TCO 3. Prepare proper DISCOVERY (3-10 hours) 4. Prepare proper SOLUTION VALIDATION / PoC / PoV (4 hours) 5. Get budget approval 6. Prepare final contract 7. Run SOLUTION VALIDATION / PILOT 8. Deploy 24
  20. 20. Now it is time for your questions!
  21. 21. Register for more: Webinar #2: Sigfox devices travelling between continents - is Monarch technology usable ? 16 October, Wednesday, 2PM, UTC+2 Webinar #3: Sigfox coverage. What you always wanted to know (and were afraid to ask) 23 October, Wednesday, 2PM, UTC+2 Webinar #4: IOFrog - probably the best IoT platform for Sigfox 30 October, Wednesday, 2PM, UTC+2 Webinar #5: Ingredients of successful IoT project delivery - from Pilot to Final project 13 November, Wednesday, 2PM, UTC+2 Webinar #6: Is your cheese at correct temperature? Advantages of Sigfox based cold chain monitoring. 27 November, Wednesday, 2PM, UTC+2 REGISTER FOR ALL WEBINARS HERE
  22. 22. Thank you for your time! Want to try our SimplePack WiFi Tracker? Buy it here