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A white-label solution in IO Frog and why it's interesting for you/ your clients.

How a white-label solution can add value to your business. Quick and effective set-up, real-life customer stories. Learn all the possibilities of customized branding with IO Frog, branded mobile apps, and more.

Host: David Zencak, CEO at IO Frog

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A white-label solution in IO Frog and why it's interesting for you/ your clients.

  1. 1. White-label solution “IoT platform you can build your business around” by David Zencak, founder and CEO
  2. 2. ● I have an experience with IO Frog platform - get 20-day free access on your own connectivity. ● I tested pre-selected devices and they fit my needs, they do exist for my radio zone ● I have a business plan on how to sell hundreds of devices to my customers ○ I can describe my customer and I do understand its needs ○ I calculated all costs related to deliver the full solution ○ I calculated the benefits from customer’s perspective ● My customers’ locations are covered by Sigfox network ● I am ready to invest into building a WL solution ● I am entrepreneur or work for one Is WL solution good for me?
  3. 3. What you can get in one week? Parsing uplink messages Sigfox Cloud Manage device metadata (name, type, location…) Message history Downlink setup Map location Tracing history Overuse monitoringConnectivity management Payments Multi-tenant accessUser authentication Your business 45 different devices from 23 manufacturers Tagging, device organization User rights & roles Charts Data export Orders Integration to BE systems API access Mobile access ???
  4. 4. White-label solution by IO Frog ● Solution running under your own URL, with your colours, logo, welcome text, documentation ● Full user-friendly solution is up and running in a few days ● We continuously add a support for new devices ● All email notification are sent from your email address ● The payments from your end-users may go directly to your account via Paypal gateway ● Possibility to use your own Sigfox connectivity and buying the platform access only ● Custom product naming and structure / pricing model for your customers ● Custom news and announcements ● Online chat based on your preference ● Many other options with possibility of custom development
  5. 5. Different strategies 1. Full service (B2B mainly) a. You buy X coupons covered by the invoice for the platform access b. You sell the full package to your customer at your price (consulting, device, connectivity, support, platform access), and collect money outside the platform c. You create an account for your customer, register devices and use a prepaid coupon you bought from us. d. Devices are automatically registered to your device type in Sigfox backend by IO Frog server e. You handover the account, devices, do training etc… f. Customer cannot sign up directly and cannot register new devices 2. Full service (B2B, large number of devices in one batch) a. We prepare everything for you including device registration based and send you an invoice.
  6. 6. Different strategies 3. Customers register devices by themselves (B2C) a. Same as “Full service” scenario but the customer does signup and use a coupon to register new device b. Option to pre-import devices to simplify device registration process 4. Collection to partner’s account (best for B2C) a. Customer create his own account b. Customer register device and does online payment c. The online payment goes to partner’s merchandise account (currently Paypal, more options will be supported in the future) d. We send you an invoice every month to pay a platform access fee for devices connected in the last month e. Option to pre-import devices to simplify device registration process
  7. 7. Pricing ● WL solution is available only for partners with 100+ devices ○ You have IO Frog account with 100+ devices ○ You buy platform access or connectivity for 100+ devices ● Current WL pricing is set low to cover the cost and to minimise start-up investment = we depend on your success Standard package Custom package 1.000 EUR Price is based on project basis
  8. 8. I am “in” - what are the next steps? 1. Contact us at and describe your plan 2. We send you a WL solution requirement template and quotation a. You need an access to DNS administration to create 2 CNAME records b. Credentials to send notification emails from your SMTP server c. Paypal account (optional) 3. You provide all inputs and send us an PO 4. We develop a WL solution 5. Testing and handover We add a new feature, everybody benefits.
  9. 9. What you can expect in next releases? 1. Devices organised in groups = tree-like hierarchies 2. Detail user access management 3. Device tagging (will replace categories) 4. Sending invitations to new users with pre-defined access rights 5. Powerful notification rule builder (AND/OR logic based on all message data) 6. Rules, Forwarding, Public channels, and Tags on group level = shared by all devices in a group 7. Dashboards designed to handle thousand of devices on one account
  10. 10. ● Clear business case based on switching expensive GPS trackers on GSM to Sigfox; no SIM cards, fast onboarding ● Featured in popular Auto-moto magazine in Croatia ● Creating videos for its customers on Youtube ● Built white-label solution within one week ● Prepaid coupons used for device self-registration without a hassle with online payments ● Online chat support managed by the partner Examples of customer journey, Croatia
  11. 11. ● Security agency ● Utilising different devices for different purposes ○ SimplePack WiFi, WiFi / Atlas tracking of valuable assets ○ SimplePack Door, door/gate monitoring ○ SimpleLeak, water leakage ○ Insafe Origin, air quality level monitoring ● Benefiting from having one IoT platform for all devices ● Own structure of subscription ● Own connectivity ● Collecting fees directly to their account Examples of customer journey, Slovak
  12. 12. Q & A SESSION Get more information at or contact us at