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Webinar 4: 7 mistakes in IoT sales and how to avoid them


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Qualification criteria, discovery depth, and proper pilots definition in Sigfox use cases.

For whom this webinar series? Sales, technical pre-sales, sales, support SO’s and integrators, IoT platforms.

Technical level: intermediate

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Published in: Technology
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Webinar 4: 7 mistakes in IoT sales and how to avoid them

  1. 1. 7 mistakes in IoT Sales and how to avoid them Webinar Insight 4 Hosted by: Pavel Sodomka 26.6.2019
  2. 2. About this webinar Who is this webinar insight for? Sales, technical pre-sales, sales, support SO’s and integrators, IoT platforms. Technical level: intermediate Format: 30 mins presentation + 15 mins Questions & Answers session Speaker: Pavel Sodomka, CEO at Simple Hardware
  3. 3. History and why ? 1994-1996 Ministry of Foreign Affairs- first official web of the Czech republic and email communication 1996-1999 Microsoft marketing - the Big Wave of shift towards Internet 1996-2008 web portal Atlas in 3 countries with millions of users 2011-2013 change management company migrating corps to Google Cloud and Google Apps 2014-2019 Sigfox operator in 7 countries 2018-2019 - Simple Hardware
  4. 4. What is IoT about ? Human body Head - sensors - nerve lines Digital transformation when deep knowledge of the physical world can bring better decision making, better security or new services
  5. 5. Gadgetry Cool I love it you must love it as well Too many options
  6. 6. 1. We are shy to ask deeply and say no Classical BANT little bit outdated but still helpful BUDGET don't be afraid to talk money early AUTHORITY don't be afraid to ask who needs to approve the project NEED ask about the reason of the project TIME set specific timing and milestones Qualification and FOCUS
  7. 7. Criteria The Prospect has Budget if: ▪ Confirmed with the Lead that they are comfortable with this pricing The Prospect has Authority if: ▪ The prospect is the decision-maker ▪ The decision-maker knows the prospect is doing research about IoT. The Prospect has Need if: ▪ They have a significant business challenge that is negatively impacting their business ▪ The business challenge can be solved by Sigfox/IoT. The Prospect has Time if: ▪ Confirmed that the Lead is willing to ‘purchase’ or ‘buy’ Sigfox/IoT in 3 months or less
  8. 8. 1.A. What to do with the longtail ? Don't throw away the leads that fail qualification Use partners - give them the lead Keep the leads in the CRM and do lead nurturing, drip marketing Do a refresh call each trimester
  9. 9. 2. We fail to onboard and engage partners and go with them Integrator Consultancy Even a startup Try to avoid the customer doing the integration themselves
  10. 10. 3. We are shy to ask customer to get serious Too many projects fail as not all the company departments get involved Do a stakeholder approval and integration mapping with the customer Getting together ALL the stakeholders
  11. 11. 4. We are shy to challenge the customer Ask questions Business case Quantification - TCO - ROI DATA and Business processes Device/logistics/installation Change management & Legal Discovery and Challenger sales
  12. 12. 5. Opening PoC without acceptance criteria PoC or PoV or Solution Validation ? The purpose of the pilot is to test ? coverage - integration with IT systems - logistics - visualisation - device installation and fixation - device management - device behaviour - design - device robustness - packaging design - energy consumption - consumer adoption - data relevance - sales/distribution/dealer reaction/attitude - integration with internal processes - pricing assessment Are all the criteria qualified ? Are there any soft criteria ?
  13. 13. PoC Fixed Timeline ? Resources commitments ? Integration ? Change management defined ? Legal matters for PoC ? Evaluation process Sunset
  14. 14. 6. Using not final products in PoC A huge gap between PoC and field deployment Very often PoC needs to be done anew
  15. 15. 7. Relying too much on customer/integrator proactivity Customer engagement Next steps Trust building
  16. 16. Common mistakes Talking technology not digital transformation Talking Sigfox instead of IoT Being dragged into LoRA/NB-IoT discussion instead of spending hours in ROI and TCO calculations Relying too much on Friends and Family and doing proactive sales Sales not knowing basics of IoT and various technologies Sales not knowing the basics of sensors Sales not knowing the basics of verticals
  17. 17. Register for more ● Insight 5: Why IoT is so important for Insurance companies. ● Insight 6: In LEGO boxes we trust - why we don't do end-to-end solution and the role of partners in Sigfox ecosystem. BONUS Webinar: Why do we all need to use CheckFox? REGISTER HERE
  18. 18. Now it is time for your questions!
  19. 19. Thank you for your time!