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Tuscany travel guide


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Travel itinerary from and <a><img src="" /></a><br /><span>Tuscany travel guide, Chianti</span> by <a></a> is licensed under a <a>Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License</a>.

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Tuscany travel guide

  1. 1. Tuscany itineraries: Montefioralle,Greve and Panzano in ChiantiITALIAN ESCAPE PRESENTS
  2. 2. ChiantiTuscany’s heritage andgastronomic traditionslive on in these ancienthills dotted byvineyards, medievalhamlets, walled townsand fortresses.Stretching betweenFlorence and Siena, theChianti region is worldfamous for its wines andluscious landscapes.
  3. 3. MontefiorallePerched on a hill,Montefioralle, thebirthplace of the explorerAmerigo Vespucci, is afortified hamlet close toGreve, so photogenic andenchanting it has beenused as a film set.
  4. 4. Food & wineAfter taking in thesights, rest your legs andrefuel at a traditionaltaverna. Savour a glass ofChianti with a plate ofartisanal hams and salami.Follow with pasta with boaror ribollita (a tasty Tuscansoup). Finish with apple andpear torta, and fragrantcoffee.
  5. 5. GreveConsidered the heartof Tuscany, Greve is abucolic town boastinga medievalpiazza, porticoedbuildings and the XI-century church ofSanta Croce.
  6. 6. Wine tastingsIf you are into fine wines,visit Greve’s Museo delVino – a museum whereyou can learn about andtaste local wines – and theCantine, true ‘Aladdin’sCaves’ for wine lovers.
  7. 7. PanzanoSituated on a highridge, Panzano offerswonderful panoramicviews. You can spotthe outline of itscastle, incorporatedinto a church and aprivate towerhouse, while you stepon remains of theRoman pavement.
  8. 8. Sacred &profaneChianti churches holdmasterpieces of sacredart. However, Panzanois famous for DarioChecchini’s butchershop-cum-restaurant, praised bycelebrities like actorJack Nicholson andchef Jamie Oliver.
  9. 9. Where to stayVilla Le Corti, Greve villa perched on apromontory, surroundedby vineyards and olivegroves. With a stone-linedpool and manicuredgardens, it’s a havenof stylish relaxation.
  10. 10. Thanks for reading!Find the full itinerary copyright,, Francesco Sgroi, FH Mira