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Cycling for all ages


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Get your family into cycling

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Cycling for all ages

  1. 1. PEDAL POWER FOR ALLCycling for all ages, including kids!
  2. 2. CYCLINGISGREENANDHASHEALTHBENEFITSCycling, alongsidewalking, is thecheapest and mostenvironmentally-friendly way oftravelling. It savestime and money – andparking is free.Research shows thatcycling four miles dailyreduces the risk ofheart disease by 50%.It‟s also good aerobicexercise and doesn‟tstrain joints ormuscles, so if youhave arthritis, are unfitor suffer from asthmaor bronchitis (cyclingimproves lungfunction), it can dowonders for yourwellbeing. And forseniors with mobilityproblems, electricbikes and trikescan offer abig boost.Pic by VizzKids
  3. 3. TOPTIPSONBUYINGABIKEBuying abike might seemdaunting - thereare so manybrands withprices varyingfrom a few 100sto over a 1000pounds. Stephenfrom StationCycles advises:“Spend as muchas your budgetwill allow. Thereare manydifferent styles ofbike to suitdifferent styles ofriding. Thinkabout what kindof riding you willbe doing andwhere you willbe using thebike.”
  4. 4. CYCLINGWITHYOUNGCHILDRENCycling with a youngchild involves buyinga special seat, traileror attachment.Child bike seats canbe used from six-ninemonths, when a childcan sit up and wear ahelmet. Trailers arerecommended fromaround sixmonths, are attachedto the rear of a bikeand can carry one ortwo children. Somemodels are soversatile they can beconverted into apushchair once youreach a destination. Ifyour child is fouryears of age and cancycle, you can buy aspecial attachment tolink their biketo yours or buya tag-alongtrailer gizmo.
  5. 5. BUYINGYOURCHILD’SFIRSTBIKEBalancing bikes arepopular as they aim toteach a child goodbalance. Suitable fromtwo up to sixyears, they may comewith detachable pedalsso you can fix them tothe frame when yourchild is ready. If you‟rebuying a bike for anolder kid, it can bedifficult to decide whichone is best. Sustrans‟Maya advises: “Choosea model that has someroom for adjustment asyour child grows, butdon‟t be tempted to buya bike for your child to„grow into‟. Avoid cheapbikes from catalogues:it‟sworth paying extra for abike from ashop so thatyou can be sureit‟s set up correctly.”
  6. 6. ROADSAFETYFORCYCLISTSIn the UK of all roadaccidents, only around1 in 28 deaths involvesa cyclist. So cycling issafer than driving.VizzKids‟ Juli advises:• Be vigilant and makesure you can be seenby motorists.• Wear a helmet - aserious blow to thehead on a pavement orroad can be fatal.• Maintain your bike -faulty breaks, worntyres, slipping chainscan lead to accidents.• Follow road laws.Other safety tips fromGet Cycling includes:• Cycle assertively butpolitely – watch out forpedestrians.• Look behindor use a mirror.Signal when youwant to turn left or rightusing your arm.
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