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Build Scalable APIs Using GraphQL and Serverless


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Current trends in software and backend architecture have been evolving towards a more loosely coupled, more granular design. Most of you have heard of micro-service based architectures; the latest development in the past couple of years has been the advent of Serverless which allows you to run applications in very cost effective ephemeral services.

This is why it is important to have a proper gateway for your API that is able to route all your requests to the designated endpoint. GraphQL stands out in that respect as being a mature open sourced standard started at Facebook. Simona will demonstrate how to set up a GraphQL server locally, then explore the Query language and schema definitions it provides which allows you essentially query your mesh of services from a single point of entry.

The beauty is that it will notify you early if any of your endpoints is misbehaving or the schemas are out of date by erring out. Another advantage is that it allows for your API documentation to be a real time process and it will give you what one may call an API playground where you can query and explore your API. After exploring Serverless API, Simona will have a look at the more advanced features and standards around mutators and resolvers and then she will close by going all in, full Serverless and deploy a GraphQL server to a function in the cloud.

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Build Scalable APIs Using GraphQL and Serverless

  1. 1. Build Scalable APIs using GraphQL and Serverless
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  7. 7. @simona_cotin –-Lee Byron a data-fetching API powerful enough to describe all of Facebook
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  12. 12. @simona_cotin Overfetch Or New endpoint
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  16. 16. @simona_cotin Underfetch Or New endpoint
  17. 17. @simona_cotin Delay User Perception 0-100 ms Instant 100-300 ms Small perceptible delay 300-1000 ms Machine is working 1000+ ms Likely context switch 10000+ ms Task is abandoned High performance Browser Networking
  18. 18. @simona_cotin –-Ilya Grigorik The fastest network request is a request not made
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  20. 20. @simona_cotin Schema driven development
  21. 21. @simona_cotin Strongly typed
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  29. 29. @simona_cotin ✓ Performance ✓ Flexibility ✓ Tooling GraphQL
  30. 30. @simona_cotin Serverless
  31. 31. @simona_cotin –-Steve Jobs The line of code that’s the fastest to write,that never breaks, that doesn’t need maintenance, is the line you never had to write.
  32. 32. @simona_cotin API using Serverless
  33. 33. @simona_cotin
  34. 34. @simona_cotin API using Serverless
  35. 35. @simona_cotin API using Serverless and GraphQL
  36. 36. @simona_cotin In practice GraphQL endpoint GraphiQL UI
  37. 37. @simona_cotin GraphQL endpoint
  38. 38. @simona_cotin GraphiQL UI
  39. 39. @simona_cotin ✓ Reusable API ✓ Autoscaling ✓ Easy Integration Datasources
  40. 40. @simona_cotin No servers to manage
  41. 41. @simona_cotin Serverless
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  52. 52. @simona_cotin Easy Integration of Datasources Autoscalability Less code Easy Abstraction of Datasources Single Endpoint Smaller no requests Serverless GraphQL
  53. 53. @simona_cotin Easy Integration of Datasources Easy Abstraction of Datasources Autoscalability Single Endpoint Less code Smaller no requests Dev productivity
  54. 54. @simona_cotin Achieve more by doing less
  55. 55. @simona_cotin Azure Account Azure CLI Azure Functions Azure Functions Premium Azure Static Websites Create-graphless Workshop -graphql-workshop Resources