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  1. 1. By: Isabelle
  2. 2. Background INFO Studied Style of work Events that effected their work Artists Work Work Cited
  3. 3. Diego was born on June 6,1599 and he was born in Seville, Spain. Diego has been born in a family who believes in God.
  4. 4.    Diego at the age of 11 he began a 6 year apprenticeship with Francisco Pacheco Diego in the year 1617 made his own studio after his apprenticeship At he painted a portrait of Philip IV  This is the portrait of Philip IV
  5. 5.      Diego studied with Francisco Pacheco And he made his own studio And he drew a portrait of Pope Innocent X And he drew a self portrait The picture below is the Pope and his self portrait
  6. 6.     Diego drawings are very famous because: They are very detailed They are creative His drawing of a animal
  7. 7.     Diego would make different kind of paintings Diego would draw: Christ People  His drawings of Christ and people
  8. 8. Click If You Want to know more about the artists life Or if you want to know more about his paintings