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  1. 1. By Kate
  2. 2. All About Botero What inspired Botero? Where did Botero Study? What’s so special about his work? Examples of Botero’s Work Examples of his work pt.2
  3. 3. All About Fernando Botero • • • • His full name is Fernando Botero Angulo He was born in Medillin, Colombia He was born on April 19, 1932 Before he became an artist, he went to a matador school • His first piece of art was exhibited in 1948, when he was 16 years old Back
  4. 4. What inspired Botero? Back • Botero was inspired by pre-Colombian and Spanish colonial art • Also by the political murals of Diego Rivera and Francisco de Goya • He was also inspired by Diego Velasquez and Pablo Picasso
  5. 5. Where did Botero study? Back • He studied paintings in Madrid • He also based his work off of the paintings in Prado • He also sold some of the copies of paintings he made
  6. 6. Back What’s so special about his work? • His trademark style was round, inflated shapes • He both sculpted and painted • He also inflated his proportions of his figures • He used bright colors and used the outlined form
  7. 7. Examples of Botero’s work: Back • One example of his work is “Abu Ghraib” • That was based on prisoners of war in Iraq, using the outlining feature • Another work of his is “Presidential Family” • That was based on the president’s family, using the bloating feature
  8. 8. Examples of His work pt.2 This is Botero’s “Presidential Family” piece. This slideshow will show examples of Botero’s works This is one of Botero’s “Abu Ghraib” paintings. Back
  9. 9. Websites used: Back • • • 73/Fernando-Botero •