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  1. 1. By- Ava
  2. 2. The Song The Costumes The Steps of La Bamba Significance to Culture Origin of Dance Work Cited
  3. 3. Back to Table of Contents • It’s a style of music and dance called Son Commercial which means it is in 4/6 time • There are no official lyrics to the song, but it is always sung in Spanish • The music has some Indian and African influences • It is often played on a Spanish guitar
  4. 4. Back to Table of Contents • La Bamba can be preformed in many different styles or costumes, but it’s traditionally preformed as a ballet • Women wear long, white, dresses • Female dancers also wear roses in their hair •Men wear white shirts and white hats with red bandanas around their neck
  5. 5. Go back to Table of Contents • La Bamba is a very fast dance • The steps get faster and faster as the song goes on • The two partners do at set of complicated footwork to tie a red ribbon with their feet •Most people think the word La Bamba came from the word “bamboear” which means “to shake” •Women also will sometimes fan themselves and others Click here to watch La Bamba
  6. 6. Back to Table of Contents • La Bamba is preformed at traditional Spanish weddings • Preformed at rituals in Maya and Aztic • Also have some African roots • Was played by African slaves while they were working
  7. 7. Back to Table Of Contents • The dance was originated in Veracruz, Mexico • Has African roots, the music was played by African slaves working in Mexico • Started being preformed around a century ago
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