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Reduxed - ClojuTRE 2019


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Slides accompanying the talk by Simon Perepelitsa on a unique approach to building complex autosaving forms with the power of ClojureScript, Reagent, and no extra libraries.

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Reduxed - ClojuTRE 2019

  1. 1. Ruby on Rails Postgres ClojureScript React Reagent Clojure
  2. 2. DEMO
  3. 3. Single global atom
  4. 4. Single global API endpoint
  5. 5. Monolithic API
  6. 6. Collections Demo
  7. 7. You don’t
  8. 8. Validations Room types - area validation Guest age categories UI constraints
  9. 9. File structure
  10. 10. •Monolithic API - single action •Atomic input components •Client-side generated IDs (clid) •UI constraints instead of validations
  11. 11. Simon Perepelitsa HalalBooking