Marketing vs sales


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There is always a tension between marketing and Sales

One that arises from a different attitude and different training, and to be honest a different type of character in many cases.

However, the truth is these disciplines are different ends of a continuum. They are both concerned with the influence of potential customers in a postive manner. The balance of marketing & sales varies with the service or product being sold.

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Marketing vs sales

  2. 2. Complexity Volume Aircraft Toothpaste Website MS Office Oracle/ SAP Comb Different products and services can be categorised by how hard they are to buy/sell, and the volumes that are bought. Cars
  3. 3. Sales • Sales involves communication with a customer – Inside sales limited to non face-to-face engagement – Field sales includes significant face-to-face interaction – Sales involves commercials and tailoring of a deal
  4. 4. Marketing Marketing is • Strategic – What are we selling to whom and for how much. The basis of a business • Tactical – How do we engage with a market • Brand • Lead generation • Sales support
  5. 5. Complexity Volume The extremes will be dominated by Sales or Marketing approaches. Sales Led Marketing Led Clients complex needs demands intimacy with client Low cost of goods means we cannot afford field sales team, and customer will decide based on his own research/ bias / experience
  6. 6. Sales Led • Marketing needed initially to – Define business case for the sales team (Porters 5 forces) – Assist in defining sales terrorities ( chimney pot count) – Assist in building messaging – Lead generation • Sales led because – Customers need to be found and qualified – Customer intimacy needed to inform and tailor product/ service offering and commercials • Must be built and earnt – Construct and deliver messaging – Need to train and influence customer – Need to build rapport and trust
  7. 7. Marketing Led • Marketing needed to – Build brand – Build customer awareness – Collateral and information • Sales – Limited to inside based customer engagement – Channel and Account Management • Ie Tescos relationship important in selling toothpaste
  8. 8. The overlap • Sales team perform marketing activities • Marketing sell • The balance is influenced by complexity of the buyers purchase and the volume of services to be bought
  9. 9. Complexity Volume Most businesses will fall in-between. Sales Led Marketing Led Sales and marketing teams need to work together in this space.
  10. 10. Sales Team Marketing Team Defined Need for support Events/ Brochures / branding/ YouTube / Website/ references/ messaging/ give-aways/ etc Definition of Product and services Operations Team Defined market Sales and Marketing interaction Request for Information on Customer needs Engagement strategy, tailored messaging
  11. 11. For help tuning your Sales system Contact Simon Moore