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Managing forestry operations



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Managing forestry operations

  2. 2. REMABEC USE CASE REMABEC COMPANY ▸ Largest private forest company in province of Quebec ▸ 30 affiliates ▸ 3 sawmills ▸ 7 wood processing facilities ▸ Fleet of 80 mobile assets ▸ 2,000 direct employees ▸ 106M Ft3 of timber harvesting/year
  3. 3. REMABEC USE CASE CHALLENGE ▸Remabec wants to simplify data acquisition workflow from its forestry basecamps to its head office. Data needs to be updated daily and made available company-wide. ▸Old system based on GIS desktop technology is too advanced for the need, too difficult to maintain and not cost effective. ▸Forestry foremen need a technology that enables them to update field data easily and must be simple to use. ▸Data must be available for every forestry basecamp and for GIS staff at the head office. ▸Foremen need to print official and annotated color maps at the basecamps.
  4. 4. REMABEC USE CASE CHALLENGE ▸Satellite internet connections are available in each forestry basecamp and any new solution must be efficient on network usage, fast and have low bandwidth usage. ▸Foremen require an efficient way to download GPX files from their GPS devices. ▸A new solution needs to manage permissions on map layers to prevent unauthorized changes. ▸New solution need be available at any time to allow foremen spend more time with their families. ▸Total cost of the solution must be low.
  5. 5. REMABEC USE CASE CURRENT DATA WORKFLOW 1. Capture waypoints and tracks with Garmin GPS 2. Make field notes on paper maps 3. Download Garmin GPX files of waypoints and tracks to computer at basecamp 4. Transform GPX files into swap files 5. Re-project data into local coordinate system 6. Edit datasets (7) in ArcView based on GPX shapefiles and field notes 7. Save data, zip shapefiles and send to head office through internet satellite connection 8. GIS team validate data off all foremen from network, and have to wait for missing data (each week someone make a mistake) 9. GIS team merges and checks all data coming in from basecamps 10. GIS team publishes and transmits updated official dataset to the basecamps 11. End of process - weekly deadline Friday PM
  6. 6. REMABEC USE CASE PROPOSED SOLUTION ▸ The Mapgears eVouala Platform was designed to be easy to configure and simple to use. ▸ The technology used to build this solution is ultra-fast and beats all other solutions when considering low bandwidth network requirements. ▸ All forestry and raster datasets can be seamlessly imported into eVouala, allowing staff to create maps, apps and reports directly from the eVouala environment. ▸ All of the timber harvesting data are stored in a centralized spatial database. ▸ Business rules including the management of access permissions can be implemented on eVouala. ▸ Many of the input and processes can be automated, reducing errors and reducing manpower loads. ▸ Create map layer forms to easily update data on maps. ▸ Create on-demand printable color maps showing cutting, road clearance and construction progress. ▸ A "redlining" sketch module is available to help foremen manage field crew operations. ▸ Drag and drop GPX on map to view field data without any other manipulation.
  7. 7. REMABEC USE CASE DATA COLLECTION & MAP UPDATES Timber Harvesting Area Forestry road Road construction Stream Bridge Cutline Cutover Stockpiles Rubanage Right of Way
  8. 8. REMABEC USE CASE NEW DATA WORKFLOW From 10 steps new workflow have 5 simple steps 1) Capture waypoints and tracks with Garmin GPS 2) Make field notes on paper maps 3) Download waypoint and track data and drop GPX files on web map 4) Edit sector datasets on web map based on GPX shapefiles and field notes 5) GIS team validates data based on input from foreman and authorizes data on web server for all approved user End of process - deadline Sunday night easily met
  12. 12. REMABEC USE CASE RESULTS ▸New forestry web app, lightweight and easy to use. ▸Fewer field data collection workflow steps. ▸Foremen can leave basecamps earlier at the end of the week. ▸Web apps are available based on permission for management staff, GIS team, and foremen available on every type of device (desktop, tablet, mobile). ▸Training is simple and easy. ▸Less work for GIS Team, allowing more time for other projects. ▸Data is up to date in real time. ▸Reduce overall field data collection cost.
  13. 13. REMABEC USE CASE ABOUT US ▸ The eVouala software platform was developed and is maintained by the Mapgears team since early 2014. This product is built on open source technology, and is contstantly being improved and enhanced by the team, based upon the feedback that we receive from client users. ▸ Mapgears is an early adopter of open source web mapping software and is still an active contributor to many projects under the Open Source Geospatial Foundation. ▸ Our focus as experts in open source web mapping technology is to deliver innovative, high-quality software solutions that provide greater insight into their business processes. 1.888.696.5056