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Twitter if you're just starting in uganda


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A simple to use how-to for any Ugandans just joining Twitter or who've been doing it all wrong and finally want to get it right.

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Twitter if you're just starting in uganda

  1. 1. Open that Twitter Account Use a handle you won’t regret later Avoid forced, fake or stupid names! @UGKardashian @bradpittwaUganda @ovHisMoney @PrettiestHottestin256 @KagusBFF @AnselmMuhoozi @SUDHIRSwallet BUT …unless in real life you speak with a gospel preacher’s accent Check for a list popular UG Tweeps Follow Write a brief profile - do not be CREEPY Look at your profile again & compare with who you are following See @KagutaMuseveni 4 inspiration #youdonthavetotweetjustyet Stop following at 100 Now regional & global tweeps Follow 50 #NNNN Complain about @KagutaMuseveni a bit for refusing to tweet…and banish idea that being President = busy. But if YOU can be too busy to tweet living an ordinary life… Also check out @PaulKagame & @jmkikwete! #YouCanBeBusyAndTweet Establish your theme. What YOU will:! stand for/represent/support/fight Commence! Tweeting Do NOT:! 1. Kneel while tweeting! 2. Say ‘Follow Me’! 3. Tweet yr home address! 4. Tweet yr fav porn sites! 5. Confuse Parody with Real! 6. Follow Bieber/Gaga/Miley! 7. Wannabe a muzungu! 8. Tweet Food or Toilet! 9. (to be continued) Again, your profile - who are U? WHO DO U WANT TO BE? And ENSURE YOU:! 1. Are interesting! 2. Show originality! 3. And creativity! 4. Add it up together…! 5. Make things fit - 140Xters! 6. Maintain eye contact - at least a couple of times a day! 7. Remember it’s just Twitter so! 8. Do other things besides! 9. Make an impression BUT FIRST 2thingsThe! #! is serious 1 Don’t! RT! everything 2 It’s the same as real life: ! But with millions more people Back to the # - use them always, wisely, sensibly. Use one at a time. Make them make #sense. Try not to be a troll;! a mulumbaganyi. ‘They’ CAN monitor you…by reading your tweets!! So don’t declare war or support al-Shabaab Kozes’olulimi lwoyagala;! by the time the Language Police find an interpreter you will have fled the Scene of the Tweets Or you will be avoided… @ZarisLATEST When anyone attacks/insults! Uganda! you are allowed to speak up/ defend DO SO It’s just kaboozi, really:! But it’s kaboozi on the record You can’t make everyone happy! all the time Show me your friends! explains how good/bad your TL is Tweeting quotes & verses = time- wasting.! CREATE your own fresh, clever, content LOL #WNMPS wanyampisa LOL LMAO = Never ! Tweet a! DM Creditors ! can also join Twitter *Kakookolo! Gwe! Kakookolo* avatar BLACKYELLOW RED BLACKYELLOW RED DON’T tweet YET supposed Follow news-y ones e.g. @SMSMediaUganda ✓ @MyName @YourName @IAmNormal@ReallyNormal KEEP CALM & MAINTAIN BALANCE #UGANDA YOU are