Simon Falvo | Wild About Travel Media Kit (Dec. 2013)


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Simon Falvo | Wild About Travel Media Kit (Dec. 2013)

  1. 1. MEDIA KIT
  2. 2. Who am I? Hi, I am Simon Passionate traveler Social Media Enthusiast Strong PR background Always ready to explore another piece of world, discover new places, encounter different people and cultures, and share my experiences and emotions
  3. 3. So... What is Wild About Travel? The mirror of a great passion The willingness to go beyond simple ‘visiting’. Telling stories about experiences and emotions. Searching for what makes a place unique. 
 Writing and sharing about the things I like: adventure, the outdoors and wilderness, as well as art and culture. !
  4. 4. Wild About Travel readers are from... USA UK Italy Canada Australia India Germany 31% 12% 7% 5% 4% 3% 3% Source: Google Analytics (sept.-Nov-2013) ! According to Alexa, is visited more frequently by females, age range 35-44, no children, college educated and browsing from home.
  5. 5. Statistics A quick overview of the impact of my writing and photography. Google Page Rank: #4 Monthly Page Views: 11,000+ Average time on site: 2,10 min. Alexa Ranking: #173,000 Global #117 in the Top Travel Websites on Google US (Travmonkey, July 2013) # 41 in the Top 150 Travel Blogs for Students ! Data as of December 2013
  6. 6. Social Network ! Twitter: 17,000+ Followers TweetReach (last 50 tweets): 595,000 People, 706,000 Impressions Facebook: 2,600 Fans Google+: 4,500+ Connections Instagram: 1,700+ Followers Pinterest: 1,150+ Followers StumbleUpon: 800+ Connections
  7. 7. The potential of a Collaboration Real Time Exposure on a wide number of social networks Leverage on a broad Audience Story Telling in words and photos Increasing the Brand Visibility and Awareness ! Enhance Engagement across the main Social Media platforms ! Measurable Results
  8. 8. Besides Publishing .Training in Digital Marketing and Social Media Public Speaking Writing for Corporate Websites/Blogs and other Publications Sale of Photos for commercial purposes
  9. 9. Training and Speaking Engagements I held several Trainings in Digital Communications and Social Media Marketing for large corporations (in Italy: Havas, Sodexo, and more) Keynote Speaker at TBE12 in Genova (October 2012) Panel Speaker at BTO2011 (Florence) and BIT2012 (Milan) ! !
  10. 10. In the News ! • Panorama (The main Italian News Magazine): In Viaggio coi Blogger, October 2012 • RAINews24 (TV): Interview on Travel Blogging/TBE12, October 2012 • Come diventare blogger di successo • I migliori blog di viaggio, October 2012 • Il Secolo XIX (Local Newspaper in the Liguria Region): TV
  11. 11. Find me on... Facebook: Wild About Travel Twitter: @1step2theleft Google+: Simon Falvo LinkedIn: Simon Falvo Instagram:@1step2theleft Pinterest: WildAboutTravel For further information ! All Photos by Simon Falvo
  12. 12. Thank you! I look forward to getting in touch