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Simon press kit feb2012


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Published in: Travel, Technology, Business
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Simon press kit feb2012

  1. 1. Wild About Travel Press Kit
  2. 2. Who am I? Hi, I am Simon I wish I was a globetrotter. Instead, I worked for 10 years in investment banking and then 8 years in a PR firm.Nevertheless, as soon as I could I flew away to explore another little piece of world, discover new places, encounter different people and cultures, admire stunning sceneries.
  3. 3. How it started... In a warm day of June 2009 Wild About Travel blog was born It was a way to learn about blogging and social media... ... It soon became a true passion
  4. 4. So... What is Wild About Travel?The mirror of a great passion and the desire to share my travel experiences and emotions. I write about the things I like: adventure, the outdoors and wilderness, as well as art and culture. To me, the beauty of travel is in the discovery. It was supposed to be a way to learn about blogging and social media...
  5. 5. StatisticsA quick overview of the impact ofmy writing and photography. • Google Page Rank: #3 • Alexa Ranking: #117,303 in the US, #52,961 in the UK and #7,861 in Korea • Klout Score: 62 • Twitter: 5,600+ Followers • TweetReach (last 50 tweets): 139,000 People, 199,000+ Impressions • Facebook: 3,200+ Friends (Simon Falvo), 640+ Fans (Wild About Travel page) • #8 in the Top 50 Blogs in Adventure on NetworkedBlogs • # 41 in the Top 150 Travel Blogs for Students • #50 in the Top 150 Influencers in Travel on Peer Index • Voted #2 in the ʻTravel Blogs with Photosʼ Category on GotSaga Best of 2010 Travel AwardsData as of January 2012
  6. 6. Besides Wild About TravelContributor of VisitBritain with a pool of UK and international travel bloggers. Featured on other blogs and publications, among which: IMQ Notizie Velvet Escape Isabelles Travel Cumi&Ciki Traveldudes Organizing a course in Social Media Marketing for the Tourism Industry. Panel Speaker at BTO2012(Florence) and BIT2012 (Milan)
  7. 7. Media and PR I am available for: + Blog/Press Trips ranging from adventure and outdoors to cities and culture, and social media engagement. + Products reviews, according to the editorial guidelines.+ Commissioning of travel articles (both in English and Italian). + Collaboration with PR agencies and Tourism Boards for thepromotion of selected destinations or travel experiences.+ Public speaking related to Social Media Marketing in the Travel Industry. + Sponsored posts, according to the editorial guidelines.
  8. 8. The potential of Blog/Press Trips Thereʼs nothing like passion and a good network to successfully promote a destination and a special travel experience, whetherrelated to adventure, outdoors, art, food or accommodation. Blog Trips I attended include: St Albans (UK), November 2010 Tuscany (Italy), March 2011 Glasgow (UK), April 2011 Antequera (Spain), June 2011 Brighton (UK), January 2012Contribution during sponsored trips ranges from real-time exposure through the main social networks, articles and photos promoted through a large number of platforms.
  9. 9. Where you can find me... Facebook: Simon Falvo, Wild About Travel Twitter: @1step2theleft Google+: Simon Falvo LinkedIn: Simon Falvo For further information you can contact me at simon.falvo@gmail.comAll Photos by Simon Falvo
  10. 10. Thank you!I look forward to getting in touch