Simon Falvo Press Kit August 2012


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Simon Falvo Press Kit August 2012

  1. 1. PRESS KIT
  2. 2. Who am I? Hi, I am Simon Passionate traveler Social Media Enthusiast Strong PR backgroundAlways ready to explore another piece of world, discover new places, encounter different people and cultures, and share my experiences and emotions
  3. 3. So... What is Wild About Travel? The mirror of a great passion The willingness to go beyond simple ʻvisitingʼ. Telling stories about experiences and emotions. Searching for what makes a place unique. Writing and sharing about the things I like: adventure, the outdoors and wilderness, as well as art and culture. Recent launch of the new Wild About Travel Monthly Newsletter
  4. 4. Wild About Travel readers are from... USA 40% UK 11% Canada 8% Italy 5,5% Australia 2.5% Germany 2.2% Spain 2.1% France 2% Source: Google AnalyticsAccording to Alexa, wild-about- is visited more frequently by females, age range 35-44, nochildren, college educated and browsing from home.
  5. 5. StatisticsA quick overview of the impact ofmy writing and photography. • Google Page Rank: #3 • Alexa Ranking: #75,362 Global • Klout Score: 63 • #8 in the Top 50 Blogs in Adventure on NetworkedBlogs • # 41 in the Top 150 Travel Blogs for Students • Voted #2 in the ʻTravel Blogs with Photosʼ Category on GotSaga Best of 2010 Travel AwardsData as of August 2012
  6. 6. Social Network Twitter: 7,000+ Followers TweetReach (last 50 tweets): 159,500+ People, 243,000+ Impressions Facebook: 3,600+ Friends (Simon Falvo), 1,050+ Fans (Wild About Travel page) Instagram: 600+ Followers Pinterest: 560+ Followers StumbleUpon: 850+ Connections Data as of August 2012
  7. 7. The potential ofBlog/Press TripsThereʼs nothing like passion and a good network to successfully promote a destination and a special travel experience.Blog Trips attended include: St Albans (UK), November 2010 Tuscany (Italy), March 2011 Glasgow (UK), April 2011 Antequera (Spain), June 2011 Brighton (UK), January 2012 Dolomites (I), March 2012 Umbria (I), April 2012 Costa Brava (E), May 2012 Upcoming Trips Seiser Alm (August), Molise (Sept.), Flanders (Sept.), Costa Brava (Sept.
  8. 8. Wide-spread, Measurable ExposureContribution ranges from real-time exposure through the main social networks, articles and photos promoted through a large number of platforms. Promotion before, during and after the trip Strong focus on engagement Post trip measurement (articles page views, interactions, twitter reach, etc.)
  9. 9. Besides Wild About TravelContributor of VisitBritain with a pool of UK and international travel bloggers. Featured on other blogs and publications, among which: IMQ Notizie Velvet Escape Isabelles Travel Cumi&Ciki Traveldudes
  10. 10. Social Media andSpeakingEngagements Organizer of a course in Social Media Marketing for the Tourism Industry. Panel Speaker at BTO2012(Florence) and BIT2012 (Milan) Keynote Speaker at TBE12 in Genova (October 2012)
  11. 11. Media and PR I am available for: + Blog/Press Trips and social media engagement. + Products Reviews,according to the editorial guidelines. + Commissioning of Travel Articles (English and Italian). + Collaboration with PR agencies, Tourism Boards, Holiday resorts for the promotion of selected destinations or travel experiences.+ Public Speaking related to Social Media Marketing in the Travel Industry. + Sponsored Articles, according to editorial guidelines.
  12. 12. Find me on...Facebook: Simon Falvo,Wild About TravelTwitter: @1step2theleftGoogle+: Simon FalvoLinkedIn: Simon FalvoInstagram: @1step2theleftPinterest: WIldAboutTravelFor further informationsimon.falvo@gmail.comAll Photos by Simon Falvo
  13. 13. Thank you!I look forward to getting in touch