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Closing stories

My random jabbering as closing presentation on StripeCon 2015

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Closing stories

  1. 1. Hello, My name is Simon 42
  2. 2. Who am I Slightly crazy Rude Work at we::code Live in Enschede, Netherlands Two cats, Dodge & Tesla Working with SilverStripe for 6 years I’m not antisocial, I’m just not user friendly 42
  3. 3. Sorry, here are some better pictures 42
  4. 4. Now that you know who I am Most presentations have some sort of ToC. Behind the scenes at StripeCon. The conference I’m going to be talking Looking back What is StripeCon about After hours What’s next 42
  5. 5. Behind the scenes at StripeCon Getting started Organisation Calling and e-mailing and chat Did I already mention a lot of calling, e-mailing and chatting? 42
  6. 6. The conference How this year got started Why we chose for London How I got to the Rainmaking Loft You were there, so… What did you miss What did you like 42
  7. 7. Please keep talking until I come up with the next top icPlanning ahead is everything Having someone at location is a must Errrr…. Food and drinks Budget 42
  8. 8. What have we learned Ecommerce Lightning talks and how not to run behat tests Edit core files (or maybe not) SilverStripe Platform Rant about customers And faster database functionality And that’s just friday ● Breakfast! ● Deployments, frontend workflow ● And a lovely terminal ● And leave the CMS out ● Bulletpoints always go left 42
  9. 9. What is StripeCon about Some stories of things that happened Meeting people Learning new things Do new things And of course, SilverStripe 42
  10. 10. Sponsors (and logos) SilverStripe 7DOTS JetBrains licenses FTPloy licenses BigFork CSL Twisted Bytes Create Film&Video
  11. 11. After hours What happens at the pub, stays at the pub Yep, beers! More beers! And possibly too much beers And Pizza 42
  12. 12. What’s next Photos and videos online No after-conference hacking at hackerspace But maybe a beer? Next year?
  13. 13. Thank you Here are some places you can try to find me github: twitter: @SphereSilver real world: Netherlands, currently irc: Depends on my mood, but should contain something with ‘Sphere’ in it speakerdeck: (nothing there yet) Ow, and do not forget to visit this URL: (It’s case-sensitive) 42