Terri Cooper Facebook Offers june 2012


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My June presentation for Terri Cooper on Facebook Offers.

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Terri Cooper Facebook Offers june 2012

  1. 1. Director of TwoCents Group• Branding• Graphic Design• Marketing• Advertising• Social Media• WebWrite for Marketing MagazineWrite for Jeweler MagazinePublishing book this year Lion Nathan, Heineken Consumer behaviour FMCG goods Retail Promotions Social networking
  2. 2. Our motto for you:CONSISTENTRELEVANT
  3. 3. Why Do People Interact?40%: discounts and promotions39%: show my support for company to others34%: stay informed about company33%: updates on future products30%: updates on upcoming sales25%: access to exclusive content21%: learn more about the company
  4. 4. Should I promote my posts? Normal rate around 23% to 33%
  5. 5. History ofOffers
  6. 6. Daily Deal Stats• 58% of businesses cited customer acquisition as the top reason for liking daily deals.• 42% of businesses cited ineffective customer acquisition as the primary reason for not offering a daily deal again.• 38% of daily deal buyers said they were already loyal to the business offering a deal.• 31% of daily deal buyers said they were new customers• 27% of daily deal buyers were swayed by a discount after having either visited only sporadically or had stopped patronizing the establishment altogether.• 77% of deal buyers for Groupon, LivingSocial, Travelzoo, and BuyWithMe were new customers, all spent more than the deals value, and an average of 20% of these new customers became repeat customers.• 48% of businesses said they would offer another daily deal, while a third were uncertain.• 68% of daily deal buyers returned to the establishment even without another discount.• 53% buyers went on to become regular customers.• 67% buyers for restaurants said they returned to the restaurant where they had previously used a daily deal.• 48% buyers for restaurants were new customers & 83% ended up recommending the restaurant to family or friends.
  7. 7. History ofOffers
  8. 8. The Problem with Location?
  9. 9. "About 10 per cent of calls have been really abusive,another 10 per cent have been seriously concerned andabout 70 per cent want to book and tell their friends.”- Paul Dimmick, Huon Bush Retreat
  10. 10. When to offer, Offers?
  11. 11. Facebook 1 Degree of Separation 783 fans 273,189 friends of fans
  12. 12. Top Tips• Have a Plan! Set Objectives!• Know Your Message• Stay On Brand• Help People Find You• Constant & Relevant Communication• Get Everyone Involved• Listen! And Reply!• “A vocal minority, but an aural majority”• Be a Resource• Develop Tabs