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Nzooka's Tyranny

The Level brief for The Design Den December Challenge

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Nzooka's Tyranny

  1. 1. NOOZKA’S TYRANNY: “THE CLUB”– December Design Test
  2. 2. Level Design - Brief Mission Objective – Seek and destroy the Nzooka clan HQ’s inside the Imamura’s Club Duration – 5 to 15 Minutes Gameplay – Ranged & Close Combat Camera - Third Person Perspective Combat - Cover combat, with ranged weapons
  3. 3. Narrative - Brief You gather the knowledge that the Nzooka Clan have been stablished a new HQ inside the Imamura’s Club in order to regain the control over the area. The player must eliminate all the Nzook gang in the area and destroy the underground complex inside the club.
  4. 4. Level Areas - Break Down - Starting point of the level - Hallways and laberynth style environment until player gets the open city area - Enemies are mostly ranged - Open area but with a marked playable area. Alleyway – City Streets – Parking Lot - Inside area. - You get the main area with the night club environment (people, drinks, hookers) - A deeper area can be accessed by emergency stairs. - You need to investigate also the administrative zone to reach the Nzooka HQ. - Few combat situations, level rhythm breaker. The Night Club - Last part of the level, inside environment - Combat skills required in covering and using the environment. - Enemies are ranged also some static turrets are expected. - The zone is completely open and level ends when you kill all the Nzooka gang. Rival Gang HQ
  5. 5. Objective - Flow Level Start Use the Alleyways to reach the open street area Reach the Imamura’s Club from the city using the parking lot Inside the club look for the Nzooka gang Once you reach the Nzooka HQ kill all the gang
  6. 6. Objective - Beats - Scene -Exploration - Combat Objective - Observe Beat 1: Alleyway Starting zone. The place uses hallways in a labyrinth way giving the player an escape route with difficulties. Some enemies might appear from balconies and they try to fight you using ranged weapons. The wall run movements, double jump and running skills are needed. Grapple hook is optional and might guide the player to bonus items and goodies. Beat 2: City Streets The player enters into a wide open area in the city environment, this city streets are closed providing a limited area where the player must move. The progress is linear and he must reach the parking lot in the Imamura’s club. Running, covering and bullet reflection are essential for this part. Beat 3: Parking Lot This zone is inside the City Streets but at the end of our path, is a transition zone where the player must use the grapple hook to enter to the Imamura’s club using the rooftop.
  7. 7. Objective - Beats - Scene -Exploration - Combat Objective - Observe Beat 4: The Night Club (Imamura’s Club) The zone is primarily exploration with few encounters. Enemies here are almost all melee, this part of the level is meant to give a rhythm breaker inside the level, giving goodies and a breathing space before the last part of the level. The zone is small, covering areas like main area, administrative section, private areas and then the underground zone where the Nzooka’s HQ is located. Beat 5: Nzooka’s Clan HQ Three underground floors meant to be a headquarters for the Nzooka Clan. Each sector is meant to allocate weapons, goodies and all the gang that is protecting the area. Open wide areas can be found in the second and third floor where you can find even static enemies such as defensive turrets. Sprinting, covering, bullet reflection are essential to survive until you clear the area.
  8. 8. Objective - Pacing GraphIntensity Duration 02 0 4 0 6 0 8 10
  9. 9. Alleyway - References
  10. 10. City Streets - References
  11. 11. Parking Lot - References
  12. 12. Night Club - References
  13. 13. Enemy Gang HQ - References
  14. 14. Alleyway – Enemy List Enemy Class Difficulty Amount Sniper Trooper Ranged 2 5 Uzi Samurai Ranged/Melee 1 5
  15. 15. City Streets – Enemy List Enemy Class Difficulty Amount Sniper Trooper Ranged 2 5 Uzi Samurai Ranged/Melee 1 5 Jetpack Samurai Melee 1 3 Jetpack Soldier Ranged 3 3
  16. 16. Parking Lot – Enemy List Enemy Class Difficulty Amount Sniper Trooper Ranged 2 1 Uzi Samurai Ranged/Melee 1 2
  17. 17. Night Club – Enemy List Enemy Class Difficulty Amount Uzi Samurai Ranged/Melee 1 3
  18. 18. Enemy Gang HQ – Enemy List Enemy Class Difficulty Amount Sniper Trooper Ranged 2 2 Uzi Samurai Ranged/Melee 1 12 Defense Turret Ranged 4 3 Uzi Soldier Ranged 2 6
  19. 19. Enemy Gang HQ – TopDown Layout First Floor Layout
  20. 20. Enemy Gang HQ – TopDown Layout Second Floor Layout