Generating Big Profits with Creative Thinking


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Creative thinking lies at the heart of any great business. Creative sales and marketing campaigns generate twice the return of non-creative campaigns. It's time to put creative thinking at the heart of your business. Every process can benefit from a clearly structured creative thinking approach. Simon Brooke, creative thinker and director at Happy Creative has created this presentation to show just how creative we all are, and some key tools and techniques we can use to help the creative process within our businesses. Traditional Brainstorming techniques do not bring out the very best creative thinking and only serve one type of creative thinker. As a business, Happy Creative has introduced a new approach to their brainstorming task with their Happy Storms generating business winning results. In this presentation Simon shows you just how you can utilise these same processes and techniques to improve your bottom line. To learn more about creative thinking visit Simon and Happy Creative at Happy Creative are creative thinkers and specialists in strategic marketing and branding, based in the UK Happy work across several sectors including B2B, Energy, Pharma, Construction, Publishing, Sports and Leisure,Arts, Charity and the NHS and Public Sector.

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Generating Big Profits with Creative Thinking

  1. 1. Getting Big Profits Creatively ...aka how to put creative thinking at the heart of your business
  2. 2. Creativity is in our nature
  3. 3. ...don’t believe you are creative?? It really is in all of us...
  4. 4. An ordinary spoon, no magic involved... Take this spoon...
  5. 5. Now in 1 minute think of as many uses for a spoon as you can...
  6. 6. Then congratulations you are creative Did you get more than...
  7. 7. Still don’t believe me? Well then whatever you do, do not think of a pink elephant with yellow spots Seriously do not think of a pink elephant with yellow spots
  8. 8. Ok what did you just imagine?... ...a pink elephant with yellow spots?? Then read on...
  9. 9. We are hard wired for creative thought
  10. 10. Utilising creative thought effectively in your business leads to BIG ideas and BIG profits Firing creativity within your business is the key to success
  11. 11. A creative campaign produces twice the results of a non-creative campaign (IPA and Thinkbox report) Have you heard?
  12. 12. How the creative brain works
  13. 13. You are living in a creative world. Surrounded everyday by creative thought and solutions, just take a moment to look around you...
  14. 14. Everyday in your business you are being creative and are surrounded by creative thinkers ...some of them just don’t think they are
  15. 15. Creating a creative mindset 1. Believe that you are creative – natural state 2. Understanding the types of creative thinking brains: – Convergent – Steady approach, evolution thinking (over time) – Divergent – Stream of ideas, natural questioner
  16. 16. Traditional Brainstorm... • Divergent thinkers dominate • Convergent thinkers remain silent or seemingly don’t “get it” • Formal setting • Often badly facilitated • Part of the working day, lack of preparation of the creative brain
  17. 17. Guess what... Stress and anxiety lead to creative blocks As do... • Frustration • Exhaustion • Negativity • Worry
  18. 18. Overcoming creative block 2 ways to overcome creative blocks... • A change is as good as a rest – Change your location – Get some fresh air, go for a walk – Do something else completely • A rest is as good as a change – Nap – Meditate – Close your eyes
  19. 19. 3 Stage approach for a successful creative process 1. Opening Up – Open creative thoughts – Creative Games 2. Closing Down – Focus on the goal / outcome – Specific Problem 3. Fresh Perspective – Reverse some of the key ideas – Create “what else?” questions
  20. 20. Opening Up • Get into the creative mindset – Pause / walk / close eyes – Create a “creative area” • Start the creative thinking process – Play a creative game – Solve a fictitious problem (not related to anything you’ll be talking about) • Laugh / Energetic – Generate laughter – Create excitement
  21. 21. Closing Down • Present the specific problem / required outcome • Use your structured creative processes to work through the idea
  22. 22. Fresh Perspective • Disrupt the thinking on generated ideas • As “what if?” and “what else?” on the ideas • Change seats / position / move your ideas board
  23. 23. The 4 P’s essential to creativity in business
  24. 24. People • Team • Roles from across your company • Friends / Family • Ideas from any person The 4 P’s essential to creativity in business
  25. 25. • Create play time • Group challenges • Quick-fire thinking games • Fun and enjoyable Play The 4 P’s essential to creativity in business
  26. 26. Pleasure • Introduce fun and laughter • Focus on fun, energy and team • Encourage crazy ideas • Laugh together The 4 P’s essential to creativity in business
  27. 27. The 4 P’s essential to creativity in business Process • Creative Process • Based on 3 Stage approach
  28. 28. Happiness – The Key, The Secret Happiness / Pleasure is the key to creative thinking 1. Positive Mindset 2. Firing Pleasure Receptor in the brain
  29. 29. The Creative Virtuous Circle Happy Creative Empowered
  30. 30. Turning Creativity in Profits Embed the 4 P’s of creative thinking into all problem solving tasks Create “creative thinking” teams working to the 3 key stage process Emphasise the most creative solution by asking “what else” Add 5% more creativity to every activity especially your sales and marketing
  31. 31. You and everyone of your workforce, partners, friends and network are creative people... Utilise your creative brains and turn a good solution into a great solution
  32. 32. The home of creative thinkers