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Post truth selling


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In 2016 politicians made some remarkable ‘sales’: Brexit and President elect Trump.
What are the implications for 'ordinary' selling?
Should we adopt the techniques used by the politicians?
Be careful!

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Post truth selling

  1. 1. In 2016 politicians made some remarkable ‘sales’. Led by policy-light, simple, but visceral and aspirational messaging:
  2. 2. Make America Great AgainSM First used in Ronald Reagan's 1980 presidential campaign, also by Bill Clinton in his 1992 campaign, although he later claimed the statement was a racist dog whistle during the 2016 election. ‘The Donald’ applied to trademark the slogan in November 2012, and it was registered as a service mark in July 2015.
  3. 3. Let’s take back control
  4. 4. NEGATIVE SELLING PREVAILED Both in the UK and the US we saw a lot of ‘FUD’.
  8. 8. The remain campaign was rightly criticised as negative. They failed to sell the benefits of remaining in the EU. Though using negative dog-whistle lines Brexiteers smeared the remain campaign as . Meanwhile they painted a positive picture of freedom and increased opportunity for post- Brexit Britain.
  9. 9. BUT On both sides of the Atlantic promises behind the visceral messages have already unravelled.
  10. 10. The wall that’s maybe a fence, and the Mexicans won’t have to pay after all.
  11. 11. Sterling down about 15% 10 years and £Bns to leave
  12. 12. The implications If Trump fails to deliver he will become another single term president. But the UK can only exit the EU once!
  13. 13. Lessons for ‘ordinary’ selling Be sure to counter any competitors’ FUD Deliver a positive message simple visceral aspirational Address decision makers’ real concerns their business and their personal agendas sell ‘to the heart’ as well as ‘to the head’ If you want repeat sales, be careful what you promise.
  14. 14. Pictures courtesy of Microsoft clip art, Wikimedia and others. Improve your sales performance Sales and marketing Coaching Consultancy Training More sales and marketing insights here