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Amokka Brochure from Scanomat UK

Amokka Premium Coffees & accessories.

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Amokka Brochure from Scanomat UK

  1. 1. Welcome to coffee heaven
  2. 2. Amokka’s biggest wish is, with the coffee as the centerpiece to make a positive difference with our service and products. Spread joy, surprices and informal happiness and for you curious people the cheerfullness of a good cup of coffee. Join us in coffee heaven where you can get your chocofix, dip a crunchy Italian in your coffee and climb the sugar loaf. Amokka only supplies you the best and our services cover both your morning and evening coffee prayers. Left to say is only; Bean me up and welcome to coffee heaven. Love from Amokka
  3. 3. The Coffees Only coffees of high quality are labellted with Amokka. Whatever you choose, the experience is profound and the taste pure. Amokka is the coffee heaven on earth.
  4. 4. Amokka Cups Beautiful porcelain for your coffee. From the top: Two small espresso cups, then cappucino cups and in the bottom a cup for your Café Latte. White saucers included.
  5. 5. Amokka glasses The classic Amokka glass can comfortably and stylishly be used for both warm and cold. It comes in three sizes of 3 oz, 10 oz and 17 oz
  6. 6. 15,8 cm 14,4 cm 11,5 cm 8,2 cm Doublewall glas Amokkas doublewall glasses are amongst the new parts of the family. The two layered mouthblown design makes sure your finger are not burnt while keeping your coffee nice and warm. It comes in four sizes from espresso to latte and is presented in a beautiful gift box. Dishwasher, no problem.
  7. 7. French press 8 cup french press in porcelain with Amokkas famous dancing lady. Comes in a giftbox and with tips and tricks on coffee brewing.
  8. 8. Latte spoons With Amokkas latte spoons you can reach as far as you like into your cup of coffee or your jar of jam.
  9. 9. Chocolate Mixed, filled Amokka chocolates from the best Danish chocolatiers. Packed in a beautiful gift box. A heavenly good mouthful.
  10. 10. Stir away Chokowhip yourself to a fresh cup of hot chocolate. Stirred in a pot with 17 oz milk. Leave for a couple of minutes to leave the great taste of cinnamon. Good chokokarma!
  11. 11. Amokka tea Amokka tea mix with green gun powder, earl grey, jasmin and marigold. Packed in a Amokka teabag Chai tea Indian tea with cinnamon, cloves, ginger and cardamom. Brew a strong tea and mix 1:1 with hot water. Sweet with honey Amokka coffee Choose between at full body After Dinner or a softer Weekendcoffee. Both variants comes packed in giftbox.
  12. 12. Body paint Lick off with pleasure or spread it on toast! Quality chocolate -and nougat with included brush. That’s what we call hot chocolate... Rules for use: Best result are achieved when grounded with the light nougat and paint the second coating with the dark chocolate. Pace and length of each stroke can be variated for greater pleasure. Only the imagination limits the boundaries of this pleasure If everything should go wrong AMOKKAS bodypaint tastes fabulous on toast
  13. 13. Amokka bubbles Cremant de Bordeaux. Seductive and vivid pearls, great taste and funky bottle. Fabulous for brunch, seduction and all nights of the week
  14. 14. Amokka tins Gorgeous Amokka tins for coffee, tea or other good stuff. Comes in 2 sizes and 3 motives. Choose between dancing ladies or beautiful coffee flowers. Bolcher Delicious organic hard sweets. Flavours of either sweet coco, strong chili or try the Amokka mix. Handmade and in glass jar. How long can you ignore them? Chokopisk Chokowhip yourself to a fresh cup of hot chocolate. Stirred in a pot with 17 oz milk. Leave for a couple of minutes to leave the great taste of cinnamon. Good chokokarma! Syrup Amokka coffeesyrup - as sweet as sugar. Goes great with coffee as well as cakes and desserts! Four flavours: Caramel, choco- mint, vanilla or hazelnut. For the sweet in you! Chokosticks Stir a choco stick in 8-9 oz of warm milk to create a wonderful cup of hot chocolate. Finish off with a sprinkle of whipped cream! Comes in packs of 2 or 8 pcs. Drop dead Spicy almonds with a twist. Made from the finest spanish almonds roasted in syrup, chilli and black pepper. Delicious snack - probably for adults mostly...
  15. 15. En(joy) The joy of chocolate, the taste of pure happiness. Hazelnuts from Piemonte, coated with a thick layer of nougat and rolled in chocolate powder. The essential part of a daily chocofix. Enjoy. Warning: Highly addictive
  16. 16. Dancing bowl Stylish and practical Amokka bowl for sweets and other goodies. Diameter 15 cm. Amokka plate With coffee beans and dancing ladies. Comes in two sizes: Diameter 17 or 21 cm. Italian biscottis Dip a crunchy italien in your coffee or any other hot beverage. Fantastically crunchy, heavenly tasty. 150 g in a fine Amokka box.
  17. 17. Napkins 5 stylish variants for greasy snouts
  18. 18. Mixed sugar Climb the sugar loaf! 500 g mixed from candy, cane and white sugar. A sweet mix for a sweet fix.
  19. 19. Amokka textiles Quality textiles that keep your coffee warm! Coffee coats in three variants: Brown, sand and off-white. Coffee hoods in sand or off-white to keep your french press nice and hot while you brew. Trays of handmade textiles in moulded laminate. 32 x 32 cm
  20. 20. Subject to change A division of Scanomat UK Ltd. 0800-123-456 ·