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Ext 2 computer day presentation no videos NSWDET


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A presentation given for Ext 2 Mathematics teachers in the Central Network on the North Coast - NSW Department of Education

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Ext 2 computer day presentation no videos NSWDET

  1. 1. LAPTOPS AND EXT 2 ? -some ideas
  2. 2. Maths April Fools Day Joke
  3. 3. Conrad Wolfram TED Talk
  4. 4. SO WHAT TODAY...Consider four possible uses of technology to enhancelearning: Geogebra Screen casting Wolfram Alpha Other web resources
  5. 5. GEOGEBRA is awesome.... Teaching and Calculus with GeogebraPublications detailing use of Geogebra
  6. 6. WHERE CAN GEOGEBRA BE USEDComplex Numbers Geometric representation of complex numbers An interactive introduction to complex numbers Complex roots of unity Locus problems...Graphs Everywhere!
  7. 7. WHERE CAN GEOGEBRA BE USEDIntegration Visualisation of functions to enable calculationsVolumes hmmm - come up with some ideasPolynomials Visualisation of functions to enable calculations
  8. 8. WHERE CAN GEOGEBRA BE USEDConics As applets to allow students to discover the properties of conics (see my blog Get the kids to construct the meaning of all the conics proofs to gain an insight into how to startApplications of Calculus is possible to model real situations...
  9. 9. SCREENCASTINGScreencasting is making short movies of keymathematical conceptsA wide variety of screencasting software is available Captivate is on the DER Laptops You can record the Screen on the SMART board using SMART Recorder My personal preference is Camtasia Studio
  10. 10. SCREENCASTING DEMOMath247 has heaps of resources on how to screencastMy workflow is: Create the powerpoint, keynote :) slides Run the presentation - and narrate as I go - record - sometimes annotate using a tablet Edit using Camtasia Studio
  11. 11. WOLFRAM ALPHA answers to everything :)