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  1. 1. HARNESS Utilising solar energy to save money and reduce carbon emissions
  2. 2. Why consider solar? • No control over volatile energy prices • Electricity costs have doubled over the last 10 years* *Data provided by the UK Department For Energy & Climate Change (DECC) What will your electricity bill be in another 10 years? Do you want to have to rely on carbon intensive fossil fuels? UK electricity grid is already struggling to generate sufficient electricity supply.
  3. 3. Take responsibility and generate your own cleaner, greener, cheaper electricity with REI
  4. 4. About us • REI was established in 2011 • We fund, develop, monitor and manage commercial and residential electricity generating solar PV systems across the UK • Our board and management team have a unique blend of expertise and experience: • financial and investment markets and sectors • solar PV installations (over 1,000 to date) • legal, technical, commercial and sales We help businesses achieve long-term reductions to their ever increasing electricity costs by enabling them to generate their own clean, green electricity from solar energy. For Free.
  5. 5. POWERSolar PV
  6. 6. How a solar PV system works Buy from the grid Business electrical demand Solar PV panels INVERTER DISTRIBUTION UNIT GRID METER SOLAR PV METER
  7. 7. Why solar PV makes sense • Generate your own power for your premises • Lower your operating costs through reduced energy bills • Demonstrate your environmental responsibility • Protect against ever increasing electricity bills • Improve the energy efficiency rating of your building
  8. 8. REI provides a fully-funded solar PV service from initial enquiry through to installation, monitoring and on-going maintenance.
  9. 9. SIMPLICITYHow our scheme works
  10. 10. You agree to lease the airspace above your roof for 25 years We install our solar PV system onto your roof, free of charge You receive discounted electricity produced by the system via a Power Purchase Agreement We receive payment from the Government under the Feed-in Tariff Scheme that was established to incentivise the deployment of renewable energy technologies We monitor, maintain and insure the system for 25 years, at no cost to you After 25 years, ownership of the system transfers to you to enjoy 100% free solar PV electricity for the remaining lifetime of the system (c.10 years) 1 2 3 4 5 6 How does it work?
  11. 11. Roof aspect Can your business take advantage of a PPA? South East - South West facing pitched or flat roof No shading A south-facing pitched roof without shading in the south of the country provides the best setting for a solar PV system
  12. 12. Roof aspect Roof & building size Can your business take advantage of a PPA? More than 400m2 total building footprint Systems sized between 20kWp and 250kWp are ideal under this scheme and will typically require this minimum building footprint
  13. 13. Roof aspect Electricity consumption Roof & building size Can your business take advantage of a PPA? Consistent on-site electricity consumption You must consume at least 80,000 kWh of electricity per annum with a regular daily usage profile
  14. 14. Roof aspect Electricity consumption Financial status Roof & building size Can your business take advantage of a PPA? Financial Status Your business must be financially stable
  15. 15. Roof aspect Electricity consumption Financial status Planning considerations Not a listed building or in a conservation area No planning permission is likely to be required Roof & building size Can your business take advantage of a PPA?
  16. 16. EASYThe steps of installation and beyond
  17. 17. The installation process: • Client signs Heads of Terms AgreementOffer AcceptedWeek 1
  18. 18. REI arranges for the following: • Technical survey and system design • DNO approval and planning permission (where required) • Structural survey • Energy Performance Certificate assessment • Mortgage provider consent (where required) Offer AcceptedWeek 1 The installation process: Technical survey and permissions Week 2-4
  19. 19. • Once the technical design and system specification are finalised, the Lease and Power Purchase Agreement are executed and the Lease is registered with the Land Registry Lease & PPA Offer AcceptedWeek 1 Week 5-6 The installation process: Technical survey and permissions Week 2-4
  20. 20. Installation • We install your system through our framework partnership with verified, established and experienced contractors • The installation process will take up to 5 days, depending on the size of your system • Minimal disruption to your business as the majority of the work is external • Comprehensive warranties and guarantees cover all products and workmanship Offer AcceptedWeek 1 Lease & PPA The installation process: Week 5-6 Week 7-8 Technical survey and permissions Week 2-4
  21. 21. • REI implements its own Operation and Maintenance (O&M) contracts to ensure reliable, long term savings • REI invoices you monthly in arrears according to your exact consumption of solar PV electricity Operation & maintenance Installation Offer AcceptedWeek 1 Technical survey and permissions Ongoing Lease & PPA The installation process: Week 5-6 Week 2-4 Week 7-8
  22. 22. RELAXRemote Monitoring
  23. 23. Maximised savings through monitoring • Remote monitoring system tracks live solar PV performance • Local weather data supports automatic performance evaluation • Underperformance and faults trigger real-time alerts • Quick response ensures electricity savings are maximised
  24. 24. Monitoring Dashboard • 10 minute interval recording of solar PV production and grid consumption • Client log-in for bill validation • Wider energy management benefits Electricity usage by source Solar PV usage 38.4% 61.6% 92% 8% Grid Solar PV On-site Export grid usage solar PV usage export
  25. 25. COMMITTEDTo quality
  26. 26. As we both share in the benefits from the solar PV system, it is in everyone’s interest that it operates efficiently and in line with expectations • We only use high quality equipment • We only partner with industry leading and verified installation organisations • We monitor the system remotely to ensure real-time performance is maintained • We protect the system with comprehensive maintenance contracts and insurance cover
  27. 27. STAGECOACH CASE STUDY “This is a new and innovative project that we believe will, over time, help us to reduce our carbon footprint further as well as making financial savings.” Sam Greer, Regional Director Size of system: 277.9kWp Equipment: BenQ modules and Sungrow inverters Forecast Output: 221,861kWh/annum Carbon saving: 96.0 tonnes CO2e/annum Forecast 20-year saving: £655,200 Size of system: 249.9kWp Equipment: BenQ modules and Sungrow inverters Forecast Output: 219,939kWh/annum Carbon saving: 70.5 tonnes CO2e/annum Forecast 20-year saving: £481,300 System specification: Daw BankSystem specification: Chesterfield
  28. 28. HENDY GROUP CASE STUDY “As a company we have been keen to adopt innovative technology over the years. “We are also focused on being environmentally friendly so the time seemed right to take advantage of REI’s Solar Power Purchase Scheme.” John Hendy, Systems & Resources Director Size of systems: 140kWp Equipment: Canadian Solar modules and ABB inverters Forecast Output: 136,490kWh/annum Carbon saving: 56.6 tonnes CO2e/annum Forecast 20-year saving: £390,500 System specification
  29. 29. STAUNTON GARDEN CENTRE CASE STUDY “Although well established as a business, we have always moved with the times. It’s a win-win situation as our investment was absolutely nothing and there was no risk as far as I was concerned.” Brian Lewis, Owner, Staunton Garden Centre Size of system: 27kWp Forecast Output: 24,489 kWh/annum Carbon saving: 9.8 tonnes CO2e/annum Forecast 20-year saving: £63,704 System specification
  30. 30. What happens now? • We assess the potential of your roof and gather data regarding current electricity usage and pricing • We issue a proposal which summarises the benefits that you should expect to receive • We provisionally allocate funds for a limited period to allow time for approval • The Heads of Terms Agreement is signed by you as your confirmation for the installation to proceed We look forward to sharing the benefits of generating your own clean, green electricity from solar energy as soon as possible.
  31. 31. Thank you Go to: Call us on: 01202 862 490 Email us: