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Simo's Top 30 GTM tips

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Rationalizing Tag Management
Rationalizing Tag Management
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Simo's Top 30 GTM tips

  1. 1. Simo’s Top 30 GTM Tips @SimoAhava from @8_bit_sheep
  2. 2. Simo’s Top 30 GTM Tips @SimoAhava from @8_bit_sheep
  3. 3. Simo Ahava Partner, co-founder, 8-bit-sheep Google Developer Expert, Google Analytics Blogger, developer, Twitter-er, @SimoAhava Google+:er, +SimoAhava
  4. 4. @SimoAhava from @8_bit_sheep Google Tag Manager today
  5. 5. @SimoAhava from @8_bit_sheep Google Tag Manager today Who is it for?
  6. 6. For the “marketer”
  7. 7. For the “developer”
  8. 8. For the organization
  9. 9. Why it’s about marketing.
  10. 10. Why it’s about marketing. 1. Tags collect data for digital marketing purposes, first and foremost.
 2. TMS abstracts the underlying code — low barrier of entry for people with little coding experience.
 3. Semantic data collection is often deprioritized by developers who are more invested in the presentational and experiential layers. TMS is a tool which prioritizes this semantic data layer.
  11. 11. Why it’s about development. 1. It’s a freaking code injector!
 2. You can add all sorts of malicious / website-breaking / malware-infested code with the click of a button.
 3. If something goes awry, developers will be held accountable as they own the processes.
 4. A TMS can actually make development work easier, too.
  12. 12. Why it’s about organizations. 1. Data flows through the entire organization - it doesn’t care about job titles.
 2. Data quality can be compromised at every junction of the data process - not just collection. 3. Any company/platform/tool/service collects absurd amounts of data each passing second - only a mature organization can tackle this overload.
  13. 13. @SimoAhava from @8_bit_sheep #GTMTips
  14. 14. @SimoAhava from @8_bit_sheep #GTMTips Learnings over the years.
  15. 15.
  16. 16. #1You can add the container JavaScript anywhere on the page or
 even a linked JavaScript library.
 The current recommendation is to add it to the <head> of the document, but this is by no means mandatory.
  17. 17. #2You can add multiple container snippets on the page, but they must
 all use the same dataLayer object name.
  18. 18. #3 Google Tag Manager only cares about the .push() method when
 working with the dataLayer Array.
  19. 19. #4Typically dataLayer digests plain objects with key-value pairs.
  20. 20. #5 However, you can also push a command array if you want to manipulate structures already in dataLayer.
  21. 21. #6 A Command Function will work as well.
  22. 22. #7 Only the 'event' key in a dataLayer.push() can trigger tags.
  23. 23. #8 Never overwrite the dataLayer, always push().
  24. 24. #9 All JavaScript types are supported as values
  25. 25. #10 dataLayer.push() copies the pushed key-value pairs into
 GTM’s internal data model, where they (can) overwrite any pre-existing
 values for the given keys.
  26. 26. #11 Preview Mode shows the state of tags, triggers, and variables
 at the time of each dataLayer message.
  27. 27. #12 Preview Mode can be minimized.
  28. 28. #13To quit shared preview, you need to follow the original link.
  29. 29. #14 Google Tag Manager creates a new Universal Analytics tracker
 with every single tag instance.
  30. 30. #15 Get the object representation of GTM’s dataLayer easily.
  31. 31. #16 Use Data Layer in Enhanced Ecommerce settings leverages the
 Version 1 of the Data Layer Variable.
  32. 32. #17Version 1 of the Data Layer Variable only returns the most recent
 value stored in the given Data Layer Variable name.
 Version 2 provides dot notation support as well as recursive merge.

  33. 33. #18The Custom JavaScript Variable method for implementing
 Enhanced Ecommerce tags is more flexible than "Use Data Layer".
 The Custom JavaScript Variable lets you mutate the
 Enhanced Ecommerce payload in Google Tag Manager.
  34. 34. #19 If click propagation is stopped, use the Click / All Elements trigger.
  35. 35. #20 Wait for Tags pauses the original event, but be careful!
  36. 36. #21Type this in the JavaScript console to sort Custom Dimension fields by index number. var el=document.querySelector('[diff-field$="customDimensionSection"]');var rows=el.querySelectorAll(".simple-table-row[data-ng-repeat]");var newRows=[];rows.forEach(function(row){var inputIdx=row.querySelectorAll('input[type="text"]')[0];var inputVal=row.querySelectorAll('input[type="text"]') [1];newRows.push({idx:inputIdx.value,val:inputVal.value})});newRows.sort(function(a,b){if(parseInt(a.idx)>parseInt(b.idx)){return 1}if(parseInt(a.idx)<parseInt(b.idx)){return-1}return 0});rows.forEach(function(row,i){var inputIdx=row.querySelectorAll('input[type="text"]')[0];var inputVal=row.querySelectorAll('input[type="text"]') [1];inputIdx.value=newRows[i].idx;inputVal.value=newRows[i].val;inputIdx.dispatchEvent(new Event("change"));inputVal.dispatchEvent(new Event("change"))});
  37. 37. #22 Custom HTML Tag code is automatically minified.
  38. 38. #23 Custom HTML Tags are appended to the end of document.body.
  39. 39. #24 Custom JavaScript Variables are anonymous functions with a
 return statement.
  40. 40. #25 Avoid side effects in Custom JavaScript Variables.
  41. 41. #26 In Tag Sequencing, the Setup and Cleanup tags fire with the 
 main tag, regardless of their own triggers.
  42. 42. #27 Make sure you loosen up the Content Security Policy for GTM.
  43. 43. #28 Workspaces are not permanent. When you version a Workspace,
 it is subsequently deleted.
  44. 44. #29 customTask is your best friend when it comes to implementing Google Analytics tracking through GTM!
  45. 45. #30 Google Tag Manager ease / expertise correlates directly with your
 JavaScript / HTML / CSS skills.
  46. 46. Thank you! @SimoAhava |
  47. 47. #30: Google Tag Manager ease / expertise correlates directly with your
 JavaScript / HTML / CSS skills. Thank you! @SimoAhava |