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Credits Used - Catch Me If You Can

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Credits Used - Media

  1. 1. Credits Used: Catch me if you can By Gursimran Deol
  2. 2. Distributer name The name of the distributor is DreamWorks Pictures. The role of the distributor is to ensure that the product is distributed to a wide audience. The responsibility of the distributor is marketing and advertising the product (film). This is the main aspect a successful film. The distributor decides on how the product is presented to the audience through different forms of advertising.
  3. 3. Production Company Name The production company for “Catch Me If You Can” are Kemp Company and Splendid Pictures. The production company helps create the film and helps assist the budget, scripting, casting and scheduling. The production company are in charge of finding directors and cast for the film.
  4. 4. Name of Film The name of the film is “Catch me if you can”, this allows the audience to recognise the film and to give an idea of what the film is about.
  5. 5. Actor and Actresses names The actor and actresses names are included in the credits. This is so the audience knows who has starred in the film. The actor and actresses roles are to interpret a certain character in the film.
  6. 6. Caster’s name The caster is responsible for finding the actor or actress to perform in the film. They are responsible for holding auditions and interviews. The caster works closely with the director because it is the directors vision that is brought to life.
  7. 7. Co-producer’s name The co-producers overlook the entire film to ensure that the production is working within the budget. They also work closely with the main producer.
  8. 8. Music This credits the composer of the film. The composer creates the sound required within the film to create a specific feeling for the audience. The composer is in control of the audiences feeling for example; the composer may create fast paced music to match the scene but also to make the audience feel exhilarated.
  9. 9. Costume designer’s name The costume designer creates costumes for the actor to make the characters more realistic and believable. They must make sure that it fits the mise-en-scene. The costumes are important because the costume provides the characters personality.
  10. 10. Film Editor’s name The film editor is important when making a film. This is because the film editor selects a range of raw footage and creates a sequence from them. This allows them to create a full motion picture. The editor must make sure that the narrative is clear in the film that they are producing, they can do this by adding sound, certain effects on each clip.
  11. 11. Production Designer’s name The production designer is responsible for producing a visual concept of the film. This includes graphics, camera shots, sets, location, lighting, camera angles and costumes. The production designer works closely with the director and producer to ensure that the film looks professional.
  12. 12. Director of photography’s name The director of photography is known as the cinematographer.. The cinematographer must assist the film director by establishing the visual look of the film. They make technical decisions related to the lighting, shot selection, film stock, camera positioning etc.
  13. 13. Executive producers name The executive producers are responsible for supervising the producer. They ensure that the budget is being maintained and they ensure that the film is authorised and completed on time. Also, they must make sure that the film is of high quality and standard.
  14. 14. Co-Executive producer’s name The co-executive producers job is to assist the executive producers. They are responsible for carrying out orders from the executive producers.
  15. 15. Producer’s name The producer is responsible for producing high quality films. They are also responsible for the distribution of the product and finding the locations.
  16. 16. Screenplay writer’s name The screenplay writer is responsible for script, this means translating the story into a script. They must include the narrative so it is clear to see and understand.
  17. 17. Director’s name The director is in charge of the practicality of the film. The director is also responsible for overseeing the artistic and technical elements of the production. The director must also meet the deadlines.