Xeriscaping and the Utah Desert - Weber County


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Xeriscaping and the Utah Desert - Weber County

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Xeriscaping and the Utah Desert - Weber County

  1. 1. drinking water supply will be depleted, ourXeriscaping and the recreation areas jeopardized, and our natural You don’t have to takeUtah Desert habitats compromised. drastic measures like tearing out all of your Other Reasons to Xeriscape existing plants in order toWhat is Xeriscaping? begin xeriscaping. Start Saving water isn’t the only reason to small.Xeriscape is a word created by combining Xeriscape. Other reasonsthe Greek word “xeros” which means dry and • Consider removing a include reducing storm water run“scape” from the word “landscape”. few feet of grass along off preventing erosion and decreasing the effects of soil your driveway andXeriscaping is water-wise expansion which causes sidewalk. Plant these areas with groundlandscaping. pavement to crack. cover, small shrubs or perennials.This practice of landscaping focuses on Reducing Storm water run off • Or maybe replace a part of your slopingusing natural forces such as rainfall and lawn with a rock garden, rock wall or somecareful plant selection to create beautiful If your property has even a mild to moderate low-spreading evergreens.sites that requires minimal maintenance. slope it invites runoff. If you do not have theUsually the plants chosen are native plants necessary plants to hold it in place the runoff Xeriscaping Helps Utahor those that can survive in the local habitat increases. Using mulches and other plantswith little intervention. With patience and that require little water will decrease theplanning, this method can be a successful Remember with xeriscaping you will get the most occurrence of run off by allowing the water out of every gallon of water you apply to theand worthwhile venture that is beneficial and time to absorb into the soil. This also landscape and that means you are helping tocompatible with the Utah habitat. decreases erosion of the soil. save one of our most precious resources, Water! Decreasing Soil Expansion Soil expansion happens when soil expands when it gets wet. This is also known as soil swelling. When the soil swells it can cause cracking in pavement and foundations. Xeriscaping can help prevent this because it requires little water thus For moreWhy is water-wise gardening so preventing the soil from expanding and information including lists of Utah native plantsimportant in Utah? cracking the pavement. and where to purchase them visit-Most simply stated because Utah is a desert www.unps.org www.slowtheflow.comAs our population increases the demand for www.xeriscape.orgdrinking and irrigation water increases. www.hort.usu.eduWater can not be created. If water How to get Startedconservation is not practiced our future
  2. 2. For additional information on Storm Water Protection refer tothe following brochures: Spill ResponseErosion ControlFresh Concrete and Mortar Application Dial 911 -or- XeriscapingHousehold and Vehicle Maintenance Environmental Health Division of theImpervious Surfaces Weber/Morgan Health DepartmentLandscaping, Gardening, and Yard Maintenance (801)591-7168Paint and Household Hazardous Waste State Of UtahPet Waste Water Quality Environmental ResponseUtah and its Water, Why Conserve (801) 536-4123Water Conservation Inside the HomeWater Conservation Outside the Home Utah Division of Water Quality (801) 538-6146Xeriscaping 1-800-458-0145 Used Oil Recyclers (for DIYers in Weber County) Weber County Transfer StationFor more information about the Weber County Storm water quality Auto Zone Storesmanagement program and additional pamphlets, contact: Checker Auto Parts Stores NAPA Auto Parts Stores Getting the most out ofWeber County Storm Water Management Pep Boys StoresDr. George S. Burbidge every gallon of water! Little Tire & Lube444-24th St. Ogden, UT 84401Office (801)399-8677 Jiffy LubeFax (801)625-3699www.co.weber.ut.us/stormwater. The preceding list is not all encompassing nor does it constitute an endorsement by Weber County of any particular companyBrochure created by Salt Lake County Engineering Division modified byWeber County Storm water Management Division