Hats hats hats


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This is a presentation prepared for Stanford's "A Crash Course on Creativity"

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Hats hats hats

  1. 1. HATS HATS HATSColours, feelings and characters
  2. 2. WHAT DO I FEEL ABOUT THEM? First thing is first, I simply HATE HATS! WHY? I donT have a clue. But whatever the weather is like, however cold it is, I try to AVOID wearing them. Just made a brainstorming and realized that the last time I wore a hat was about three years ago in Germany, and it was FREEZING. Maybe it is the result of living in a hot climate, but even in extreme heat, I do not wear hats. Thats why the photos, except for one will not the photos of my own hats 
  3. 3. A google search about hats brought me this and I love it, kind ofassociating hat colours with personality. And I think it’s brilliant.
  4. 4. HAT COLOURS AND CHARACTER If Edward&Bono are right, I can easily say I am a mixture of red and green. Red more, but a pinch of green also. Doesn’t mean I wear this coloured hats, but the personality analysis for them fits me. So where does that bring me, I am a mixture of feelings&creativity, emotion&perception.
  5. 5. What happens when I wear a hat? I feel like the photo. Trapped! But what if I have to, I wear them. But take them off the minute the necessity ends. Thankfully, here in Turkey we do not have a tradition like wearing hats during the weddings and so on, I would have been in trouble. Can’t think of myself walking in a feathery designer hat during a wedding 
  6. 6. Didn’t I ever like them? I DID! The at in the photo is the only hat I have ever worn with pleasure. It’s about 3 years old now and it is a precious souvenir from one of the loveliest trips I have ever had in my life. Gifted by precious friends in the presence of more precious friends. It is the only hat I wore for a whole night with pleasure. And it was fun. There were about 50 of us wearing the same hat and you can see the big smile on my face  This one really brings back great memories.
  7. 7. And what about the rest?
  8. 8. And there is also this  The hats in the previous one can be worn but gotta say the Leprechaun one is my favourite. But what about the one here? IT IS A NIGHTMARE!!
  9. 9. So the result is?? I STILL DON’T LIKE HATS…. Thanks for your attention! Prepared by Simge KAYTAN For Stanford’s “A Crash Course on Creativity”