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Owbc chapter 1


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Owbc chapter 1

  1. 1. Wacky Family OWBC
  2. 2. Meet Jonathan Wacky, founder of my OWBC. Jonathan is a knowledge-romance sim with a life ambition to become the minister of education with character 2/3/9/7/4, no pre-destined hobby.
  3. 3. Jonathan started his life in Strangetown making friends with his neighbours. Soon enough it was a common sight at his house to have few of them staying over for dinner. Even if it was just some sandwiches. Or just stop by to smustle...
  4. 4. Eventually Jonathan decided to have a housewarming party with some more sandwiches and smustling. Just too bad that the guests didn't exactly appreciate this rather boring party. But it was just one of the many parties still to come.
  5. 5. At some point Jonathan thought it would be nice to meet new people outside his house too. And of course it would be nice to find someone to his life too. He went to visit the local pool and as it happened meet an attractive woman. But being who he is, he realised at home that he hadn't even asked her phone number.
  6. 6. Luckily enough he met the same woman at the shopping mall while visiting the food store. They started out talking and laughing at each other jokes.
  7. 7. As the evening passed they realised that they enjoyed each others company very much. In fact so much that it didn't even matter that Jonathan was stinking worse than ever. When Jonathan finally left home he had invited the woman, Turma over for a visit. For a visit he tried to remind himself, not for a date. But it didn't help much, he still was nervous.
  8. 8. Jonathan was putting the toasts in the oven and was wondering if he would manage not to burn them. It was a special day after all, Turma had agreed to come over for a breakfast. Unfortunately, cooking wasn't a talent Jonathan would have mastered and he could only hope that Turma wouldn't be expecting anything fancier.
  9. 9. To Jonathan's relief Turma seemed to like the toasts. He vaguely realised that they actually tasted pretty good but he had problems swallowing any of it.
  10. 10. Outside he finally got back some of his courage and they managed to have a reasonable conversation. Turma was working on the science field and was very interested about Jonathan's work who at that moment was working in oceanography researching sea lice.
  11. 11. The date had been succesfull, to Jonathan's amazement. One day soon after the date Turma agreed to move in.
  12. 12. The life started to settle for both of them without too many conflicts. Turma continued working as usual. She was just hoping to change to career in politics but as there wasn't any reasonable opening, she continued working with the science. Luckily for Jonathan she was rather good cook. She also brought a fish tank with her.
  13. 13. - ”You sure I should take this one?” Jonathan asked from his bride as he had finally took the courage and asked her to marry him. - ”Do you have better ideas?” Turma asked. Jonathan sighed, Turma was right, he was quite clueless when it came to clothes, especially to formal ones. He took what Turma had suggested and decided he would be done with it.
  14. 14. - ”Sorry, what did you say?” Turma asked when he heard Jonathan mutter something. - ”Oh... nothing... much, just wondering where the guest are.” - ”They should be here soon, just get ready to greet them.” - ”I don't even know them...” - ”They are nice people, just wait and see.” The guests were mostly Turma's friends as she was usually the more outgoing person. Turma hid a grin, it was plain and obvious that Jonathan was nervous about the whole thing.
  15. 15. But the wedding went well even the guests pretty much ignored everything that was happening. After all of the fuss Jonathan just felt happy, it was over, he was married and he loved his wife. And of course the party ended up in smustling and turned out to be a real roof raiser.
  16. 16. Soon after the wedding Jonathan couldn't hold his thoughts much longer. - ”Ehrm...”, he started quite carefully, ”you are eating quite often nowadays.” Turma frowned at his words. - ”I just thought that maybe... would it be possible that you are pregnant already? Turma took a moment and thought, then smiled. - ”I think it is possible, you are probably right.”
  17. 17. Soon enough it turned out that Jonathan had been right. Turma sighed, she couldn't fit in her old clothes anymore. The time had come to buy some new ones.
  18. 18. At the same time Jonathan was in his favourite hobby; looking for aliens. Then suddenly there was the loud voice and before Turma could run outside to see what had happened, he was gone.
  19. 19. After few nervous hours, Turma rushed outside when she heard the noice again. To her terror she saw Jonathan flying to the ground. She was torn between the urge to cover her ears and go to help him. After all, there was nothing she could do than hope for the best. As soon as Jonathan had landed, quite painfully, on the ground she ran to him and was very relieved to find him in good shape and condition, well apart from couple bruises.
  20. 20. The life continued as lives usually do and then it was the big day for them both. Turma gave birth for a baby boy who was named Benjamin. At the same time it became clear that Jonathan's abduction hadn't been without consequences and there was more babies on their way.
  21. 21. Soon enough there was a little, green, alien-eyed girl, Olivia. For a while there were two babies in the kids' room.
  22. 22. Turma and Jonathan both agreed that they wouldn't trust their kids for a nanny. They would use their vacation days when their working days would collide. Turma didn't mind staying at home, she had been looking for a new job for some time but as she hadn't managed to find one, she tried to deal with the old one. The days at home she used for practising the skills she was bound to need once she found new job for her.
  23. 23. Soon there was the day for Benjamin's first birthday. - ”Mommy, ti'ed...”, Benjamin said and yawned widely.
  24. 24. Little Benjamin slept through rest of the party while the guests were enjoying themselves.
  25. 25. Of course life with one baby less was easier but having a curious toddler in the house also meant that Turma and Jonathan didn't anymore have the privacy they had got used to. What you don't understand, won't scar you, right?
  26. 26. - ”You sure now you will manage?” Turma asked as she headed to work after her maternity leave. - ”Don't worry, I know what I have to do.” Turma sighed, she surely wished so. She knew that Jonathan would manage, it was just her first day at work after a long break and she was nervous to leave the kids.
  27. 27. Jonathan quite enjoyed his day at home. Little Benjamin was fun to play with and he felt proud of his son. - ”Walk?” Ben asked, ”tickle!”, he continued. Jonathan laughed, ”no tickles this time I promised to your mum that you will walk before Olivia's birthday and that's this evening so we are slightly in a hurry.”
  28. 28. Benjamin turned out to be fast learner and way before the guests were coming he was walking. Turma had to work when the candles were blown but had promised to arrive for the party. Even though Olivia wasn't biologically her child, she was already fond of the little girl.
  29. 29. A puff of smoke from the candles and there was two toddlers in the house. Benjamin was nice and easygoing child where as Olivia... well, she knew what she wanted.
  30. 30. Turma arrived on time still to attend the party even though Olivia had gone to bed for a long time ago. As she got out of the car she suddenly felt nauseous. Could she be already pregnant, she thought. Already and why did it hit this hard now?
  31. 31. The life in the Wacky household continued as the life with toddlers does, busy with work and childcare.
  32. 32. With kids around the time simply flies. Turma was still working in her old job, she didn't want to quit now and lose all the vacation days she had saved. She figured that she could always her dream job later when there was more time for it. Jonathan was slowly climbing up the stairs in his education career. Now as their first born was about to leave toddler hood behind they both felt that the life would be much easier.
  33. 33. Turma was tired much more than usually with her pregnancy. She had had to forgot all the ideas about promotions as she was too tired to do anything after the work, except eat and go to bed. That was maybe also why all the fishes in the fish tank died, no one else had ever paid that much attention to it.
  34. 34. Then one evening Benjamin woke up for a very loud scream. He didn't even dare to go and look, the sound had come from his parent's bedroom and there was also his dad's voice. All was going to be well, he assured himself. All was indeed going to be well, the Wacky family now had two more kids, a boy and a girl.
  35. 35. Now the house needed two rooms for the kids instead of the old one. Olivia and Benjamin moved to a new room and the new born twins, Ozzy and Oona occupied the another one.
  36. 36. - ”You can eat slowly now”, Jonathan told his wife grinning, ”all of the kids are in their beds, no need to rush anywhere.” - ”I know, maybe it is just a habit I have got used to. Anyway, how do we manage with the kids and work, maybe a nanny...” - ”I would rather try and manage without one, I have heard some strange stories about them.” - ”I guess so. After all, I have still many vacation days left, I can stay home whenever our schedules clash”, Turma agreed.
  37. 37. Even Benjamin was young child, he realised how busy his parents were and tried to help in every way he just could. Picking up the dishes was a small help but very much appreciated by his parents.
  38. 38. The twins naturally got most of their parents' attention but they still made time for their older kids whenever it just was possible.
  39. 39. - ”Bath! I wanna bath!” Olivia shouted so loud that her dad's ears were in danger but he only laughed. - ”You will have your bath young lady. It is your birthday and you should be clean then.”
  40. 40. - ”Why are you cleaning our garden?”, Olivia asked from one of their guests. - ”I just thought it needed some tidying up.” - ”But you are a guest here, why are you doing that?” The guest was silent for a while, clearly thinking what to answer. - ”I guess I just like doing this.” - ”Right”, Olivia said and headed back inside. As rest of the party continued, the birthday hero was tight asleep.
  41. 41. - ”Mom has told us not to jump on the bed”, Benjamin was complaining. - ”She isn't here watching, is she?” - ”No but... we shouldn't do it.” - ”Such a fun spoiler. Go and try yourself and you will see how fun it is!” Benjamin agreed first a bit grumpily but decided to give it a try and to his surprise it was actually nice. After all, their mother wasn't there to see.
  42. 42. - ”You know I don't like shopping clothes”, Jonathan complained to his wife. Turma sighed, ”I know but someone has to do it, Ben and Olivia need new clothes, the old ones aren't just nice enough for the school. The twins are also growing fast and they will need new clothes too. I would go myself but you have a day off.” Jonathan finally agreed and after a long search found clothes that matched to the criteria Turma had set for them.
  43. 43. It was soon clear that Olivia was following her older brother's foot steps by helping their parents. Olivia just didn't do it because she thought it would be nice thing to do, she made it purely because she felt sick living in a dirty house.
  44. 44. With two kids and two babies the adults in the household were too busy to notice that they hadn't remembered to pay the pills for a long time. And when they realised it, it was too late.
  45. 45. The life with four kids in the household meant also that there were birthdays to be organized often. Not that Jonathan or Turma minded that much but sometimes it felt just too much.
  46. 46. Even before he could walk, Ozzy was very interested about the fish tank. It was either that or playing by himself – or even once playing with the trash.
  47. 47. Oona liked the toys as well even though she preferred different ones than Ozzy. At least there never was a fight about the toys.
  48. 48. So busy everyone was, four kids was really a handfull, that slowly the things at their house were breaking without anyone having time or skill to repair them.
  49. 49. Benjamin and Olivia soon became very close even though they had different ideas of having fun every now and then.
  50. 50. And again the Wacky family had a party, this time a triple party as it was birthday for Benjamin and also for Oona and Ozzy. Benjamin decided that three cakes would be just too much and he didn't very much want the attention anyway. Later he joined everyone else to cheer for the twins.
  51. 51. The house had just a very short ago had just toddlers and babies but now all four were children. As they all now attended school and could quite well take care of themselves, the parents could finally pursuit their careers.
  52. 52. - ”It is nice to see how your daughter is playing with other kids in the neighbourhood”, the headmaster told Jonathan. He had come to see if Olivia, Ozzy and Oona would be allowed to study in his private school. Benjamin already was their student but they didn't take anything for granted and wanted to check the family again.
  53. 53. - ”Mr. Wacky, this dinner is really delicious. Your wife's cooking did you say? It is simply superb. I also see that you have refurnished the house a bit since I last was here. I'm happy to see a family like yours, nice behaving kids in a well kept home. The youngest children are also welcome to my school.” Jonathan thought that luckily the headmaster hadn't visited them when they had dirty milk bottles everywhere and every corner needing some repair. And he certainly was glad that Olivia had stayed out of the way while the headmaster was visiting. She wasn't always the nicest person and didn't very much set value for the authorities...
  54. 54. As a teenager Benjamin was even more help. He could look after the younger kids, prepare them some food and also could finally repair the stereo.
  55. 55. One day Benjamin found himself in charge also when the lady from animal shelter came and told him that there was a kitten in her car waiting to have a home in their family. So did a female cat called Tipsu join the family instantly charming everyone.
  56. 56. Then it was Olivia's turn to come a teenager too. Jonathan and Turma couldn't understand how fast their kids were growing up. And again, there was a party with the cake and guests cheering for her.
  57. 57. - ”What's happening?”, Oona asked sleepily. - ”You just sleep, I'm only getting my new clothes, can't use the old ones.” - ”You couldn't do that in the morning?” - ”Just mind your own business and go back to sleep”, Olivia snapped. Later in the bathroom Olivia was smiling to her reflection. Now this was better, much better.
  58. 60. The life had been rather uneventful for a while but then it was probably one of the most important birthdays this far as Jonathan turned to elder. Jonathan had been working quite late and when he came home he found that the house was full of people to celebrate his birthday.
  59. 61. There was also a birthday that went rather unnoticed as Tipsu turned out to be a gorgeus grey cat.
  60. 62. Ozzy and Oona also had to celebrate their birthday without a party as half of the family was suffering a flu and other half was still covering from it. No one really had the energy to organize a party or even to eat the cakes.
  61. 63. The teenagers also tried their hands in the kitchen. Others with better succes than others...
  62. 64. That's all this time, the first generation are all teens. Turn page to see the introductions!
  63. 65. A group photo of the whole generation. Left to right, top to bottom: Olivia, Benjamin, Oona and Ozzy.
  64. 66. Benjamin First born, popularity sim Life ambition: Captain Hero Character: 3/4/10/10/7 Hobby: nature
  65. 67. Olivia Second born, Jonathan's half alien daughter, romance sim Life ambition: Professional party guest Character: 10/5/10/10/0 Hobby: games
  66. 68. Oona Youngest, fortune sim Life ambition: Own top 5 enterprises Character: 2/7/9/10/3 Hobby: nature
  67. 69. Ozzy Youngest, popularity sim Life ambition: City Mayor Character: 9/2/9/10/5 Hobby: sports
  68. 70. Couple notes: I had a garden gnome guarding these flamingos, couple times I stole it back, then got tired with it so now the flamingos stand alone. I also failed already part of the pets challenge, just couldn't keep the fishes in the fish tank alive for longer than couple seasons. As for the parties, there has been at least one every season with all the birthdays around. Thanks for reading and please remember to vote for the heir!