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Chapter 3


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Published in: Self Improvement, Education
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Chapter 3

  1. 1. Leafe OWBC chapter 3
  2. 2. Welcome back to Leafe OWBC. It has been a long time so I guess that short recapis in order. Here is our founder, Eleonore Leafe with her groom Randy Coudercwho she met at the college.Eleonore is Taurus (4/6/4/7/4), fortune/popularity sim with LTW to become CityArchitect. Her pre-destined hobby is games.Randy is Leo (4/10/4/4/3), popularity/knowledge sim with LTW to become Celebritychef. His pre-destined hobby is music and dance.
  3. 3. It was just a coincidence that Eleonore first heard of townies and Randy also told that hewas one himself too. At the same time Eleonore first heard of simselves and after that shehas been wanting to find out more. Especially who is her simself and how can she becontrolled like that, doesnt she have own free will at all? What about if that simself madeher do terrible things? Does she have a past at all like she thought she had? And wouldthere be a way to help the townies as their life sounded so dull and boring?
  4. 4. Then their family started growing and for many years Eleonore was too busy to thinkabout simselves or townies. First to born was Bigga. Strong-temperated taurus girl withcharacter 6/10/2/10/3. Lazy but outgoing and playful but rather crouchy. Likes to teaseher siblings and wishes to find a well paying and easy work so that she can hire all kind ofservants.
  5. 5. Next one was girl as well, Olive. Very neat and quite playful capricorn (10/9/2/8/3) whodoesnt particularly want to use her time for cleaning but cant stand living in a dirty house.
  6. 6. The third one was a boy, Opal. He is leo and his character is quite close to his sisters(9/10/5/7/3). Finally someone else is neat in this household so it isnt all down to Olive. Hejust had his toddler birthday at the end of our last chapter so there isnt much more to sayabout him just yet.
  7. 7. Then Eleonore accidentally met one certain Jessica Peterson who turned out to beanother playable. This meant that once again Eleonore was thinking about playables,townies and simselves. And this is where we continue the story...
  8. 8. With three kids in the house it is almost always someones birthday. This time it was Biggas turn. Asusually, the house was full of Eleonores college friends and of course Bigga used the chance to getto talk to them as she was one step closer to the college.Everything that she heard about college life only made her looking more forward to it. Well, Avril triedto explain that you also should study at the college if you wanted to graduate but Bigga wasntworried, school had never been a problem for her. Besides, she knew that getting a good, well-paying job she would need to see that her grades were well enough.
  9. 9. If the school only had been as easy for Olive too but it was quite common that herhomework just piled up. If she too wanted to get to the college, she would need to workharder.
  10. 10. ”Olive, wake up. Dad has made pancakes.”Olive was wondering if the pancakes were burned, it wasnt usual for Bigga to be this kind. But since Bigga actuallywas friendly Olive thought that she could talk with her something that had been pressing her mind for a long time.”Uhm... Bigga?””Yeah?””Dont you think that our house is quite small and shabby? What if I invite my friends to visit us and they see thefunny cleaning robot and our small bedrooms and the way we have a kitchen in the living room. What if they thinkthat we are poor?” All of this she said at one go, as if afraid that Bigga would interrupt her. Then she continued, asan afterthought:”Are we poor?”She had been talking about friends to Bigga but even more worried she was aabout meeting a nice boy who sheinvited to their home, what would he think about this small house?
  11. 11. Bigga thought about it while Olive got dressed before answering.”I think the house is too small and I think that we could afford bigger one but I dont know why we cant have newone. It would be cool to have bigger house with all kinds of fun stuff in it.But I will be soon at the college anyway soI dont know if it matters that much.””But Im stuck here for years. How can I meet my friends when their houses might be better and bigger?” Olive waslooking seriously worried about it.”Well, you could do like I have done, meet your friends at the park... I will ask mum why we cant have biggerhouse.”That was typical Bigga, if she wanted something, she couldnt see why she couldnt get it. Even if it was a housethat she wanted.
  12. 12. Bigga was right though, they werent quite that poor. Randy was just one small step awayfrom being a celebrity chef and just the next day Eleonore became the Head of the SCIA.That wasnt what Eleonore really wanted to do but she thought that in this position, if inany, she would finally find out everything that happened in their world. And everythingmeant simselves and all of their secrets.
  13. 13. It wasnt the lack of trying but she just couldnt find anything. Only thing she could find was adescription about simself but after that there was nothing. It was like hitting her head in a solid wall,she didnt even have a clue where to look since the SCIAs files didnt offer any more clues.Eleonores brain was buzzing but she tried to continue her life as usual, her kids needed her too.Especially when Randy was busy with his own restaurant. Even though they both were very busy,they tried to use their free time with their kids. After all, Opal was just a toddler still. But not for long...
  14. 14. It was time for Opal to grow up too. And just like his older sisters, he too got a birthdayparty with the usual crowd.
  15. 15. Bigga already was a student in private school and now that Opal was going to attend school as well itwas good time to apply both him and Olive to private school too. Bigga served the lobster her dadhad prepared for them just for this occasion.
  16. 16. ”I have never had lobster like this. Really delicious.” The headmaster was clearly impressed by the dinner.”My husband made it, it is his speciality”, Eleonore told him.”I have heard that he is running his own restaurant?””Yes, he is very busy with it, it has become very popular.””I have some connections to SimTV, my wife works there as producer. Do you think that your husband would beinterested about own tv-show?”Eleonore was silent for a long time. Own tv-show?”Well...” she started hesitantly, ”I have to ask him, we have never talked anything like that. But I could take yourwives business card.”Eleonore got the business card and Opal and Olive both were accepted to the private school.
  17. 17. The next day Bigga was having lunch with her mother as they were eating the lobster leftovers fromt he previousday. For a while they both ate silently, then Bigga started the conversation.”Dont you think that this house is a bit... well, smallish?” Bigga started, she didnt want to sound too pushy, ”I knowthat you have a very important job and dont they pay well for important jobs and if dad is going to have his ownshow, wont that mean that we would be able to afford a bigger house?” There, now it was said.Eleonore smiled, ”this house has been our home for years and it is fairly comfortable. But you are right, we havebeen thinking about buying a new house.””You have?” Bigga was surprised how easy this had been.”Yes, but thinking about it and doing it are two completely different things and I dont know if we will find one beforeyou go to the college. You want to go to the college, right?”Bigga told that she was and the topic switched from houses to the college life.
  18. 18. Eleonore had given the business card of the SimTVs producer to Randy who had beentaken aback but pleased about the offer. He was certainly going to contact her. Own tv-show was actually a nice idea. As Randy was busy with the restaurant, Eleonore tried herhands in cooking as well but no matter how hard she tried, she only managed to makeburned lobsters.She knew that Randy had been interested about robot making and Eleonore decided togive it a try too. Maybe she could be better in that than her husband.
  19. 19. The days went by as they do and it was time for Olive to become teen. And finally Eleonore had news for her kids.She was tickling Olive who was laughing and squirming.”Please be quiet, I have an essay here to finish”, Bigga complained and continued, ”If we had bigger house I couldmake my homework in peace.””About that”, Eleonore started and stopped tickling Olive, ”we have actually found a new house that looks verypromising.”Both girls stopped at once and said in unison, ”really?” and Olive continued, ”can I have my birthday party there?””Im sorry but no, the house needs some finishing still, floors, walls and kitchen are unfinished and your dad wantsthe kitchen to be perfect, of course.”Olive was disappointed that her teenage party would be in the old house but it was still her best birthday presentever.
  20. 20. In that evening Opal was talking to her mother.”Bigga and Olive said that we are going to move, is that true?” he asked.”Yes, it is true. We will have first Olives birthday and after that it is only couple of days and we will move. So Iwould think that you should be packing”, she added to Bigga.”Cool”, said Opal, ”can I have own playfield there too?””I think that can be arranged”, Eleonore told him, ”and you can invite as many friends as you like to play with youthere.”As Bigga had left the kitchen to pack her stuff and Opal was calling to his friends to tell the news Eleonore felt abang of guilt. She hadnt invited Jessica over as she had promised. And there wouldnt be time in couple of dayswith the moving but she made a mental note to invite her for a coffee as soon as they had settled down to theirnew home.
  21. 21. Finally, Olive thought, she was a teenager. Now she could go out alone to meet all her friends and itwouldnt be too long time that she could go to college too. As she was checking her outfit (whichneeded to change of course), she felt impatient now that the college was already so near but yet somany years still to wait. She imagined all the parties that she would attend and all the boys shewould meet. Would she find someone special at the college? She thought about greek houses thather mothers college friends had told her about. They would certainly have one and it would be a realparty center where everyone would come.
  22. 22. The family was almost ready to move, Eleonore was just cleaning up. She looked howOpal and Bigga were tickling each other in the kitchen and thought all of the memoriesthe house held. The kids had grown up there but it was time to move on and they wouldalways have the photos to remember all important moments in this house. And whoknows, maybe the new house would see some grandchildren too. But now it was time tomove the family.
  23. 23. And move they did. As the family was walking in to explore the house, Opal was eager tocheck out his playfield. Just for him!The house was on medium size lot with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, diningroom and two studies. Something they could quite easily afford and also something thatoffered enough space for them – even with three generations living in the house.
  24. 24. First one to walk in was Olive. She stopped to admire the living room, so much spaceinstead of the old, small living room that was combined kitchen-diner-livingroom.She was stunned by what she saw. There was llama game, chess table and in the otherend of the living room there was a comfortable looking couch set with big tv. Yes, shedefinately could live here and wouldnt be ashamed to invite her friends. She hurried tosee more of the house.
  25. 25. Yes, definately nice house to live in.
  26. 26. She took a quick glancy to two studies and smiled happily. They had everything! Therewas robot making bench, easel, bike and laptop.
  27. 27. Then there was the room that she had been probably the most eager to see, their ownbedroom. She had to share with Bigga but that wasnt a big of a problem, at least theyhad got to choose all the wall and floor materials, furnitures and decorations. She wasvery happy with the result.
  28. 28. At the door to Opals room she grimaced. Opal had also been allowed to chooseeverything himself and you could see that. Definately not a room that she would havewanted but it was Opals room, he had the right to choose what he wanted.
  29. 29. For the bedroom of her parents she smiled approvingly. Yes, her mother knew how todecorate.
  30. 30. The kitchen looked modern and it seemed to have everything they needed, includingdishwasher, finally! From the kitchen there was a doorway to the dining room and fromthere doorway back to the living room. She smiled happily, it was all better than she hadeven hoped.
  31. 31. And on top of everything, even the bathrooms looked nice. The family would live happilyhere for many years to come.
  32. 32. The family was quickly feeling at home in the new house. The work continued for the adults and theschool for the kids. Eleonore had been disappointed that even as the head of SCIA she couldnt findany information about simselves. And if in that position with all the resources she couldnt findanything more she probably should give up.She wouldnt give up completely but the work didnt offer her anything more. She had had a dreamabout becoming a city architect but she was getting older, no denying that. And if she ever wanted toreach that dream, she should start looking for a possible job as soon as possible, maybe it wasnt toolate yet. The first search wasnt very promising, the town only seemed to want dancers, cops, doctorsand sports stars. But she didnt lose hope, she would search as long as was needed.
  33. 33. Olive still struggled with her school. She really tried but it just wasnt that easy for her. Ifshe wanted to have any fun at the college she would need some diplomas. A call to thecollege and she realised that she could also get other diplomas. The college would giveher a small grant due to her artistic skills. But nevertheless she decided to try and get hergrades up, more money wouldnt hurt.
  34. 34. Yet it usually was Olive who cleaned the house, cooked and took away the trash. ActuallyOlive was the only one who actually volunteered to cook. It seemed that Randy didenough cooking at the work and didnt bother at home with it. He, like rest of the family,usually just took some snacks from the fridge or just stuffed their face with anything theycould find in it.
  35. 35. Both of the girls also started seeing boys. Nothing too serious for either of them just yetthough. Olive saw the boys she met more as good friends who it was nice to spend timewith. She wanted to find the right one before committing herself to anything. Biggahowever had other things in her mind but she thought that the boys in their school were abit childish and even though she wanted to go for a real date, she hadnt met anyone whoshe would have liked to go to date with. However childish they might have been, she wasvery pleased about the admirers she had around her.
  36. 36. Opal got a bird he had been wanting for a long time. Finally they had enough space to fitthe cage in. The parrot was called ”Leaf” by Opal and as Bigga put it ”you couldnt havegiven any more childish name, absolutely no imagination”. But Opal didnt care, the birdwas just great. Now he was just waiting that he could start training the bird with all kindsof things. And it quickly became obvious that the rest of the family was fond of the bird, nomatter what they thought about the name or if they had been against the whole idea in thebeginning.
  37. 37. Olive and Opal were probably the closest of the kids. It wasnt uncommon to see themhang out together. They were more similar than with Bigga. And after all Bigga was theoldest and always considered the other two much younger than she was and thus boringand nuisance.
  38. 38. But the two girls were teens now and had at least something in common. For examplethey both wanted to get handheld games and mobile phones and while looking for those,they noticed that they actually had good time together. And finally, first time Biggaconsidered Olive something like a friend.
  39. 39. Then, finally Eleonore called and asked Jessica to come and see their new house.”Im so sorry I havent called you earlier, we have been busy with the kids and moving andeverything”, Eleonore said, hoping that Jessica really wouldnt mind. But she didnt needto worry.Jessica smiled, ”I know you have been busy, Im just happy that Im here now.”Eleonore and Jessica had met that one time on the street and talked couple times overthe phone but having a talk face-to-face was something completely different. Eleonore atleast had many things to ask from Jessica that she couldnt have asked over the phone.
  40. 40. ”So...”, Eleonore started hesitantly, ”there is so much I would like to ask you and I dont even know where tobegin.”Jessica looked at her, somewhat troubled ”it is this playable-townie thing you want to discuss I guess.”Jessica knew something about Eleonores obsession about simselves and she continued:”why dont you just drop it? There is nothing you can do for it.””But we dont know what our simself is like...””Well, no we dont but in any case how could we know what is happening? How would knowing it help anything?””Yeah, but then we could at least tell them to leave us alone... or something.”Jessica looked at her, ”we wouldnt exist without the simselves”, she sighed and started to explain.
  41. 41. ”About the simselves... They have created us, they have created this world, there wouldnt be us without them. Or theremight be some of us, like the townies but their life just would be still, nothing would happen in their world”, Jessicaexplained.”Now that we are talking here, there most certainly is someone who hast decided to play us and as to how we know willhappen, we wont, Im just glad that something is happening. And if you ever met a simself, you probably couldnt changeanything, they do like they wish, filling our wishes as much as they feel like and ignoring them as much as they like.””So they are kind of gods?”, Eleonore asked.”Well, something like it, for better of a word”, Jessica replied.”But your life isnt, and hasnt been, that pleasant”, Eleonore said, ”is it because the simself made it so?””No, I dont think so. We have free will and anything that has happened in my life, I can only blame myself.”
  42. 42. ”Townies and some playables, like me, my ex-husband and her adopted daughter exist in different universes at thesame time and they sometimes have some knowledge about other ”universes”. I for example have some images in myhead about these other universes and I bet Randy has too. For example in some places I have been married toArmand again, can you imagine?”, Jessica laughed.Eleonore looked puzzled and Jessica continued ”the other universes are similar places to this one at the beginning.There is someone looking and acting like me and Randy, for example, but depending on the other circumstances theyhave very different lives. The townies also might be called something different. My images arent anytthing solid but itis enough to make me know that these places exist. I also know that we can be shipped to these other universes, ithas been done and then one sim exists in two worlds.””How do I know that I dont exist in two worlds?” Eleonore wondered.”If you did, you would have some kind of memory about that”, Jessica said simply.
  43. 43. ”Dont you ever wonder about... this all?”, Eleonore asked.”Actually, no. It wouldnt help anything”, Jessica told her.Eleonore was going to say something but Jessica interrupted, ”Listen, there is nothing you can do for it, why botheryourself with it, just live your life?””You keep saying that...””Because thats the only way”, replied Jessica and at that moment Eleonore couldnt think any counter argument.
  44. 44. After that the women chatted about everything else, their work, hobbies, Eleonores kids and so on.Then it was time for Jessica to go home.”Just try and relax”, she said to Eleonore while hugging her for goodbye, ”and enjoy your family –while you still have it.””Thanks for the advice, I will do that. You are welcome to visit here any time you want.””I will keep that in mind. You are also welcome to visit me but you know... living in a trailer with just asmall table and two chairs...””I understand, just come here more often.”
  45. 45. That evening Eleonore fell asleep her brain buzzing. She was afraid that she wouldnt fallasleep at all but she did pretty fast. It was very restless sleep. She kept turning over andover.
  46. 46. Suddenly Eleonore found herself in front of an unfamiliar house, playing with an unfamiliardog. It was creepy, the house was standing there alone, the only thing she could see wasgrass and trees. Something told her that she should get out of here but for some reasonshe wasnt afraid, instead she walked inside.
  47. 47. There was somebody already inside.”I thought we would feel cozier with the fireplace. Come on in and take a seat.”The woman hadnt even glanzed her way and yet she seemed to be expecting her,knowing full well who she was. Eleonore couldnt help herself, she stepped inside.
  48. 48. ”I thought that we needed to have a talk. I made some breakfast. Come and have some.”Eleonore still hadnt said anything and she still didnt know who the woman was and yetshe had been expecting her. This was bizarre.
  49. 49. ”Who are you?”, Eleonore asked bluntly as soon as she had sat down.”Im your simself”, the woman replied in a friendly tone.”No, you are not, you cant be.”The simself smiled, ”why couldnt I?””You are... you are not...”, Eleonore wasnt quite sure what to say but the simself seemed to guess.”I look just like anybody else here, thats what you are wondering, right?””Yes... you dont look anything like a god.”
  50. 50. ”Does somebody know what the god looks like?” the simself asked.”If someone might, you might.”Simself grinned, ”Im not a god, not even close, Im just a girl having fun with my game.”Eleonore frowned, ”this is just some kind of a game for you? We are inside a game, none of this is real?””Yes, you are inside a game but it is very real to you, it is real to me too.””But then you can do anything you want to us.””That seems to be the problem with you, isnt it? From the day you found out that there was a simself, you have been worried aboutthat. Im not going to lie to you, I could do anything I want. How about killing you and then resurrecting back to see your great-great-great-grandkids as a zombie?”Eleonore looked at the simself serious, ”you are joking”.”Most certainly not. It can be done”, simself grinned again and Eleonore wondered what was so funny.
  51. 51. Then the simself actually laughed.”You are making fun of me”, Eleonore said grumbily.”No, Im not. My poor Eleonore, you are just so serious about this.””But it is my life, of course Im worried and serious.”Simself sighed, ”you shouldnt be. You can have my word that I wont on purpose do anything bad for you oranyone in your family. Anyone who tries to hurt you, or your family will get what they deserve. But you have nothingto worry about. And why dont you?” the simself asked before Eleonore did and continued, ”because you are mycreation, my sims and I want you to live happy life instead of miserable one. I want you to continue the bloodlineand how would that work if I killed you or someone else in the family? Please eat your sandwich, these are prettytasty.”
  52. 52. ”How would I know what you want?” Eleonore asked, not quite convinced, she didnt know what tothink about this simself. She was being friendly but she was making jokes she didnt quiteunderstand and seemed to have fun with her. Yet she had answers for all of the questions she had.”You dont need to”, the simself said simply. There it was again, the weirdness, Eleonore thought.This all seemed to be pretty straight forward for the simself. And she found herself doing just like shehad told her and took a bite of her sandwich. Yes, it was tasty. Of course it was.
  53. 53. ”Any other questions?””Plenty”, Eleonore muttered and more clearly continued, ”so thats what you want, isnt it, to continue my bloodline as youput it? Randy thinks that Im here for some sort of a challenge.”The simself thought about this for a moment and replied hesitantly, ”yes, I would like to see your family grow, I would liketo see, hmm... lets see two more generations, counting you as one and your kids as second.””And then what will happen?””I havent planned that far just yet, maybe someone from the fourth generation will build completely new city or save onefrom apocalypse. I havent quite decided yet.””Building new city, apocalypses... Why?”
  54. 54. ”Why”, the simself repeated, ”thats a very good question.” Eleonore realised by the look on simselfsface that she wouldnt get any clearer answer. Anyway, there were more pressing matters.”So we are part of a challenge?” The simself nodded and Eleonore continued, ”what it is you wantme to do?””What is it that you want to do?” simself asked instead.Eleonore was silent for couple of minutes, ”I want to become City Planner, cant you help me there?”Simself laughed, ”sorry no, I cant cheat”.
  55. 55. Cheat? Eleonore couldnt think more of that and continued.”Well... I was thinking about making it a tradition that someone from our family would always live in the house, theywould write their memoirs so that we would be remembered, everyone who lived in the house would have theirpictures hanging on the walls of it. They should enjoy their hobbies and I think that Randy is trying to build a servorobot, that should also stay in the house. I have also thought about having a family business that would run overdecades and I also have thought it would make nice family tradition to have party once every season. Just so thatthe friends and the family would be together every now and then.”Simself smiles mysteriously, ”sounds good to me.”Eleonore stared her, ”is this what I want or have you made it so?””I dont tell you what to do, maybe nudge here and there to push you to right direction but the rest is your own will.Maybe when there is a dirty toilet and no one is going to clean it I might make somebody clean it.”
  56. 56. Cheats? Cleaning toilets? Eleonore wasnt sure what to think of this simself. Was she joking? Shehad so many questions but as the simself stood up, she somehow realised that there was no time toask them all so she asked simply:”Is this real or just a dream?””Why would it be any less real if it was a dream?”
  57. 57. With that she woke up. She squeezed Randy, he was real at least. She was feeling dizzy, had itbeen just a dream? Or was it something else? Part of her thought it was just a dream but how couldher brain have created something like that? And there was also the fact that she usually didntremember her dreams. Why was this so vivid then? If the simself was something like a god, then shemost certainly could come to her dreams.Either way, she knew what she was going to do, she just needed some time to sort her thoughts. Noway she was going to tell anyone about her dream, though, it was too bizarre. Then she thought withregret all of the un-asked questions that she hadnt remember at the time. Would she get a secondchance?
  58. 58. Eleonore found out that painting was good way to sort her thoughts. And it was just nice extra thatthe portrait of her and Randy turned out to be, well definately not perfect, but good anyway. She alsostarted her memoirs. The first part was easy. She simply described how the college life had been,how it had been when the kids were small. But how to include simself and townies into the story?Luckily she didnt have to finish the story over night.
  59. 59. She was also proud of her kids. Opal was going to be teen soon and she had given him promise tobuy new clothes for himself for that day. Olive finally got A+ and Bigga took a job in business and, ofcourse, soon was executive assistant, a real good place for a teen.They were all different but all of them were also smart in their own ways, all of them had differentwants and goals they wanted to reach in their lives. One thing was certain though, she knew thatthese kids would do just fine in the future – even without her and Randy around.
  60. 60. Finally she decided that family dinner would be the right place to tell the kids about... it. She askedRandy to cook something delicious and the whole family joined around the table.”I have something to tell you”, she started but wasnt at all sure how to continue. She glanzed atRandy but he seemed to be focusin on eating, he already knew what she had to say.”I think that you are three the most wonderful kids I could ever have”, she had to blink couple timesbefore she could continue, damn it, she wasnt going to cry! ”Us, me and your dad are very proud ofyou all. And even though you are quite young still, it is time to tell you something I think you need toknow.”The whole family was quiet, some were eating, some were staring at her.
  61. 61. Eleonore took a deep breath and started. She didnt know how much the kids knew so she would justexplain everything.”I dont know if you already know this from school or from your friends but we are sims that are calledplayables. I have understood that it only means that there is a simself somewhere guiding our livesand also that we can have families, have careers where we can climb up, in short our lives go on –until we die and there will, hopefully, always be children who continue our family tree.Then there are townies, for example your dad was one of them until I married him and he becameplayable. Townies have some kind of half life, they have careers too but they dont have familieseven though they have friends. Their lives just stay still, nothing changes until they are married ormoved in with playables.”
  62. 62. ”Did you hear that?” Opal looked at Olive, ”we can rule them all!””We are the richest and most popular sims here, Bigga said with a grin.”I wonder if it is easier... nevermind”, Olive said. She was thinking if this would effect on finding ahusband and having a family. But her mother had done it so the townies probably didnt mind beingmarried to playable.
  63. 63. ”Yes, we can be cool, we can be rich but definately we arent the richest sims. Some townies haveplenty of money actually. And we definately wont rule them all. Even though our position asplayables gives us some rights, we also have many responsibilities. We have a freedom to chooseand we have to use that freedom for the townies sake, too. We are the ones who can make thingschange.” She had to keep a break to form what she was going to say next and took a bite of theturkey.”I think that it is our duty to rescue as many townies as we can. I hope that all of you will marry in atownie, if you dont want to get married, at least move in someone as your roommate, girlfriend orboyfriend. There are so many great sims around who dont get the chance and I think we should givethem that.”
  64. 64. ”We cant choose anyone we want? Thats not fair”, Bigga was almost shouting, ”besides how do weknow who is a townie and who is not? ””There are some on my class”, Opal said suddenly, ” they are those who we cant visit at all.” Rest ofthe family turned to look at Opal who just shrugged, ”they called me playable once. But I didntunderstand what it meant.”
  65. 65. It was Randys turn to continue, ”if you look closely you can see how the townies look slightlydifferent, the clothes they are wearing are more simple than ours for example. It is also like Opal justsaid, we cant visit them even though we can call them and invite them here. I was one once so Ishould know. And then you can just simply ask, they will know. Anyway, as far as I know there arentthat many playables in this neighbourhood but of course we never know what will happen.”
  66. 66. ”But why there are different sims?” Olive asked turning to her mother.Eleonore sighed, ”I wished I knew that. It seems that the simselves cant control all of us so some ofare townies who just exist to be our friends, husbands and wives.””But...”, Olive was trying to form her thoughts, this just didnt make any sense, ”why there are someplayables then? Who else is playable?”Eleonore sighed even more deeply, ”if I ever get the chance, I will ask. I have absolutely no idea whythere are different sims. What comes to other playable sims, Jessica is one of them. And as Biggasaid that we are rich, Jessica isnt even she is playable so you never can tell for sure.”
  67. 67. ”Anyway, I have couple other wishes to make. If we forget this simself, playable and townie thing fora while and discuss something else I have in my mind”, Eleonore swallowed, ”you know how Im notin contact with my family. And now that I know how sims can be created out of nothing, Im not evensure if my family exists”, Eleonore had to blink again to keep the tears away, she had become soemotional lately, ”I would like to know that our family at least continues. I wish that one of you willmove back to this house and then one of his or her kids will move here and so on.”Then Eleonore explained everything else she had told to the simself in her dream.
  68. 68. These ideas got very different replies.”How do we know who has to come back to write memoirs and everything?” Bigga asked.”If I cant move back here, how can I afford to build new, beautiful house to invite my friends andhave kids?”, Olive sulked.”Can I keep my old room if I come back here?” wondered Opal.
  69. 69. Randy looked at the kids, ”we discussed this, your mother and me, and thought that it would be bestif you decided that together. The ones who move out will get small grant from us, so you dont haveto start in very small houses. Just choose wisely, the one who will move back here is sort ofresbonsible for the whole family and also has to continue the family name. And then there are ofcourse all those tasks your mother explained, it wont be that easy but I think it will be rewarding too.”The kids just nodded, there was simply too much to think to reply anything. After all, there was thewhole college to decide that. The family ate rest of the food in a silence, something that wasnt toocommon in this family.
  70. 70. Then it happened. Eleonore found a job in architecture and soon arrived home smiling to herself.She had been promoted to city architect. She had so many ideas to improve the city.
  71. 71. It wasnt that long that it was Randys big day too. He had received a call from theheadmasters wife and had discuss the new cooking program with her. Yes, he wasnervous, no denying of that. But he couldnt deny that he was happy man. The show hadbeen accepted, he was going to have own show in tv and every cooking sim in theneighbourhood would soon know him as the celebrity chef. He too smiled while lookingout of the window. What else could you expect from life?
  72. 72. ”She was right, they have very nice house”, Kiera was saying to Andrezj and Kevin Spitzig.”They have done pretty well in their life I think”, Andrezj said, ”city architect and celebrity chef withthree beautiful kids, who would have believed that.”Kevin looked slightly sulky, ”yes, you are right.” He remembered how he had fancied Eleonore backat the college but she had chosen Randy instead. He had gotten over it but with a bang he nowrealised that all of this could have been this.Eleonore had been avoiding to invite Kevin to the house, no matter how good friends they were butthere was always the risk of some flirting from both of them and she just didnt want to risk themarriage with Randy for something that stupid. Now she thought that enough time had passed for itto be safe.
  73. 73. Old romances were put on the background, it was time to party! The youngest of Eleonores kids wasgoing to be teen in a matter of minutes. She was going enjoy every moment.
  74. 74. The guests enjoyed themselves and Eleonore was admired by Andrezj. Something that she thoughtharmless but also something that lightened her day. She was going to be elder soon and Andrezjwas young adult and still he seemed to think that she was as beautiful as back at the college. Younever got enough admiration for it to bore you. Even though you still were admired and adored byyour own husband.
  75. 75. And the birthday hero? He aged up well, naturally and ate too much cake.
  76. 76. All the problems aside, there were three teens in the house. There was a party withdelicious cake and good music. It was time to party, too soon they would head to thecollege. Even though they most likely would keep in touch, these were the last days theywould be living in this house together.
  77. 77. Some stats Bigga 6/10/2/10/3 Taurus Pleasure/wealth LTW Professional party guest Pre-destined hobby games Olive 10/9/2/8/3 Capricorn Popularity/family LTW to have 20 best friends Pre-destined hobby cuisine Opal 9/10/5/7/3 Leo Popularity/knowledge LTW Media magnatePre-destined hobby music and dance