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This is the webquest that I made with Kathrene Jumawan in our EDTECH class. Our teacher is Mr. Robin Delos Reyes.

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Webquest powerpoint presentation

  1. 1. A Web Quest for Fourth Year High School (English) Designed by: Simel M. Nano simeln@yahoo.com & Kathrene F. Jumawan kathrenejumawan@yahoo.com
  2. 2. While we are free to INTRODUCTION TASK choose our actions, we are not free to choose the PROCESS RESOURCES consequences of our actions.-Stephen Covey EVALUATION CONCLUSION
  3. 3. As a member of the community, foreseeingthe consequences of your actions is significant.This is because your action may contributeto the destruction of something in yourcommunity and also in your life. In otherwords, you have to understand the relationshipof cause and effect to be able to weigh theactions and decisions that you will undertake.
  4. 4. When you indulge yourselves into playingcomputer games, for instance, do you considerthe possible effects of this in your study? Whatabout the effects of this in your relationship toyour family? What could be the possible cause ofplaying computer games most of the time?
  5. 5. Aside from playing computer games for along time, there are more problems inZamboanga City that need to be addressedto the public. Isnt it wonderful if you canhelp in addressing these problems so thatthe dwellers in Zamboanga City will beaware of the consequences of their actions?Making a documentary film will be of greathelp to address these problems. You can be the stewards of change!
  6. 6. As concerned members of thecommunity, you need to create a documentaryfilm about the problems in Zamboanga City. Byemphasizing the cause and effect of theproblems in the documentary film, you will beable to help the government in addressing to thepeople the problems that was caused by theiractions and the effects of their actions.
  7. 7. DAY 1 DAY 2 DAY 3 DAY 4 DAY 5DAY 6 DAY 7 DAY 8 DAY 9 DAY 10
  8. 8. DAY 1 You will be assigned to a team of eight students. Each member should have a role.Leader: He/ She will lead the Member # 1: He/ She will join the othergroup in achieving the goal. members of the group in reading the websites and on answering the questions.Secretary: He/ She will write Member # 2: He/ She will join the otherthe answer of the group. members of the group in reading the websites and on answering the questions.Computer Operator: He/ She will Member # 3: He/ She will join the otheroperate the computer when opening members of the group in reading the websitesthe websites. and on answering the questions.Timer: He/ She will remind the Member # 4: He/ She will join the othergroup if its already time to submit members of the group in reading the websitestheir work. and on answering the questions.
  9. 9. Click the websites under the title “Cause andEffect” in the Resources. Read the articles and thenoutline in a whole sheet of paper the importantdetails that you have read. You will be given only 45minutes to read and outline what you have read. Discuss your outline of cause and effect as agroup.
  10. 10. DAY 2 As concerned member of thecommunity, you will make a documentary filmthat will show the causes and effects of someproblems in Zamboanga City. In relation tothis, you need to assign each member of thegroup a role to play.
  11. 11. These are the roles:Director:Your responsibility as the Director is to come up with the overall vision for the documentary. It is your job to ensure that the material you and your team will shoot is technically and creatively of a high standard, is truthful, fair, entertaining and is of interest in terms of subject matter or narrative.
  12. 12. Camera Operator: Your responsibility as the Camera Operator is to work alongside the Director, taking instruction from them and functions as an integral part of the production team.
  13. 13. Sound Recorder: Your responsibility as a Sound Recorder is to isolate exactly what kind of kit will be needed to record good sound in the circumstances in which you will be recording it. So, you will need to give consideration to both microphones and auxiliary kit.
  14. 14. Production Assistants: : As Production Assistants you are one of the most important people in a documentary crew. Your primary role is to support the director and to do anything that helps the Director to move the production forwards.
  15. 15. Editor: Your responsibility as an Editor is to do the technical work of editing the documentary. You work to ensure that the story is told in specified length.
  16. 16. Interviewer: Your role as an interviewer is to interview the interviewees that are proficient in their field. You need to have friendly tone when interviewing and need to be sure that you have asked the significant details.
  17. 17. Now that every member of the group has aresponsibility to do, your task today is to read thewebsites under the title “ Documentary FilmMaking” in the Resources. Outline what you haveread because that will be used next meeting for theworkshop on documentary film making.
  18. 18. DAY 3 Today will be the workshop on documentary film making. You will be taught how to make adocumentary film in the animation laboratory. An ITprofessor will conduct the workshop. Use the outlinethat you made to be able to activate your priorknowledge so that understanding the professor’slecture will be easier.
  19. 19. DAY 4 Today, you will choose the topic for the documentary film making through drawing oflots. After the drawing lots, you need to plan anddiscuss on how to make the documentary film outof that assigned topic. The rubric will be given asyour guide in making the documentary film.
  20. 20. These are the topics:Cause and Effect of Playing Computer GamesCause and Effect of Water PollutionCause and Effect of Electricity ShortageCause and Effect of Dengue
  21. 21. DAY 5 You will go out to gather information on thetopic you are assigned to. You should be equippedwith all the things needed for the documentary film.
  22. 22. DAY 6 Consultation Each group needs to present what they have doneso far and what information they have gathered.
  23. 23. DAY 7 You will continue gathering information andapply the teacher’s suggestion during theconsultation.
  24. 24. DAY 8Today, you will edit the videos and organize theinformation for your documentary film.
  25. 25. DAY 9Today, you will present your documentary film.Your documentary film will be rated by using therubric in the Evaluation. After eachpresentation, there will be a processing of yourwork.
  26. 26. DAY 10Today is the continuation of the presentation of the documentary film.
  27. 27. Cause and Effect Documentary Film Makinghttp://languagearts.pppst.com/cause http://www.slideshare.net/acarvin/d-effect.html ocumentary-making-101http://www.beaconlearningcenter.c http://www.ehow.com/how_218810om/documents/729_01.pdf 5_film-short-documentary.htmlhttp://www2.elc.polyu.edu.hk/CIL http://pov.imv.au.dk/Issue_13/sectiL/exercises/cause&effect.htm on_5/artc1A.html http://pov.imv.au.dk/Issue_22/secti on_1/artc1A.html
  28. 28. CATEGORY 5 4 2 0 Score Script Word choice is Word choice is Word choice is Word choice Quality highly effective effective in slightly is ineffective in presenting presenting ineffective in in presenting documentary; documentary; presenting documentary; information is information is documentary; information is very educational. educational. information is not not educational educational.
  29. 29. Filming Camera Camera Characters have CameraQuality movement is very movement is okay movement is smooth and smooth and composition, very jerky and lighting quality is lighting quality is camera lighting quality is effective good movement is very problematic jerky; lighting quality is problematicCamera Uses a high Uses some Uses little Weak, repetitiveShots variety of variety of decent variety of shots. shots effective shots. shots.
  30. 30. Sound Audio is very Audio is clear Audio is not Audio is notEditing clear and and audible. clear and not clear. Did not very audible. Uses audible. use sound Uses very appropriate Uses effects. appropriate sound inappropriat sound effects. e sound effects. effects.Transitions Excellent Good variety Poor use of Little to no useand Effects variety of of transitions transitions of transitions effective and effects; and effects; and effects; transitions smooth jerky blend very jerky and effects; blend between blend very smooth between scenes. between scenes blend scenes. between scenes.
  31. 31. Continuity Scenes flow Scenes Scenes flow Scenes flow perfectly decently flow poorly from weakly from from one to from one to one to the one to the the next; no the next; a next; errors next; many errors in minor error in continuity. errors in continuity. in continuity. continuityOriginality Approaches Approaches Copies Merely takes story or story or elements all elements documentary documentary from other from other in a highly in a unique films; lacks sources unique and way. originality. original way.
  32. 32. Length Meets 10 7-8 minutes 5-7 minutes Less than 5 minutes minutes requirement with few seconds excess.Organizati Presents clear, Presents clear, Presents Demonstrateson of cause consistent organizational inconsistent a lack ofand effect organizational strategy with organizational organizationalrelationshi strategy to show occasional strategy to strategy tops of the cause and effect. inconsistencies show cause show causeassigned to show cause and effect. and effect;topic and effect. creates a confusing presentation. TOTAL Score /4 5
  33. 33. You have finally presented your documentary filmwhere cause and effect relationship is emphasized. Hopefullyyour documentary film will make the people realize theconsequences of their actions. Aside from learning how to make a documentary film, youwere able also to identify the cause and effect relationships inreal-life situations