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Test questionnaire


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This is just a group-made test in our PED216 class...

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Test questionnaire

  1. 1. Ateneo de Zamboanga University Secondary Level, English Department First Quarter Unit Examination Literature III (Introduction to World Literature)Name: ____________________________________________ Score: ________________Course and Year: _______________________ Date: _________________Test I - Multiple ChoiceDirections: Among the given set of choices, choose the letter of the correctanswer. Encircle the letter of your choice. 1. Who among the following is a sonnet writer? a. Christopher Marlowe b. Sir Walter Raleigh c. Matsua Basho d. Elizabeth Browning 2. One thousand flyers Are heading to the Northern Time is Pilgrimage The poem above is an example of what kind of poem? a. Ode b. Sonnet c. Haiku d. Tanka 3. Which if the following is a form of literature? a. cartoons in a newspaper b. photograph of sceneries c. bulletin announcement d. sports game 4. Your teacher tells you to make a record of Albert Einstein’s life. What genre of literature should you compose? a. Anecdote b. Novel c. Biography d. Short story
  2. 2. 5. Who among the people below can you consider as a man of literature? a. a proponent of a bill b. a referee in a basketball game c. a chef reading a recipe d. a martyr soldier6. Who is the author of the story ‘Wedding Dance’? a. F. Sionil Jose b. Paz Marquez Benitez c. Amador Dagiuo d. Edgar Allan Poe7. Which of the following is not a significant in studying literature? a. studying different people and culture of the world b. becoming a literary writer c. appreciating local literature d. passing a course and getting high grade8. In the story entitled ‘Gilgamesh’, why did the gods created Enkidu? a. The people of Uruk said their pleas to the gods. b. Gilgamesh asked the gods to create Enkidu c. Enkidu lived in the forest and needs to be sent to Uruk d. The gods looked for a replacement of Gilgamesh9. Which of the following is the literary work of Shakespeare? a. A River Merchant’s Wfe b. Romeo and Juliet c. Oedipus Rex d. The Taximan’s Story10. Who among the following is the first writer of sonnet? a. William Shakespeare b. Giacomo de Lentini c. Kahlil Gibran d. Ernest Hemingway
  3. 3. Test II - Matching TypeDirections: Match each definition in Column A to its respective genre in ColumnB. Write only the letter of the correct answers before the number. Column A Column B_____1. dramatic poetry accountinga story that commonly ends in the a. anecdotedeath of failure of main characters_____ 2. short account (story) taken b. biographyfrom a person’s true-to-lifeexperience having moral lessons c. epic_____ 3. revolves around the story ofanimals acting like humans d. essay_____ 4. Japanese poetic genre e. fable_____ 5. lyric poetry composed of 14lines in iambic pentameter f. haiku_____ 6. lengthy prose divided intochapters with various charactersand situations g. legend_____ 7. an account from the Bible h. novel_____ 8. fantastic stories attemptingto explain the origin of themes i. parable_____ 9. record a person’s life frombirth to death or peak of j. short storyachievement_____ 10. narrative poetry k. sonnetaccounting the story of a person(hero/heroin) having supernatural l. tragedyabilities overcoming supernaturalphenomena
  4. 4. Test III – EssayDirections: Explain the following statements/questions in not less than fivesentences but not more than ten sentences. Your essay will be evaluated basedon the given rubric on the last page. 1. How does literature (literary works) affect the perceptions or intuitions of students towards society? Explain. ____________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________. 2. Give three modern-day examples portrayed/reflected out of any literary works presented. Elaborate these examples. ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________.
  5. 5. Rubric for Essay Needs Unsatisfactory Satisfactory Outstanding Improvement Score 0 pts 2-3 pts 4-5 pts 1 ptsContent & Unsatisfactory Needs Satisfactory OutstandingDevelopment Improvement - Content is incomplete. - Content is - Content is - Major points are not clear. - Content is not accurate and comprehensive, -Specific examples are not comprehensive and persuasive. accurate, and used. /or persuasive. - Major points are persuasive. - Major points are stated. - Major points are addressed, but not - Responses are stated clearly and well supported. adequate and are well supported. - Responses are address topic. - Responses are inadequate or do - Content is clear. excellent, timely and not address topic. -Specific examples address topic. -Specific examples are used. - Content is clear. do not support -Specific examples topic. are used.Organization Unsatisfactory Needs Satisfactory Outstanding& Structure Improvement - Organization and structure - Structure is mostly -Structure of the detract from the message. - Structure of the clear and easy to paper is clear and - Writing is disjointed and paper is not easy to follow. easy to follow. lacks transition of thoughts. follow. - Transitions are - Transitions are - Transitions need present. logical and maintain improvement. - Conclusion is the flow of thought - Conclusion is logical. throughout the missing, or if paper. provided, does not - Conclusion is flow from the body logical and flows of the paper. from the body of the paper.Grammar, Unsatisfactory Needs Satisfactory OutstandingPunctuation& Spelling Improvement - Paper contains numerous - Rules of grammar, - Rules of grammar, grammatical, punctuation, and - Paper contains usage, and usage, and spelling errors. few grammatical, punctuation are punctuation are punctuation and followed with followed; spelling is spelling errors. minor errors. correct. Spelling is correct. TOTAL Adapted from