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This presentation was delivered to the ICT Cluster community here in Auckland in Jan 2008 and describes the story behind the the SimDeck Formula One styled race car simulator developed by ICE AV Technology. NZ produces the world's best rugby players (generally !!), the best sailers and now the best Indy 500 race car drivers. (yes we won this morning ...thanks to Scott Dixon) We follow this unstoppable trend by creating the best Virtual Reality Formula race experience. Now we have now been nominated as the best team building activity in NZ for 2008 by the here in NZ.

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SimDeck Race car simulator - Ak ICT Presentation

  1. 1. “In every boy there is a potential race car champion”
  2. 2. “simulation for promotion, entertainment, training and sales ”
  3. 3. • SimDeck is our specialist Simulation division developing, distributing and supplying, vehicle simulation platforms for Promotion - Education – Training Formula Race Cars
  4. 4. Our brand story….SimDeck. Bruce McLaren, Stirling Moss, Boys Own, Scouts, we had an innocence in our youth, mechano sets, we learnt to create our own fun. There was an naivety in our youth, life seemed so less complicated and our imaginations could explore what ever we could dream up. Biggles saved the world and Dexter Duxton amused us on each night on the radio from the BBC.
  5. 5. SimDeck – “A dream literally born under the kitchen table and down the garden path
  6. 6. Original unofficial Maltby Ave Race Track
  7. 7. The birth of Simdeck developed in this park during the 1960’s Timaru – West end Park, 1962 Timaru – West end Park, 2007
  8. 8. The down hill path thru the trees tested a small boys cornering ability Timaru – West end Park, 1962
  9. 9. World’s first known race sim
  10. 10. Testing the SimDeck concept in 2005
  11. 11. Is there a business? Largest spectator sport in the world. • Positive Market feedback – grass roots • • Learning the simulation business • Identifying the business opportunities • Research international scene Competition and local market • opportunities
  12. 12. • Developed our first commercial hardware platform and to learn by research, evaluation. Scaled F1 styled vehicle • Reflect on earlier exposure – CES. 1994 • Introduce to the market and test Dec 2006 – mid 2007. • SimDeck story published in New York in an 8 page feature in March 2007. • Research and prepare for full size vehicle Q2,07
  13. 13. Building a F1 scaled simulator late into the night
  14. 14. Programming and harness wiring.
  15. 15. Adult size simulator 500kg SimDeck PET2500 Simulator
  16. 16. 500kg SimDeck PET2500 Simulator SimDeck PET2500 and PET 1100 Simulator
  17. 17. SimDeck Formula PET2500 Simulat SimDeck Formula PET2500 Simulator
  18. 18. SimDeck Formula PET2500 Simulator
  19. 19. New Zealand developed SimDeck Formula PET2500 Simulator
  20. 20. New Zealand developed SimDeck Formula PET2500 Simulator Albany, North Shore City, Auckland,
  21. 21. What makes the SimDeck format unique? • As a brand, it is designed to be applied to a variety of simulation platforms. • A key aspect is the ICE Digital Daytime Screen….simulation in well lit environments. • Endeavour to make the simulation hardware platform far more than a seat on a frame. • The simulation experience as life like as possible. • Adaptable to a wide range of client application. • The experience extends further than just 3 laps. Promotion Entertainment Training Sales “vehicle simulation for entertainment, promotion, sales and training”
  22. 22. Applications for the SimDeck race car • Inter-company Challenge GP • Customer relationship events • Team Building • Staff Functions • Expo and Shows • Retail Promotions • Private parties • Driver Training
  23. 23. Application Example • Team Building event. • Team roles - manager, drivers, pit crew, administrator. Dress code • 50 lap Grand Prix • Budget allocation and expenditure • Best driver, best team, in budget • Pit stops, actual tyre changes, real time consumption • Pit lane Grid girls (ops organisers)
  24. 24. Scaled SimDeck car in Education • Group co-operation, responsibility • Geography via the international GP • Graphic Design • Motor mechanics. • Leadership and actual race demo. • International class racing….fly and drive • Driver training • Next generation video conferencing interaction
  25. 25. Technical • Onboard real time camera – “Drive Cam” • Data input for road, tyre and engine for the seat • Force feedback in the steering column • Petrol engine – actual car, 500 kg • Full surround sound and PA system embedded • Online simulation, same race up to 32 cars • Off screen gauges – current upgrade • Life size daytime projection screen • Upgrade wheel - 3D Capable screen display • Networked, server driven, Gravity suit - pending • Internal suspension motion - pending
  26. 26. Marketing aspects On track Billboard signage branding • Virtual car branding • • Actual car branding • Driver Race Suits • Pit Lane Grid Girl branding “Annual Mitre 10 Winners Cup” • “Mayoral Challenge” • • The Gauntlet Challenge
  27. 27. SimDeck clothing
  28. 28. SimDeck Logos
  29. 29. The SimDeck colours ready for a challenge
  30. 30. This pimped up ride is designed in the Burger King brand
  31. 31. An online race car branded and ready to race
  32. 32. Branded in look alike Team Kiwi A1 colours
  33. 33. Real World Virtual tracks Driver Training
  34. 34. Growth Consolidate Local market activities • Export to key markets via Inter. partners • • Complete System – more than just 3 laps • SimDeck VR centres and mobile systems • Develop proprietary GP Event system Artificial intelligence research programme • New platforms – F16, Spitfire, Chopper •
  35. 35. SimDeck Franchises Available soon
  36. 36.