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The iZ3D 22" monitor was first launched in San Diego, USA, and shortly after was publicly demonstrated in NZ at the Pulp Expo in Auckland. At the time their was no other 3D stereoscopic monitor under $1000 that allowed multiple users to view the same monitor. Some 30 months later the iz3D monitor is now available at a exclusive online price for less than $300. View this presentation for an understanding of the amazing flexibility of the iZ3D monitor and where you can purchase your own personal monitor.

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  • There are significant differences between Zalman and iZ3D monitors.

    The Zalman monitor is fully passive Interlaced, and due to that, loses half it's verticle resolution, lines can sometimes be seen through text, etc. Even in 2D...
    It also has an extremely small 'sweet spot' so if you are not dead center, the 3D won't really show too well. Requires an nVidia graphics card, otherwise a iZ3D Interlaced license. Extra glasses are also available for cheap on this solution

    The nVidia glasses require an nVidia graphics card, a 120hz monitor, and glasses. New glasses are usually around $US150-$200 per set of glass, plus around $US300 for a monitor. In addition, this is shutter(Active) 3D technology. It can cause discomfort in some users, and also has a large reduction in brightness. Also, a max of 5 people may use the 3D at once.

    iZ3D Is fully passive, so there should be almost no discomfort, and since it has 2 inputs, has full resolution. There is very little brightness loss, and the viewing angle is very large. In addition, we operate on both nVidia, AND ATI video cards. Monitor comes with 2 glasses out of the box, and new glasses are available. There is also a very active user forums for support/improvements. During 2009 Open GL drivers were launched as well.

    The iZ3D monitor is capable of displaying, iZ3D Stereoscopic mode, Anaglyph Mode Dual, Interlaced, Shutter, Stereo Mirror, VR920 and 3D DLP Mode.

    PC Requirement
    PC-based - Windows XP / Windows Vista - Graphics Card with 2 video outputs - VGA+DVIDVI+DVIDVI + HDMI (with adapter).
    MonitorType:Multi-Layer LCDSize:22-inch widescreen Resolution:1680 x 1050Display Colors:16.7 millionBrightness:300 nits (cd/m2)Response Time:5msContrast Ratio:700:13D Viewing Angle: 170deg(H)/160deg(V)Input Videos: Analog RGB, DigitalConnectors: D-Sub, DVI-DPower: 100W (typ)Dimensions: 12”W x 16”H x 9.6”DWeight: 12 lb
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  • Be sure to read the accompanying notes at the end of the presentation as we have included a EXCLUSIVE bonus offer that you can not find any where else, completely free of charge when you purchase the iZ3D monitor at the low discount price.
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  • Be sure to use b72c7566 as your exclusive Discount Voucher to purchase the iz3D monitor for only $279 plus shipping and tax at http://www.izd3d.com
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I Z3 D Stereoscopic Promotion

  1. 1. Presentation with 20% bonus discount voucher code included. 22” 3D/2D Monitor 3 Pair 3D Glasses Stereoscopic and Anaglyph 3D Drivers
  2. 2. www.3Drulez.com
  3. 3. iZ3D was hanging out showing off their 3D monitor. 3D baby! I was handed a pair of polarized glasses. Wow, it was awesome.
  4. 4. 22” Widescreen 3D/2D LCD 3D Software Drivers 3 Pairs of Polarized 3D Glasses Power and Video Cables Free iZ3D Players Club Membership 1 Year Full Warranty / Tech Support
  5. 5. NOW EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE DIRECT AT ROCK BOTTOM PRICE. VISIT WWW.IZ3D.COM USE DISCOUNT COUPON CODE b72c7566 With Code you are eligible to purchase for only $279 +shipping / tax
  6. 6. 22” 3D/2D Monitor 3 Pair 3D Glasses Stereoscopic and Anaglyph 3D Drivers
  7. 7. I loaded up Call of Duty 4 and activated 3D and… It was like Dorothy falling into Oz and seeing color for the first time.
  8. 8. 22” Widescreen Dual Stacked LCDs Dual Video Inputs Full 1680 x 1050 Resolution 16.7M colors, 300nits, 5ms, 700:1 170o 3D Viewing Angle
  9. 9. Passive polarized glasses Less than 1 oz No headaches, fatigue, eyestrain No batteries, wifi, or 3D electronics on your head 8 Styles to choose from / easy for multi-players
  10. 10. Windows XP and Vista 32 and 64 DirectX 8, 9, and 10 applications Multiple 3D outputs supported including iZ3D Stereoscopic 3D, Anaglyph, Shutter, Interlaced, and DLP 3D Media Player also Available from iZ3D
  11. 11. 22” 3D/2D Monitor 3 Pair 3D Glasses Stereoscopic and Anaglyph 3D Drivers
  12. 12. I’ve never seen anything like it! It felt like I was in the game… it really comes out at you!
  13. 13. Full Resolution to each eye Full/Easy Control of 3D Effect Lower Solution Cost Long Play Time without Headaches Multiple Players with wide 3D view Comfortable lightweight glasses Regularly updated drivers
  14. 14. $2,699 2010: STOP PRESS The iZ3D monitor has broken the price barrrier. From $399, then $349 and now exclusive with this voucher discount code is ONLY $279 + TAX AND SHIPPING EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE b72c7566 Redeem at http://www.iz3d.com Available to purchasers world wide $999 $598 $399 $399 $469 $279 with coupon Initial Monitor + Glasses 3 Players 10 Players
  15. 15. EXTRA BONUS EXTRA BONUS EXTRA BONUS Send your proof of purchase to: iz3d@iceav.net for special bonus Free full featured race car simulation programme featuring the best of Ferrari cars. Offer only available from iZ3D New Zealand distribution. This is a limited download offer. Maybe with drawn at any time. Offer from ICE AV - World suppliers of cutting edge technology. www.3Drulez.com