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Hoist brochure singlepages_040912


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Hoist brochure singlepages_040912

  1. 1. ProservCrane GroupLifting to New HeightsProservCraneGroupCMAA®C thru E ClassTrue Built-Up Hoists
  2. 2. Exceptional Quality & Superior PerformanceProservCrane DeliversWhy ProservCrane?ProservCrane has spent significant time andresources researching and developing superior,highly-specialized hoists which offer incomparablequality and low cost of ownership. Custom-builtto your specifications, ProservCrane hoists areone of the most durable and reliable on themarket today.What makes ProservCranehoists so superior?It’s our approach to research and development.Our philosophy at ProservCrane is to be the best inareas where we feature significant knowledge andexpertise above the rest; and in return we expect thesame proven results from our component partners.The outcome is the creation of an elite hoist thatsurpasses industry standards and meets our client’scriteria and demands; this includes receiving thelatest in technology using non-proprietarycomponents that are widely available from anyindustrial component reseller.Of course, we want our clients to approach us withall their service needs, but we also recognize thatmany companies have their own maintenancedepartments. We at ProservCrane know what’simportant, it’s understanding our customer.For more information on ProservCrane’s productsand services visit or callToll Free @ 1.800.835.2223.ProservCraneGroup
  3. 3. ProservCrane Standard Hoist FeaturesComponent Standard Features Optional FeaturesHoist Reducer Hellical gearingMeets or exceeds AGMA Class 12Foot mountedHoist Motor Continuous duty class “F” insulationTotally enclosed non-ventilated (TENV)60 min class “H” insulationTrolley Frame All welded fabricated steelTraditional perpendicular mounted drumCentral lubeDecked for easy accessHeat shieldsCab on trolleyHandrailsParallel mounted drum for special applicationsHoist Brakes AC Disc, rated @ 125% braking torqueSelf adjusting minimizes maintenanceUnitized construction for easy replacementLocking manual relaseMultiple dips and brakesMill-duty shoe brakeDTWP dust-tight waterproofTrolley Wheels Double flanged, 400 BHNTrolley Bearings Double row spherical10,000 hrs L-10 bearing life20,000 hrs L-10 bearing lifeGrooving Min. .375 x rope diameter 1/2 depth groovingDrum Steel fabricated, double flanged 320 BHN hardenedSpooling barEnd Trucks Direct DrivenTube typeDual driveLimit Switches Geared upper & lower, weighted upper Slow down limitsPower circuit up limitOverload cut-off limitTrolley Motor 60 min class “F” insulationTotally enclosed non-ventilated (TENV)Upper Sheaving 20:1 Ratio 24:1 RatioBottom Block 5:1 Steel fabricatedAccessible from top of trolley8:1 ratio, required for hot metalMotorized rotating blockSister hookBottom Block Sheaves 20:1 Ratio 24:1 RatioControls Flux vector hoist, VFD trolley Line reactorsAir conditionedSwift lift/express speedEnclosure NEMA 4/12Conduit Flex/RigidEncoder Rugged bearing-less; 1024 pulse
  4. 4. Based in Houston, TX ProservCrane designs, builds,installs, and services customized overhead cranesystems that include: jib, floor, single and double girder;and gantry models. In addition to cranes, ProservCranemanufactures high-performance, built-up hoists whichare one of the most reliable on the market today.With an endless array of products and services,ProservCrane is fully equipped and experiencedto meet all your lifting needs.By nature, ProservCrane is a service orientedcompany supported by a family of knowledgeable andpassionate employees. Our management team has anaverage of over 30 years of professional experience inthe material handling industry, while our veteran staffand factory-trained technicians understand the needof our customers and have the ingenuity to deliversuperior products and services every time.ProservCrane GroupYour most reliable source for overhead crane systemsFounded in 1987, ProservCrane Group, an industryleader in overhead crane technology, has supplied manyof the world’s largest Fortune 100 companies as wellas smaller startup businesses with the highest qualityproducts and services in the material handling industry.What separates ProservCrane from the competitionis our reputation for superior products andexceptional customer service at affordable prices.ProservCrane Group offers an unique combination ofstrengths: design, fabrication, installation, field service,inspection, parts and delivery; all from one single sourceand performed by professional, experienced anddedicated people.For more information on our products and service or call 1.800.835.2223.©2012 Houston HQ.ProservCraneGroup
  5. 5. CMAA Class D Standard Features*7Geared Upper/Lower LimitUpper Weight Limit SwitchHoist MotorDrumUpper & Equalizer Sheave1024 Pulse EncoderReducer Helical Gearing13254614Optional Fully Decked for Easy AccessAll Welded Fabricated Steel FrameTrolley Reducer, Motor & BrakePolyurethane Bumpers400 BHN Trolley WheelsRotating Axle End TruckHoist Holding Disc Brake81091211133813127651014941121*Standard minimum features shown here.ProservCrane hoists conform to all aspects of CMAA standardsMade in the USAStandard Features Key:
  6. 6. ProservCraneGroup©2012 ProservCrane Group. All rights reserved.PSCG2012_001a. HstTrifold_SinglePgs.Corporate HQ | 455 Aldine Bender | Houston, TX 77060Toll Free 800.835.2223 | 281.405.9048 | www.proservcrane.comIrving 972.458.5100 | San Antonio 210.666.3377 | Salt Lake City 801.936.0288