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Ling tze sim with achievements linked in


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Please refer to my Words file for complete Resume with photo and achievements.

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Ling tze sim with achievements linked in

  1. 1. COVER LETTER Dear Sir/Madam, RE: APPLICATION FOR FINANCIAL/ACCOUNTING/ADMINISTRATIVE POST I refer to the above subject post and believe I am the right candidate that meets your hiring criteria. Reasons being: *Total w orking years of 17.5 in finance departments in manufacturing (13.5 years) and educational(4 years) sectors. *4 years in the World’s renow ned university i.e. Nanyang TechnologicalUniversity, Singapore, in Office of Finance overseeing a team of 3-5, responsible for claims approval, day-to-day SAP& Gebiz systemadministration, ad-hoc financialsystemmigration (liaised w ith consultants/userson various users' system access issues, involved in UAT, prepared for test scenarios etc), annualbudget, monthly due diligence variance analysis, f inancialprocess review & improvement, SOP review & documentation, month/year-end closing, w ithholding tax filing & payment, ad hoc assignments etc. *Total of 3.5 years in the public listed company’s subsidiary i.e. STB Technologies (frequent travelling to China or Malaysia) and the World’s renow ned consumer product F&N’s subsidiary i.e. Malaya-Vietnam Glass (based in Vietnam w ith some travelling), overseeing finance departments of the region and/or group, responsible for month/year-end closing, full set of financial statements & comprehensive management accounts/reports review, annual budget, cash flow, audit (external& internal), administration, recruitment, company tax, payments approval, statutory reporting (GST, EDB etc), internal control procedures implementation, consolidation, inter-company transactions, borrowings& financing, ad hoc assignments etc. *6 years in the USA MNC, the World’s renow ned discdrive manufactureri.e. Seagate Technologies (including 1 year exchange programin other State w ith some travelling) in various fields such as financialplanning & analysis - w eekly soft close, actualclose, monthly outlook, quarterly forecast/budget, 1-3 years long range plan, variance analysis & reporting; business partnering; financialreporting; operations review & presentation; product costing; month/year-end closing; stocktaking; operational & financialprocess improvement; reports automation; ad hoc assignments etc. *4 years in F&N’s subsidiary i.e. Malaya Glass, responsible for management reporting, product costing, profitability analyses, fullspectrumof payroll, petty cash, trouble shooting, ad hoc projects etc. *Total of 7.5 years at managerial level in NTU, STB Technologies and Malaya-Vietnam Glass. *Wide-range of experiences in financial/accounting/administrative functions. Please refer to my 9 pages resume including photo and Achievements for further details. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you need further information. I look forw ard to receiving your callor message for a face-to-face job interview. Warmest Regards Sim Ling Tze +65-91885175 (While in Singapore) +6012-7552565 (While in Malaysia)
  2. 2. RESUME Ling Tze, Sim Block 703, Choa Chu Kang Street 53, #02-54, Singapore 680703 11-A, Jalan Pertaw ai, Taman Johor, 81200, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia Singapore +65-91885175 | Malaysia +6012-7552565 | Singapore NRIC S6968122J | Malaysia NRIC 691104015916 Assistant Director | Nanyang Technological University | Singapore | 2008-2012 (4 years) Nature of Business: Publicly funded university on its w ay to corporatization with about 20,000+students and 4,000+ staffs (faculty +non- faculty). OFIN Structure: 4 main Divisions namely, Financial Services, FinancialPlanning, Financial Investment & Financial A ccounting. RESPONSIBILITIES (FINANCIAL SERVICES): 1. - Assisted Deputy Director in expense on manpow er (EOM) annual budgeting of S$300mil/p.a. (60% of revenue of S$500mil). - Monitored budget via monthly due diligence exercise (budget vs. actualYTD). Alerted schools/offices/centers whenever unusual variances (especially unfavourable) arouse. Educated them and helped them analyse variances. - Worked closely w ith Senior Asst Dir to provide for actualsalary numbers to various schools/offices/centers as their new budget year basis and liaised w ith them to obtain their budgeted headcount and dollars and evaluated the reasonableness of the budget numbers and analyzed variances vs. previous yearbudget. - Worked closely w ith FinancialPlanning Div to furnish them w ith consolidated EOM budget numbers and prepared to answ er their inquiries. ACHIEVEMENTS: - Devised and created detailed Excel template to compute/monitor budget $ by schools/offices/centers and performed variance analysis (current yr vs. previous yr). - Overall University spending w ithin control - Reduced unbudgeted EOM 2. Managed a team of 3 support staffs & 2 temporary staffs. ACHIEVEMENTS: Low turnover of staff. 3. Ensured that staffs/students/non-resident professionals were reimbursed and paid promptly and accurately w ith respect to their overseas travelclaims as per the current service standard. Reviewed and documented SOP. ACHIEVEMENTS: - Improved the processing cycle time from21 w orking days to 7 w orking days. - Updated out-dated SOP. - Reduced processing errors by close monitoring. 4. Ensured that computation for honararium w as accurate and payment to non-resident professionals (NRPs) w as prompt, and that w ithholding tax ow ing to government agent (Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore) was filed promptly and paid accurately in accordance with the stipulated law . Review ed and documented SOP. ACHIEVEMENTS: - Reduced delayed payments to NRPs. - Updated out-dated SOP. 5. Ensured smooth month-end and year-end closing. ACHIEVEMENTS: Shortened account closing time and Team w as able to meet closing deadline set by Financial Accounting Section. 6. Worked as a SAP systemadministrator, liaised closely w ith another SAPsystemadministrator responsible for SAPuser administration, handled SAP authorization management, including day-to-day systemmanagement and ad-hoc systemupgrading, involved in User Acceptance Testing. Review ed and documented SOP. ACHIEVEMENTS: - Improved processing cycle time in regards to users' requests from7 w orking days to 5 w orking days. - Updated out-dated SOP. - Participated in SAP financial systemmigration in entire year of 2011 in terms of systemadministration and accomplished in December. 7. Handled GeBiz (Government's centralized supplier software on-line system) administration. Review ed and documented SOP. ACHIEVEMENTS: - Improved the processing cycle time from 5 w orking days to 3 w orking days. - Updated out-dated SOP. 8. ACCOMPLISHED all tasks as assigned fromtime to time. REASONS FOR LEAVING:
  3. 3. 2012: Visited ill sister in Australia and stayed w ith her. 2013: Got married. 2014-15: Helped husband establish real estate business. Related w orkexperience included advertising & marketing, developing new c lienteles, maintaining existing clienteles, identifying clients’ needs, conducting analyses, recommending investment products , providing solutions etc. to achieve sales & rentals of houses/ shops/ apartments/ factories/ hotels or land. ACHIEVEMENTS: 2015 income increased by 100% over 2014. 2016 first 6 months top performer. (Group) Finance Manager | STBTechnologies - Singapore, China (Wuxi), Malaysia(Kuala Lumpur)| Singapore | 2005-2008 (3 years) NATURE OF BUSINESS: An investment holding company w holly owned by a Malaysian public listed company SittTatt Group (HQ), it w as also the Spore Head Office (HO) that w holly ow ned: 1. PMI Plating - electroplating of chips for semiconductor sector, 2. Pyramid - blending and trading of plating chemical for semiconductor sector, 3. CEM (a)design &/or manufacturing of plating machines, (b)modification of machines, (c)direct sales of spare parts, for semiconductorsector, 4. WuxiCEM - w holly owned by CEM, its business is similar to that of Pyramid and CEM. RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Overseeing 5 Finance teams comprising 1 key Accounts staff & 1 Assistant in each entity. ACHIEVEMENTS: Restructured Group Finance Department and groomed key personnelin each subsidiary. 2. Restructured/set up Finance dept. & decentralized Finance functions to each subsidiary. ACHIVEMENTS: (a) Created accountability among GMs for their subsidiary’s internaloperation and the resulting financial& accounting issues. (b) Freed up HOs limited resources to focuson Corporate matters. (c) Zero delayed/ incomplete/ missing documents for month-end closing. (d) Improved month-end closing (including variance analysis - act vs. bud &/or prev mth) cycle time from15 days to 7 days in both system& spread-sheet. Reviewed, finalized & signed off 40 pages comprehensive Management Reports (P&L-summary & details, BS-summary & details, Cash Flow Stm, GP Matrix by Product, Inter-company transactions/ balances Listing & Reconciliation, Debtors & Creditors Aging, Stock Aging, Accrual& Prepayment Listings, FA & Depreciation Schedule, etc) and submitted to HQ by 7th. Prepared Singapore Group Consolidated P&L, BS by eliminating the inter-company transactions and submitted to HQ by 15th. 3. Set up Finance & Purchasing departments in the new plant (WuxiCEM). (a) Audited accounts to ensure compliance w ith statutory regulations and generally accepted accounting principles. Established documents flow among Finance, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Sales, HR, Administration to ensure smooth month-end closing. Implemented various internal controlprocedures to ensure no misuse of investment fund. Groomed inexperienced Finance staff to take over 40 pages English Monthly Management Reporting package. Worked closely w ith Wuxiteamon the fund transfer to expedite the materialization of Wuxichemical plant. (b) Assisted in formulating internal controlpolicy governing the purchasing activities. Established proper approvalloop. ACHIEVEMENTS: Turned the WuxiCEM Finance & Purchasing departments to be robust after a year of frequent travelling, numerous meetings, close monitoring, coaching, 4. Assisted in facilitating the Due Diligence Exercise that led to ultimate transfer of management duties fromthe vendors (f ounders& directors of PMI Plating, Pyramid & CEM) to the buyer (SittTatt) resulting from the earlier acquisition. ACHIEVEMENTS: Established accountability among the GMs. 5. Assisted FD/FC/CEO in formulating & implementing various internal controlprocedures. (a) Receivables credit controlprocedures. Initiated and chaired the bi-monthly Debtors Credit Control Meeting inviting respective GMs, Finance personneland Sales personnelto attend. Constantly educated all GMs to be cautious in granting credit & be speedy in collection. Worked closely w ith GMs to negotiate w ith debtors on shorter credit period and to practise timely collection. Review ed/ finalized/ submitted the bi-monthly Credit Control Management Report to the EXCO. ACHIEVEMENTS: -Progressively shortened collection termfrom90 to 60 days. -CEM (poorest cash flow)improved collectability and this could be reflected in the reduced level of OD from$800k to $500k. -Pyramid recovered bad debts of U$100k by w ay of monthly instalment fromdebtor in Thailand after a 2 years’default in payment. (b) Payables credit controlprocedures. Constantly educated allGMs that being fast in paying creditors and slow in collecting fromdebtors had detriment company cash flow. Worked closely with GMs to negotiate w ith creditorson longer credit period. ACHIEVEMENTS: Progressively extended payment term from30 to 60 days. (c) Capital expenditure controlprocedures. Enforced FAPR in HQ required format. Designed & created supporting schedules comprising details like 3 quotations, Act vs. Bud, justification for unbudgeted items, justification for selected quotation, various approvallevels by GM, CEO & EXCO, various verification levels by requesting company’s Finance & FM, etc. ACHIEVEMENTS:
  4. 4. - Established aw arenesson need-based spending among GMs. - Reduced unbudgeted capitalexpenditure. (d) Insurance expenditure controlprocedures. Consolidated existing Spore Group insurance policies under the appointed Group Insurance Agent. Review ed each entity’s existing insurance coverage with Agent, respective GMs & Finance personnelon all insurance types such as traveling, medical & hospitalization, property, fire, public liability, stock, plant & machinery etc. ACHIVEMENTS: Cancelled unnecessary insurance policies, revised policies for under- & over- insured items. (e) Travelling expenditure controlprocedures. Implemented Employee Expense Claim Form in HQ required format for Spore Group. Enforced attachment of pre-approved TravelAuthorization Formand original receipts. Designed & created Monthly Employee Expense Summary Report upon HQ instruction for submission to shareholders for their notation. ACHIEVEMENTS: Made employees more cautious in travelling & personalspending. (f) Payment controlprocedures. Created & enforced Payment Summary Listing for Singapore Group to use w hen submitting cheques for signatures. Scrutinized each spending line & supporting documents before signing cheques. Designed & created Monthly Payment Summary Listing upon HQ instruction for submission to shareholders for their notation. ACHIEVEMENTS: Made GMs more cautious in making payment to creditors/suppliers. 6. Designed & created Budget Financial Model (includes tabs like GL, P&L_summ & details, BS_summ & details, Cash Flow Stm, Gross Margin Matrix by Product, Sales Analysis, Capex, Budget Assumptions etc) and trained each entity’s Finance staff to utilize it to help GM to manage the input & resulting output, for annul budget or 3yrs/ 5yrs/ 10yrsBusiness Plan. Presented individual & group Business Plan to BOD &/or EXCO in HQ for review & approval. Closely monitored budget against actualat month-end closing and ensured adequate explanation for significant variances. ACHIEVEMENTS: Created vigilance among GMs on the survivalof the entity. 7. Revamped &/or designed & created the various schedules that formed part of the 40 pages comprehensive monthly Management Report. Revamped P&L-summary & details and BS-summary & details by inserting previous year, budget, variance & explanation columns as w ellas Inter-company Listing & Reconciliation (to show net balance), Debtors Aging (to show variance & collection days), Accrual& Prepayment Listings, FA & Depreciation Schedule (to include YTD), etc. Designed & created Cash Flow Stm, Stock Aging, Creditors Aging, etc. ACHIVEMEMNTS: Gave more meaning to the report. Saw clearer picture on performance of operation. Made more sound decisions. 8. Presented monthly/quarterly/YTD financialperformance of each entity &/or Spore Group at quarterly BOD Meeting and monthly EXCO (consists of CEO, Singapore Director, HQ FC &/or HQ Finance Director) Meeting. Alerted BOD &/or responsible GMs on the performance of sales, GP, NP, expenses, debtors collection, stockturnover etc. ACHIEVEMENTS: Gave appropriate attention to poor performing entity and made decisions in terms of increasing revenue/profit, reducing cost/expenses, improving cash flow , improving stockturnover etc. 9. Ensured timely submission of Weekly Act Cash Flow Report, Monthly/ Quarterly Cash Flow Projection from each entity to HQ. Facilitated inter-co borrowings & transfer of fund, when necessary: (a) fromSingapore to Malaysia for HQ to pay off its operating expenses, (b) within Singapore for subsidiary in need of fund, (c) fromSingapore to China for Wuxiplant expansion. ACHIEVEMENTS: Timely fund transfer avoided operation cut-off. 10. Ensured compliance w ith Statutory Reports such as EDB Survey Form, Manufacturing Survey Form, GST report etc. ACHIEVEMENTS: Duly made GST payment and received GST refund. Enforced cost-effective& time-saving on-line submission. 11. Co-ordinated w ith Tax Agent &/or Tax Authorities on the annual tax filing for Spore Group. Led Fin team to clear tax issues and review ed individual company Tax Returns for accuracybefore filing. Assisted FD/FC in appointing new Tax Agent for Spore Group. ACHIEVEMENTS: - Worked w ith Tax Agents on Group Tax Relief and saved the company S$0.5mil in YA2007. - Negotiated low er tax fee. 12. Handled external& internal audit for Singapore Group. (a)Co-ordinated w ith Auditors on year-end audit. Led Fin team to clear audit issues, monitored the progress of audit and review ed each entity’s draft Audited Reports for accuracybefore being signed by Directors. Assisted FD/FC in appointing new Auditors. Liaised w ith Chinese Auditors to resolve various audit issues raised by the Group Auditors in HQ.
  5. 5. (b)Co-ordinated w ith InternalAuditors fromHQ on annual internal audit. Follow ed up on internal audit issues. ACHIEVEMENTS: - Negotiated low er audit fee. - Implemented previous year’s recommendations in current year. - Resolved current year’s audit issues. 13. Assisted FD/FC in liaising w ith various Bankers for new Banking Facilities for Spore Group such as Overdraft, Trust Receipt, Letter of Credit, Forex line etc and provided the Banks w ith requested financials. Also assisted in subsequent restructuring of the granted facilities. ACHIEVEMENTS: UOB granted each company (w ith Corporate Guarantee and Mortgage on respective company’s properties as securities)about S$2mil - S$0.8mil OD and S$1.2mil TR/LC/Forex line etc. Subsequently, converted granted facilities of one subsidiary into S$3mil 1 year Short Term Loan. 14. Last but not least, carried out other assignments or duties or ad-hoc projects fromtime to time w hen necessary&/or w hen required by the superiors &/or HQ &/or operation. ACHIEVEMENTS: - Assumed additional responsibility for day-to-dayadministration at HO follow ing internalCompany Secretary’s resignation, w ith assistance of 1 Acct staff. - Assumed additional responsibility for Company Secretarialmatters for Spore Group follow ing resignation of internalCo Sec. Liaised w ith HQ internal Co Sec and Spore externalCo Sec on various secretarialmatters such as BOD meeting, agenda, resolution, minutes etc . - Liaised w ith company solicitor on legal matters for the Spore Group such as translation of Chinese tenders/ contracts/ quotations forWuxi investment, co-ordination of signatures on banking facilities legal documents, issuing demand letter to debtors w ho defaulted payment etc. - Assumed additional responsibility for HR matters at HO follow ing resignation of internalCo Sec. such as on-line submission of CPF, application for w orkpermit & employment pass etc. REASONS FOR LEAVING: Retrenchment due to closing dow n & dow nsizing of the Singapore group of companies. Finance Accountant | Seagate Technology | Johor, Malaysia | 2004-2005 (1 year) NATURE OF BUSINESS: Manufacturing of hard disc drives (PCBAs). RESPONSIBILITIES: 1)Financial Planning & Analysis cumCosting (ActualClosing) (A) 1st Week of the month, handled actualmonth-end closing: (i)Liaised w ith AP, Inter-co., FA, Treasury, GL, Payroll etc to churn out Labour & Overhead Schedules (SenaiEAO = Prime + DPR), Product Cost Schedules (Senai EAO = PSG + ESG + NSG), Income Statement. Analysed Actualvs. Budget vs. Outlookvariances in terms of cost per board for each line item. Review ed w ith Plant / Manufacturing / Engineering Directors beforehand. Reported in Management Letters to VP, Directors & Drive consolidation team. (ii)Booked journals in Oracle systemby product (PSG/ESG/NSG) like sub-con cost & transferprice, volume, regular OT, public holiday OT, std. Hrs, std. materials, charge out cost, charge out Hrs, regional cost, rentalfor leased production lines. Booked headcount, floor space journals by cost centers. (iii)Costing: -Performed cost allocation. Identified specific & common cost pools for Prime (PCBA) & DPR (Drive Plant Rew ork). Specific costswent direct to respective product groups (PSG/ESG/NSG). Common costs w ere allocated by production lines or volume. Total cost w as consolidated into Senai EAO cost by product. Churned out Product Cost Schedules (Senai EAO = PSG + ESG + NSG) in Excel format. -Ran mass allocation journals in Oracle systemto generate systemProduct Cost report by product. -Tied system-generated report to Excelreport for verification purposes. (iv)Presented monthly operations performance to Directors, Departmental Managers & Departmental Representatives at monthly Internal Operations Review . ACHIEVEMENTS: Completed actualaccount closing in 1 day. Churned out various reports with variance analysis and presented to the Operations on 3rd day. (B) 2nd , 3rd , 4th Week of the month, handled actual w eekly soft close: Liaised w ith Engineering, Production, Facilities etc to churn out actualw eekly Labour & Overhead schedules (Senai). Analysed Act vs. Budget vs. Outlook variances in terms of cost per board for each line item. Alerted respective Directors & Managers beforehand. Churned out actual w eekly Labour & Overhead schedules (Consolidated EAO = Senai + AMK), actual w eekly SenaiProduct Cost (Senai EAO = PSG + ESG + NSG). Performed variance analysis. Presented to the Plant / Manufacturing / Engineering Directors at the w eekly meeting. ACHIEVEMENTS: Assisted the Operations in better monitoring/controlling cost to achieve monthly targeted cost per board via pre-closing reports with variance analysis on w eekly basis. (C) In-charge-of FunctionalExcellence on Tooling / Expense Equipment / Repair & Maintenance, Packaging, Production Supplies / Office Supplies, & Freight. Churned out monthly outlook, quarterly budget, quarterly long range plan and review ed with respective Directors. Performed variance analysis vs. target and reported to FE Fin Rep. Tracked actual w eekly spending on Tooling / Expense Equipment / Repair & Maintenance and reported variances to FE Fin Rep. Attended w ith site’s Engineering Director & Manager w eekly FE conference callw ith
  6. 6. Asia Snr Ops VP, FE Champion and respective sites Reps for weekly Asia spending update and potential actions-taking. ACHIEVEMENTS: Assisted the Operations in better monitoring spending and faster taking preventive actions before spending went out of controlvia major spending line items actual reports w ith variance analysis on weekly basis. 2) SUCCESSFULLY SET PCBA quarterly standard sub-con cost based on latest budget to determine transfer price to be applied for the coming quarter. When new quarter came and in every month, raised inter-co debit note and billed Singapore at pre-determined transfer price. 3) SUCCESSFULLY FULFILLED SOX requirements. 4) SUCCESSFULLY ACTED as an active Finance Rep to the Operation Black Belts to verify savings arising fromtheir improvement projects. 5) SUCCESSFULLY PLAYED an active role as a Finance Rep to the CI (Continuous Improvement) team to verify spending and monitored budget utilization for Operation improvement projects. REASON FOR LEAVING: Finance outsourced to Thailand. (Seachange)Finance Accountant | Seagate Technology | Penang,Malaysia | 2003-2004 (1 year) NATURE OF BUSINESS: Manufacturing of hard disc drives (sliders). RESPONSIBILITIES (under w orld-wide exchange programme):- (1) Acted as active business partner to the Operation. Provided timely update/reporting of yield projection and scrap roll-up for effective cost control. Closely monitored operations performance. ACHIEVEMENTS: Churned out various usefulreports to assist Operation in decision making, such as w eekly scrap roll-up / yield projection for scrap call, monthly scrap roll-up / yield projection for Operations Review , monthly scrap roll-up / yield projection for management letter, monthly scrap roll-up / yield projection for outlook, monthly scrap roll-up / yield reporting for actual, w hat-if analysis, monthly 12 months rolling forecast etc. (2) Worked closely w ith the Operation and Financial & Planning Analysis teamto provide accurate and timely quarterly update of scrap and product cost roll-up during quarterly Budget/Forecast exercise. ACHIEVEMENTS: Churned out reports to assist Operation in decision making, such as quarterly 3 years long range plan, monthly Blue Green Red report, half- yearly budget analysis, monthly actualanalysis etc (3) Proactively supported various w hat if analysisrequired for businessdecision making purposes. ACHIEVEMENTS: Churned out various analyses, such as yield sensitivity analysis, what if scenarios based on different Master schedules, productacceleration project, product acceleration costing, incrementalcost analysis, trade-off model, Alpine void scrap analysis, Alpine low cost analysis, other ad hoc analysis etc. (4) ACTIVELY INVOLVED in the completion of bi-annually standard cost setting to determine appropriate absorption rate to be applied for the future periods. (5) ACTIVELY PLAYED the role as a Finance Representative to the Operation Black Belts to verify savings fortheir improvement projects. (6) ACTIVELY PLAYED the role as a Finance Green Belt in implementing process improvement projects to enhance the overallefficiency and effectivenessof the Finance Department. (7) ACTIVELY SUPPORTED internal & externalaudit by providing required audit schedule & analysis on scrap. REASON FOR LEAVING: Training completed. Relocated backto Johor Bahru. Finance Accountant | Seagate Technology - Malaysia (Johor Bahru), Singapore | Johor, Malaysia | 1999-2003 (4 years) NATURE OF BUSINESS: Manufacturing of hard disc drives (PCBAs) RESPONSIBILITIES: 1)Financial Planning & Analysis (Mar Forecast, Jun Budget, Sept Forecast, Dec Budget) (a)Received Volume by Products fromSpore Drive plant, published to Senai EAO Ops. (b)Liaised closely w ith 20+Dept Mgrs/Ops Dirs on their (i) headcount planning (DL- regular/contract, Exempt/Non-exempt, IDL- reg/cont) including resignation, promotion, transfer, re-designation, retrenchment, new hire etc, and (ii) overtime planning. Prepared HC budget in spread sheet & booked in Oracle Budget system. Computed OT hours. (c)Liaised closely w ith 20+Dept Mgrs/Ops Dirs on their spending budget & assumptions: (i)Variable overhead- DL cost, fringes & benefits,
  7. 7. production supplies, office supplies/software, expensed equipment/PC, tooling supplies, packaging etc, (ii)Fixed o/h- IDL cost, travel& entertainment, training, repair & maintenance, depreciation & amortization, facilities etc, (iii)Material o/d- freight in/ postage etc. Review ed & analysed their assumptions & numbers for reasonableness/ accuracy/ oversight etc untilthe final LOH/CPU budget determined. (d)Computed standard sub-contract cost (EAOSenairevenue) by product (desktop & high-end) = 5% mark-up on finalLOH (labour & overhead) then allocated by category of product (eg Alpine, Tonka, Cheetah, Cuda etc) to determine transfer price to be applied in the follow ing actualquarter. ACHIEVEMENTS: Consistently performed 2 budgets and 2 forecasts annually and met tight deadlines. (e)CONSISTENTLY ACCOMPLISHED transfer pricing: During actual quarter, determined transfer price & committed hours for unbudgeted new parts by similar product categories and sent to ITA for qtrly export reporting purpose & to Finance for internal costing purpose. In every month, computed & booked in Oracle the sub-contractor cost by desktop & high-end products based on pre-determined (budgeted) transfer price x actualvolume. Raised inter-company DN & billed Spore Drive Plant on 1st day of each month. Revised 1st qtr sub-con cost (revenue)on 1st day of 2nd qtr based on 1st qtr actualLOH x 5% mark-up allocated by various products actualvolume and billed Spore Drive Plant the differences(ie. qtrly transferprice adjustment- DN for under- billing or CN for over-billing). 2)ACHIEVED financialreporting (Month-end Closing) w ithin various tight deadlines: (a)Computed & booked in Oracle Statistic journals on volume/ committed hours/ standard hours/ standard materials/ DPR committed hours/ regional cost/ OT hours. (b)Prepared internal Form J package in spread sheet on cost per board / cost by product / sub-contractor cost / allocation basis, prepared Corporate variance analysis package in spread sheet on General & Administration group, Materials group and Quality Assurance group, ran Corporate Cost Of Sales (COS) report by product in Oracle system, prepared internalESG/PSG costing schedules. 3)ACHIEVED targeted indirect inventory controlon: (a)HDA (Head Disc Assembly)-conducted quarterlyphysicalinventorycount, biannualstandard cost revaluation, maintained accounting through Oracle system, liaised w ith Operations to controlspending. (b)Operations Supplies & Packaging Materials - conducted biannually standard cost revaluation, maintained accounting through Oracle system, analysed receiving v. consumption. (c)Spares - conducted standardcost revaluation, maintained accounting through Oracle system. 4)Improved & streamlined current accounting processes through simplification/ automation on: (a)Transactionalprocessing on Purchases v. Consumptions Reports for Operating Supplies, Chemicals, Packaging Materials (b)Cycle Count Adjustment Report By Commodities & part number. ACHIEVEMENTS: *Better analysis & controlof spending as required by the Operational Dirs. *Reduced NVA (non-value added activities) in biannual Standard Cost Revaluation exercise. *Documented business processmapping & simplified process flow forConsigned spares. Worked together w ith Ops/Eng to develop a new process flow. 5) Devised a Financial model on Indirect Inventory spending to support Mfg Op to meet PSG/ESG cost target: (a)Split Packaging Materials spending by actual usage of cartons per board based on BOM (Bills of Materials) for Act, Out & Bud. (b)Split Operations supplies & Chemicals spending by actual usage of solder paste per board for Act, Out & Bud. ACHIEVEMENTS: Assisted Ops Directors in achieving their goal for ESG as in low LOH in Yr2003. 6) Devised a Financial model to support DPR (Drive Plant Rew ork) Operation in meeting quarterly cost targets, a model (mthly actual, mthly outlook/target, qtrly budget/forecast) to project DPR cost based on volume & committed spending. Published w eekly soft close spending report to help DPR Mgr. & his second levelmonitor spending effectively. ACHIEVEMENTS: Reduced CPU consistently fromRM$1.40, $1.28, $1.13 to $1.05 in Yr2003. At year-end, eliminated manual e-mailing of w eekly softclose report by educating DPR Op to retrieve requested data fromAlphablox. 7) CLOSELY MONITORED direct inventory (IC, resonator, resistor, fuse, diode, rectifier etc) components via regular cycle counts : (a)WIP - conducted w eekly cycle count audit, maintained cycle count systemin Oracle, monitored cycle count adjustments fromtime to time, liaised w ith Externaland Internal Auditors for externaland internalaudit. (b)Store - conducted w eekly cycle count audit, maintained cycle count systemin Oracle, monitored cycle count variance and recount fromtime to time, liaised w ith Externaland Internal Auditors for externaland internalaudit. 8)SUCCESSFULLY PERFORMED statutory audit and reporting: (a)ECM 5 audit (Quarterly Export Report Audit) - Liaised w ith ExternalAuditors for quarterly KPWX forms audit, before audit commenced review ed allstatutory documents like Form 5A, Form 5B, Export Reports prepared by ITA for submission to Bank Negara (CentralBank of Malaysia).
  8. 8. (b)Manufacturing survey - Prepared monthly manufacturing survey forms for submission to Statistics Department. 9) Participated in Company Initiatives. Purpose to bring about cost savings or process improvement e.g. Six Sigma, ESS, Total Customer Satisfaction (TCS), Supply Chain Management, Core Teams etc. (a)Six Sigma: (i)Completed 1 Greenbelt project: Reduced errors in KPWX export forms by automating the computing process. Worked w ith IT dept to design & create a template for ITA (International Trade Admin) dept to use in computing the value of various exported PCBA parts to be declared in KPWX forms. ACHIVEMENETS: Brought number of errors detected in Form 5A dow n to 9/mth from 15/mth by 40%. (ii)Completed 1 automation project: Reduced manual hours & increased cost-efficiencyin preparation for ECM Statutory Quarterly Report by automating the said report. Worked w ith IT dept to design & create a standard format containing exported PCBA part numbers pulled from Oracle database as w ellas corresponding part values pulled from crystalreport. ACHIVEMENETS: Reduced manpow er hours froma w orking weekwith daily overtime to a couple of days w ithout overtime. (b)ESS (Employee Suggestion Scheme). Acted as treasurer in ESS team and ESS co-ordinator for Finance dept. Maintained ESS accounting records and promoted ESS concept to Finance staff & encouraged suggestionscontributions. ACHIVEMENETS: Brought cost savings to the company. 10) Acted as an active Finance Representative to Blackbelts to validate savings (hard & soft) of their various projects. ACHIEVEMENTS: *Reduced operators’un-utilized time for Senai speed line (soft savings) *Reduced freestockscraps (hard savings) *Reduced Seapath inline functionaltest scraps (hard savings) *Reduced DEK288 solder paste w aste (hard savings) 11) ACTIVELY PARTICIPATED in AD&D (annual dinner & dance) as a treasurer & usher/ master of ceremony for 3 years consecutively. 12) Self-development. Be a high-performing Finance Accountant. Participated in job rotation & assumed heavier responsibility for Cost Accounting (Seachange in Penang). Participated in various Seagate programmes such as Customer Satisfaction, Business Partnering, Continuous Improvement, Employee Suggestion Scheme etc. Attended motivational course, training, Finance w eekly meeting, Finance goal alignment meeting, Finance quarterly departmental meeting, etc. ACHIEVEMENTS: Accomplished all assigned tasks. REASON FOR LEAVING: Being selected to participate in the w orld wide finance exchange programme (Seachange) and relocated in Penang for 1 year. Accountant | Malaya Glass | Johor, Malaysia | 1998-1999 (1 year) NATURE OF BUSINESS: A subsidiary company of F&N. Its principal activity is the manufacturing of glass bottles for consumers’products. RESPONSIBILITIES & ACHIEVEMENTS: 1) Prepared for daily Cash Flow Report & submitted to the Chief Accountant. 2) Product costing for 3 types of glass bottles: flint, amber, green, in various w eight eg. 200ml, 250ml etc. Upon request fromMarketing & Sales and after receiving data on color & w eight of bottle, furnace capacity, machine type, production efficiency, machine speed, pulling tonnage, etc fromthe Production, computed production cost (Raw Mat, Moulds, Energy, DL, Mfg Overhead), exworkscost (Selling & Admin, Finance, Labelling/Printing) and total cost delivered (Packing Mat, Transport Outw ard/Inward) in terms of 1000pcs & tonnage. Furnished the completed product costing to Mktg & Sales to determine selling price. 3) Customers and products profitability analysis. Churned out P&L (month & YTD) by major Customers and Product Segments after month- end closing for submission to the Senior Management for decision-making purpose. 4) Took up additional duties in helping the Payroll Officer handle payrollof 300 non-management employees w hile she w ent on maternity leave. This included handling personaltax matters, preparing EPF forms, SOCSO forms, EA forms, CP22A forms, CP135 forms, PCB statements, salary increment revision list, retirement benefits report and so on. 5) Credit and collection. Assisted in sending letter to customers and chased for payment. 6) Accounts and analysis. Tookup additional duties & be hands-on in helping peer colleague the GL Accountant in preparing accounts (data- entry, controlchecking, report printing etc) in AccPac accounting system, preparing analysis, etc. 7) Took custody of RM10, 000.00 petty cash and maintenance of Petty Cash Book. Closed Book every day and tied record to physicalcash.
  9. 9. Confidential Secretary verified record and cash everyweek. 8) Assumed additional duties in handling Fixed Assets (daily updating, month-end closing, report printing, etc) after the FA Officer had resigned. 9) Attended to internal audit requests. REASON FOR LEAVING: Pursued career advancement and different exposure. (Acting) Finance Manager | Malaya-Vietnam Glass - Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City),Malaysia (Johor Bahru)| Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam | 1997-1998 (1 year) NATURE OF BUSINESS: The joint venture company of Malaya Glass Products. Its principal business activity is the manufacturing of glass bottles for consumer products. RESPONSIBILITIES & ACHIEVEMENTS: 1) Managed an accounting team consisting of 8 staff, namely, Chief Accountant, 3 Accounts Officers, MIS officer, 2 AccountsSupervisors, Cashier and my personalSecretary. 2) Prepare for the follow ing reports/analysis/statements: *F&N monthly reporting package (MR-Pack) for groups consolidation purpose, *F&N comprehensive financialaccounts package (FAP) for groups consolidation purpose, *F&N budget package, *F&N monthly cash flow statements for consolidation, *Various quarterly reports to F&N Corporate Finance Office such as operation reports and materiality analysis on contingent liability, *Daily cash flow management, *Monthly company management accounts/schedules/analysis, *Monthly financial reports to GM & D of Malaya Glass Products, *Monthly customers and products profitability analysis, *Monthly corporate cash flow statements, *Collection analysis & collection budget, *Coordinating on inter-company transactions. 3) Chaired w eekly credit controlmeeting in liaison w ith GeneralDirector, Deputy General Director, Commercial Manager, Sales Manager, and Chief Accountant for the result of the w eekly sales collection. 4) Oversaw periodicalverification workof Fixed Assets for obsolete items and proposed to the Board of Directors for w rite-off. 5) Review ed Fixed Assets Register and depreciation schedule periodically. 6) Managed currency fluctuations and hedging. 7) Liaised w ith *3 bankers in relation to financing matters and day-to-day banking operations under the legitimacy of Vietnamese banking system. *A team of local tax specialists to strategies tax policy and deal w ith the GeneralTax Department of HCMC w ith respectto corporate tax issues under the legitimacy of LocalTax Authority. *External Auditors in relation to Annual Statutory Accountsunder the legitimacy of International Accounting Standards (IAS) and/or Vietnamese Accounting Standards (VAS). *Group Internal Auditors in respect of internalaudit w ork in accordance with F&N policy. REASON FOR LEAVING: Relocated to Malaysian head office upon expiry of contract. Accounts Executive | Malaya Glass | Johor,Malaysia | 1994-1997 (3 years) NATURE OF BUSINESS: Wholly ow ned subsidiary company of Fraser & Neave (F&N) Holding Ltd. Its principal business activity is the manufacturing of glass bottles for consumer products. RESPONSIBILITIES & ACHIEVEMENTS: 1) F&N monthly reporting package (MR-Pack) for group consolidation purpose. Obtained Management Report from Confidential Secretary and input information into MR-Pack and submitted to Holding company in Malaysia KL on monthly basis. 2) Product costing for 3 types of glass bottles: flint, amber, green, in various w eight eg. 200ml, 250ml etc. Upon request fromMarketing & Sales and after receiving data on colour & w eight of bottle, furnace capacity,machine type, production efficiency, machine s peed, pulling tonnage, etc fromthe Production, computed production cost (Raw Mat, Moulds, Energy, DL, Mfg Overhead), ex-works cost (Selling & Admin, Finance, Labelling/Printing) and total cost delivered (Packing Mat, Transport Outw ard/Inward) in terms of 1000pcs & tonnage. Furnished the completed product costing to Mktg & Sales to determine selling price.
  10. 10. 3) Customers and products profitability analysis. Worked w ith ITto generate a standard model based on w hich Ichurned out P&L by major Customers (month & YTD) and by Product Segments (month & YTD) after each month-end closing for submission to the Senior Management for decision-making purpose. 4) Confidential payrollof 200 management employees, including handling personaltax matters, preparing EPF forms, SOCSO forms, EA forms, CP22A forms, CP135 forms, PCB statements, salary increment revision list, retirement benefits report and so on. At first used IBM in- house payrollsystem, later converted to EazyPay in DOS version. Worked w ith Snr Accountant, ITdept& systemvendor and involved in the entire systemconversion process: attending training, setting up employees database in new system, performing numerous tests, parallel run of existing & new systems, etc. 5) Custody of RM13, 000.00 (SGD inclusive) petty cash and maintenance of Petty Cash Book. Closed Book every day and tied record to physicalcash. ConfidentialSecretary verified record and cash everyweek. 6) Took up more duties & be hands-on in helping peer colleague the GL Accounts Executive in preparing accounts (data-entry, control checking, report printing etc) in IBM in-house accounting systemand performing bank reconciliation, etc. 7) Ad hoc projects, e.g. translation of a proposalfromChinese to English for the submission to the Board of Directors for their consideration to establish a joint venture w ith the government-subsidized glass factoryin Kai Yuan City, China. 8) Represented the company to actively participate in Inter-company Games Match, netball, aerobics, athletic (w oman 100m) and tele-match. REASON FOR LEAVING: Being seconded to Vietnam joint venture on a 14 months contract to replace the leaving FM, w hile aw aiting the new FMto come on board after completing his training in Malaysian Head Office Auditor | Yeoh Eng Chong & Co. | Johor, Malaysia | 1993-1994 (1 year) NATURE OF BUSINESS: A firmproviding auditing, accounting and secretarialservices. RESPONSIBILITIES & ACHIEVEMENTS: 1) Audited and prepared accounts for various companies fromsmallto medium size. REASON FOR LEAVING: Demonstrated interest in other line. Microsoft Excel, Words, Power Point | Essbase | Crystal Report| EasyPay |SAP | UBS | Kingdee | Oracle | AccPac English | Chinese| Malaysian languages CPA (CPAA-CertifiedPractising Accountants Australia)1999 | CA (MIA-MalaysianInstitute of Accountants) 2001 Deakin University, Melbourne | CPA Progromme | Malaysia | 1993-1997 Curtin University of Technology | Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting (Law as minor) | Perth, WesternAustralia, Australia | 1989-1992 Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology | Victorian Certificate of Education (Pre-U) | Singapore | 1988 Foon Yew High School | Unified ExaminationCertificate (“A”Level) | Johor,Malaysia | 1985-1987 Foon Yew High School | SPM (“O” Level) | Johor,Malaysia | 1982-1984 Able to commence work withina month. Expected remuneration =Experience +Qualification+Employer's remuneration policy =Reasonable