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The p rodigy_cadburydairymilk


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The p rodigy_cadburydairymilk

  1. 1. “Cadbury’s Dairy Milk” The PRodigy – Blitzkrieg Aakansha Dave Aditi Khare Karan Anand Surbhi Sharma MBA PR 2012-14
  2. 2. • Acquaint the brand to the existing and potential customers to tap the possible growth in the current rural market scenario • Leading to traction with the customers which would result in enhancing the customer base • Consolidating the position of Market Leader in India by pushing the envelope in the rural sector Why Rural • Market Share In India – Over 70%; largest in the world ; Relatively known brand in Urban • Consumption – Urban : 73%, Rural : 27 % ( PowerPoint - Cadbury.pdf ) • Limited Reach in Rural Market - Opportunity Beckons ! • Diversification of income ; More Disposable income than before Target Audience • Rural / Semi Urban Towns of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh • Age – 4 years - 50 years • Male ; Female Objective
  3. 3. Cadbury Meethe Pal • Attraction to guide the village folks to the “Cadbury Mithaas Mela” • Conducting a photography session with the Ambassador, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, where his portrait is offering Dairy Milk to a person and the picture is being clicked • Leads To - • Gratification – As Mr. Bachchan is an established beloved star, a picture with him would be engaging • Attraction – Another gratification apart from being with the star, would be to try chocolates being offered by the man himself Purpose – Engaging rural consumers with the attraction being the chocolate given by Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and photograph clicked with him
  4. 4. • A Screen of 48 inch X 36 inch would be placed with Cadbury Dairy Milk kiosk in market places of villages • A video of Amitabh Bachchan to ask questions to the public in respective regional languages • Set of 10 questions “Aap is baar diwali kaise manaa rahe hai”, “Toh naye kapde khareed liye”, “Iss baari kaunsi mithai le rahe hai? Kyu na cadbury dairy milk di jaaye?” and would end with “Meri aur cadbury ki taraf se aapko diwali ki shubkaamnaye” “आई खुशियो की बला है, ये अद्भुत दीपको का मेला है आइये करे एक नयी िुरूवात, Cadbury के साथ” • The incharge of the kiosk would select the questions to be asked by the video on the basis of flow of the conversation. Maximum 3-4 questions would be asked which would persuade the person to buy dairy milk from the kiosk • The kiosk would also give an option to make a customised “Cadbury ki khushiya” basket of chocolates and send to their loved ones in other towns on diwali • The list of towns would be provided according to the reach of cadbury in those parts • To attract children to that kiosk, a cadbury dairymilk with an attached string would be kept in middle of the street. As a kid will see it, the string would be pulled till the time he reach the cadbury kiosk/stall Meethi Boli - The Talking Kiosk
  5. 5. • A Diwali mela by Cadbury Dairy Milk- “ Cadbury Mithaas Mela” in Uttar Pradesh • Decor of Mela: – Shades of purple and white – path to each stall in the pattern of the dairy milk bars – molten Cadbury dairy milk fountains at various locations – standees of Amitabh Bachchan with quotes related to chocolate and wishes for Diwali – Stalls in the form of raw huts and would vary from food, games and various other attractions • Dairy Milk specific food stalls – chocolate golgappas and chocolate paan – molten dairy milk in cups in the shape of diyas and mixed in milk as refreshments – Dairy Milk mithai’s made by local mithai walas and a stall of winner mithai made by rural women • Public engagement - Volunteers dressed as Cadbury dairy milk wrappers who will engage people by asking questions about experience of having Dairy milk, chocolate mithai, preparations of Diwali, cadbury dairy milk as aDiwali gift Cadbury Mithaas Mela
  6. 6. • Games for Kids in the mela- – Put a ring around the various SKU’s of Dairy Milk and get that particular chocolate as reward. – Find dairymilk choco shots in a bowl of balls after being blindfolded – Hit the Cadbury Dairy Milk pyramid - number of chocolates that fall on the plate is the prize. – Artificial tree with hanging dairy milk chocolates- choose and hit your target . If it falls, it’s yours – Treasure hunt using the past taglines as the clues and gifting dairy milk hampers. Teams shall consist of mother and child and the winner shall be taken to a visit to the dairy milk factory • Regional and cultural performances in the evening, skit on dairy milk story, Kavi Sammelan • One of the main attractions – Experiential marketing – A space would be created with a screen in front – As a person would shake hand with a fake hand, the screen would display the person shaking hands with Mr. Amitabh Bachchan – This will ensure enough footfalls after the various on ground activations being done to pull the consumer to the Cadbury Mela – Purpose – To engage with the consumer and make him try with trust and enthusiasm
  7. 7. • The technology used would fascinate the rural people and would attract them to the mela and kiosk • It would engage the people directly and would persuade them to buy Dairy Milk • Mr. Amitabh Bachchan is an influential personality in India, especially in rural India, which would help the product to grab eyes and buy the product • Melas and market places would help us to reach and approach our TG at one place Why On-Ground Activation Time-Line Standees of Amitabh Bachchan to introduce different Dairy Milk chocolates, wishing them Diwali and persuading them to buy it as a Diwali gift Cadbury Meethe Pal – Photo op Venue – navratri in market places Cadbury Mithas Mela – Diwali Mela on 30th October – 1st November to be organised only in a town of Uttar Pradesh Cadbury Meethi Boli – Talking Kiosk in 4 villages before Cadbury Mithas Mela 1 2 3 4
  8. 8. Impact on the brand and the company • Increase in consumer base • Rural penetration • Acceptability opportunity for chocolates • Expanding product offering Budget Ripple Effect – in other media ! As Cadbury generously spends in all it campaigns, to touch the hearts of rural they would invest good amount of money in the campaign. Keeping in mind the transportation cost, man power and other resources the estimated budget would be •Mela (3 days) – 20 lakhs •Kisosk ( 4 X 5 States) – 1 lakh X 20 = 20 lakhs •Miscellaneous – 7 lakhs As the campaign’s focus is on improving its base in rural, it would help in gradual increase in revenue of cadbury dairy milk • Press releases in vernaculars regarding mela, talking Kiosk and experiential marketing • Videos of talking kiosk and experiential marketing to go viral on digital media • Interviews of top management and Mr. Amitabh Bachchan on the campaign • Word of Mouth • Regular updates on the website • Base for introducing other products • Cadbury Dairy Milk as gift option on Diwali
  9. 9. Thank You! आई खुशियो की बला है, ये अद्भुत दीपको का मेला है आइये करे एक नयी िुरूवात, Cadbury’sके साथ