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Team alpino nestle alpino

  1. 1. Communication Strategy Nestle Alpino Team Alpino Aditya Mukherjee Payal Gugle Dimpy Gupta MBA – AD (2012-2014)
  2. 2. Launch “ To love is to share” campaign TG portrayed Young Married Couples Positioning Affordable premium chocolates for sharing Execution Style Light hearted yet real Key Consideration for next campaign 1. Next Campaign to be an extension of the first campaign , to further establish the differentiated positioning 2. Stories based on the new insight should be real and relatable with the TG 3. Perception of affordable premium chocolate to be maintained.
  3. 3. Thompson’s Total Branding Model Where are we? The last campaign positioned our brand as an affordable premium chocolate but it dint help us gain market share. Why are we here? The positioning limits our growth in the segment Where do we want to go? The objective is to reposition the brand and expand the market. How will we get there ? Communication Strategy (slide no 4 and 5) Are we getting there? -Awareness Scores -Attitude/ Behaviour Change - Share of Heart - Market Share Situational Analysis Root Cause Analysis Why the next campaign? Strategy Communication and Marketing Objective
  4. 4. How we going to achieve it? Communication Strategy Present Chocolates Market Chocolates Premium Chocolates Proposed Chocolate Market Mass Chocolates Premium Chocolates Affordable Premium Chocolates STEP 1 Carve out a new sub segment called affordable premium chocolates.
  5. 5. STEP 2 Communication Strategy Ferrero Rocher Nestle Alpino ( Old) Nestle Alpino ( New) Toblerone Gifting Sharing (Between Couples) Medium to express PROPOSED Position it differently from Market Leader of the premium segment ,Ferrero Rocher STEP 3 Expand Affordable Premium Chocolate Market by getting more users
  6. 6. Big Idea Big Idea The brand to be positioned as a medium to express. Nestle Alpino to serve as a medium to help the TG express their feelings towards their loved ones “ non-verbally”. TG Everyone who wishes to communicate his/her feelings/emotions non verbally to other person but is hesitant to do. Insight Some people find it awkward and hard to convey feelings to their loved ones( friends, family, better half etc.), feelings of love, apology, appreciation, gratitude etc. verbally. Research : We conducted a small research among 15 members of the TG ( first campaign) and asked them the following questions which helped us arrive at our big idea. 1. Apart from the functional benefit , what do chocolates mean to you? 2. When was the last time you expressed your feelings to your loved ones verbally? Its been 27 years of our marriage and I don’t remember when was the last time I said I love you to her.(wife) I use it for sweet gestures to show people that they are important Chocolate is suitable in any situation so when I am in a mess with my GF its saves me. Never, I am very bad at expressing my feeling especially towards my family. Its like I take them for granted. They say there is no Thank you and sorry in friendship. So it feels weird now to say all this
  7. 7. New Proposed Tagline : “ You say it best with a Nestle Alpino” Communication Alterations The love messages, a part of the packaging to be made more general. I.e.. Messages which are rooted to the TG ( psychographics), insight and big idea. A son meets with an accident and is admitted in a hospital. The father rather than being angry takes care of his son. Looks after him, feeds him, does his bed. The son overwhelmed with his Dads gesture wants to express his feelings but cant. He gives his father a Nestle Alpino and the father smiles back and continues doing his work. A 50 year old man plans to do something different on his 25th anniversary for his wife. He prepares a I love u speech for his wife. He practises it in his office, washroom and in front of his dog. But on the day, at a restaurant he goes blank, tries but decides to drop the plan. Next moment the old woman hesitant herself, takes out a Nestle Alpino from her bag and gives it to him with an infectious smile. “You say it best with a nestle Alpino.” TRADITIONAL TVC Print Radio Cinema ( In theatres and in film product placement) 00H Example of Instances Tone of advertising should reflect the affordable premiumness of Nestle Alpino also connect with the TG with real emotional stories DIGITAL Microsite Interactive Social Media campaigns Special 5 secs ads for YouTube Mediums Several stories can be ideated based on the insight, TG and big idea.
  8. 8. Estimated budget and returns • Budget ( Monetary): Rs. 15 crore (approx) • Measure of returns: – Awareness scores – Attitude Behaviour shift – Share of Heart – Market Share How will this campaign help the product/brand and the parent company? ( Change ) • This campaign will help Nestle in entering a new segment of i.e. "affordable premium” thereby maintaining its core identity of being affordable. • At the same time it is helping Nestle Alpino to expand its market in the segment by increasing number of users. • Also, it will help brand in creating good recall amongst its target audience as Nestle in the chocolate category is quite inactive in its communication of late.
  9. 9. Thank You