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Wunderkammer Prototype


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Wunderkammer Prototype

  1. 1. “…the adults of tomorrow may need to think more like children ” Institute for the Future Kids are in some ways ideally prepared to deal with change, and may have more to say and more power to influence the world than at any other time in history.
  2. 2. “GAMIFY” “Through immersive, interconnected, and dynamic narratives, transmedia engages multiple literacies, including textual, visual, and media literacies, as well as multiple intelligences. It is highly engaging and allows for important social sharing among collaborators”. ¿GAME WITH PURPOSE? ¿SERIOUS PLAY? ENGAGEMENT! The Joan Ganz Cooney Center
  3. 3. 2 IDEA 1 3 Forecast 1: Amplifying the Classroom Forecast 2: De-occupy the Classroom Forecast 3: Computational Thinking as New Math VIRTUAL EXPERIENCES SELF-LEARNING CHILDREN CODIFYING
  4. 4. APPS-ADVENTURE FOR MUSEUMS The Museum as: - Non-formal education center - Content platform, creation and participation - Promoter and diffuser of cultural products on-line and off-line Our blog:
  5. 5. Games category apps are less expensive than Education category apps Games category apps Education category apps $ 1.65 $ 2.41 In the Games category, app price decreases with target age. Interestingly, an opposite trend is seen within the Education category, where the price of a child’s app increases with age. Carly Shuler, Summer 2012 The Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop iLearn II: An Addendum An Analysis of the Games Category of App
  6. 6. OBJECTIVES Contribute to a better education through an app that actively involves children in exploring, understanding and interpretation of reality. We demand the exploration and non-formal learning in which families are increasingly concerned. Spreading the culture and landscape values and tourism between the children and families, especially the public potentially visitor. The ARG or Alternate reality games are interactive narrative that uses the real world as a platform and transmedia techniques used to convey a story that can be altered by the ideas or actions of participants
  7. 7. We had been working in childfriendly productions for years and we started to collaborate with the Naval Museum to develop the kids educational program, and thought of different ideas to make the museum even more engaging, a big chance since it has a wonderful collection that includes the first map of America ever drawed. This was our first achievement, create a brochure for children, and then convert it into an app. Samsung believed in us and thanks to this, we launch this application. As the 2012 Museums & Mobile Survey points, almost all museums in USA are thinking in making an app. One of the relevant aims is to attract visitors. And it´s been proved that digitalization and virtual visits have a translation in visitors (something crucial for the touristic sector in Spain but even in around all the world). On the other hand there´s a growing concern for education and with the idea that families should be more involved. Educational apps help parents to motivate their children and themselves. Segmented apps for kids and families in museums and cultural destinations. It will substitute many paper brochures, treasure hunts, audioguides for kids, since the "bring your own device" culture is growing. But mainly it will be a opportunity for new ways of communicating with the institution and to engage. We understand the potential of non-formal education will have in the next years and the role of museums as content platforms. We also plan work with scientific projects, and make it easier to kids.
  8. 8. OR M PS F AP U UMS SE TOURIMS APPS EDU CAT Wunder kammer presents I VE S AP PS
  9. 9. App Most Innovative Project
  10. 10. App "Chronos, adventure in the Naval Museum", published in Samsung Store. For almost one year we will follow up and the necessary updates to their optimal functioning. A selected project and sponsored by : t
  11. 11. What we offer Enh a crea nce t ivit y Co-creation. Children create their own drawings or pictures Segment customers and boost it sibility acces Easy It is much more affordable access information without being physically in her space Comfort & utility n Cu esig D infostomize g rma d nkin thi tion Inform ation zed li a o n d e ma on ic nd ers us P m Tailor made apps pushing projects from the beginning, Researching each topic and adapting creatively to the appropiate target n ttentio A s to detail informat ion fluency Technology st generation la
  13. 13. PORTABILITY Multiplataform, fully responsive. We work with a framework that allows us to create native apps for both Android and iOS with a single development. All designs are customizable to different resolutions and screen. Mobile and tablets That way you get almost 95% of market Apps devices running at optimal performance and reducing production costs to a minimum Software firms: Corona SDK, Unity
  15. 15. What is the purpose of the museum mascot? TRANSMEDIA NARRATIVE The piece that becomes pet naturally do more or less favored by the institution, becomes, or so intended, in one of the biggest attractions of the museum a key part of your marketing, self image and around a pivot which many activities. The next step and grow fond familiar with them is to call them by a name. Usually give a festive atmosphere, with high semantic and attractive for young audiences and or families.
  16. 16. CHARACTERS Empathize with children by creating custom character Personages with charisma, with a proper history Visually attractive characters who make the games more friendly to our target A partner in the adventure
  17. 17. coming soon… Tourism guides for childrens (6-12 años) and families Information and games, all in one To promote values as the friendship and the work in team, to encourage the curiosity To know places of an interactive form
  18. 18. Points for improvement 1. Marketing Strategies : offering also •Work and find Sponsors  and offer them advertising Digital curator •Free with iAds:Publicity online refered to the target (family, childs), brands and places related to kids •Intagrate InApp purchases 2. We are developing our own technology to work with museums more efficiently to provide information services in a much faster, cheaper and efficient way without neglecting our style and we are specialized target eality Augmented R Games New social ne tworks m Microsites the atic
  19. 19. 3. We'll use the best technology to measure audience; Flurry 1. Menu Audience:  It let us know what our real user Age, Gender, location, language ... 2. Menu Usage: We can know how many unique users have, which are playing at the moment, how many times users have played (a kind of average), where each session lasted gambling, frequency of use, which have been more successful versions, etc. .. . 3. Menu User Adquisitions: purchases within the App or inApp Purchases ...
  20. 20. 4.-Menu Technical: 6.-Menu Manage: Knowing what devices are connected (iPad, iPhone, 3, 4, 5, Samsung, LG, etc ...), from which service provider (Ono, Orange, Telefonica, ...) with which version IOS7, Android 4.1, Andorid 4.2. .. Managing different versions of the App we have (if published distinct and different users have installed, permissions they have, alerts, etc ... 5.-Menu Events: Events defined by us in the program. When you enter screen1, Screenname3, Screenname3 ... when they find the element of Game 1 7.-Menu Errors: If the app crashes (for whatever device runs out of battery in the middle of the game, you drop the phone ...), you can control and find out which versions are hung and why. They can help you discover incompatibilities and problems.
  21. 21. In that we have improved the situation of the museum According to Distimo the application was for several weeks in the top 10 most downloaded apps cultural children nationwide Each time we are re-done workshops with the pet Telmo the application re-download as well that receives a mutual feedback The museum is known for being stagnant and being at the forefront of new technologies have been given a breath of fresh air that attracts the public They have improve their performance in front of an audience accustomed to changes Attract audiences and specially the young ones, who they fear won´t engage with their contents through traditional channels. Our apps help them to fill the gap They are educating in a playful way
  22. 22. In that we have improved our situation Our app has been selected by 3dwire to opt RTVE Interactive Award to App Most Innovative Project granted by the Interactive Media department RTVE ( A National TV in Spain), where the selected project can be submitted to be presented to RTVE Interactive Direction We associate our brand with a great reputation entities Since then, several companies have entrusted their projects as the CNIO, oncological research center, to jointly develop a project for Apps Our application has been recommended some national media. It give us visibility
  23. 23. Presence in press And even our mascot Telmo and the app “Chronos”, has led to recommend the museum as between one of the 5 best places in Spain to visit for kids and families. “'Chronos - Naval Museum' stands for grouping in the same app features like the educational value and fun. The developers of this application have managed to capture an entertaining game, with a theme that engages and technical development really good. Different tests of skill and knowledge, informative texts, puzzles, drawings and computer graphics, ... And all without neglecting the visual aspect that stands out from the user launches the app for the first time”. Our application has been recommended in various media “The first thing to do would be to create a profile to be able to enroll as a member of the crew. One of the first activities that make the user experience on this application something truly immersive and entertaining . Its handling is really simple and involves the user's attention, but without be slightly difficult. In short, a highly interactive application to entertain the children while they learn about the exploits and achievements that can be found in the Naval Museum.”
  24. 24.