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Connected Retail - Mobile


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Mobile Gipfel 2012 in Düsseldorf
Arranged by Management Forum
30 minutes Keynote

Speech was focused on having participants realizing that their basics need to be in order before they focus on mobile.
Then share a practical example how to do it leaving them with concrete check points to take home.

Connected Retail - Mobile

  1. Connected retailHow to successfully integrate mobile into the omni-channel world Rune Sølvsteen @silverrunner
  2. Today1 Consumer expectations2 Should you do it?3 If you do it! & Cases4 Key takeaways to implement now
  3. Consumer expectations
  4. Connect everything everywhere
  5. Device agnostic Any device Same content
  6. Instant gratification Seen on TV Then bought online Shared on FB, Paid with mobile wallet Socially approved Delivered to her home by a girlfriend 90 minutes laterSource: YouGov Social TV trends Report by Diffusion Aug 2010
  7. They expect disruption ofeverything you know today
  8. Should you do it?
  9. Indeed US marketers already spend 16% online 16% VS. 84%Source: Forrester US Interactive Marketing Forecast 2011 to 2016, published 2011
  10. And so the marketing mix needs to be adjusted Search Blogs All forms of TV Newspapers Email / MagazinesEmbedded video MobileOnline video Social In Store & Banners (Own) OoH Behavioral websites Re-targeting
  11. But is mobile your first next step? •  Large installed base 21M •  But only 40% use media •  And the average click through on banners is 0.61% •  Bounce rates are at 33% •  In the end you reached 21M x 40% x 0.61% x 33% = 17k •  And they view just 1.53 pages on your site!
  12. But is mobile your first next step? •  Large installed base 21M •  But only 40% use media Agreed it isAnd the average click through •  a flawed calculation on banners is 0.61% But it gets you rates are at 33% •  Bounce thinking…21M x 40%you reached = 17k •  In the end x 0.61% x 33% •  And they view just 1.53 pages on your site!
  13. Yes adapt to meet purchase behaviour, but get your house in order first Day 1 Day 7 Day 20 Day 38Ad triggers research Research offline Research online Purchase in store Zara TV ad Bijenkorf Bing Zara Asos Google Wehkamp H&MDoor-to- door H&M G-Star G-Star Google folderAttention & Interest Desire Action Conviction
  14. And then you need a mission to truly attract & connect
  15. If you do it;
  16. Here is how I would think about it •  Establish mobile presence. Novice •  Optimize existing efforts for mobile •  Conduct inexpensive mobile only tests Explorer •  Extend existing campaigns to mobile •  Treat mobile as its own channel •  Directly engage mobile consumer Intermediate •  Use other channels for support. •  Mobile simply “is”. It’s a natural part of your business Advanced •  Mobile is in all that you do. It connects offline & onlineFreely adapted from Forrester “The five phases of mobile marketing evolution”
  17. Hunkemöller case
  18. Goal: Connect with existing & new members everywhere, anytime•  Situation •  Goals •  Approximately 1M members •  Attract younger audience to using a physical card become / remain member •  Member cards are outdated •  Increase engagement with & consumers often forget brand & nurture loyalty card •  Grow cross channel retail •  No loyalty. customers Only transactional •  Grow mobile conversion •  Relative few women 15-29 buy online with HKM •  Brand has evolved, but not reflected in member card
  19. Solution: A digital membercard, shop, store locator & magazine Hunkemöllers mobile app allow consumers to be inspired by the magazine, follow HKM on social media, find a local store, access their personal goodie bag plus of course shop & continue to save membership points
  20. Results: Members & new members increase their engagement with the brand•  Results app •  Results revenue •  Close to 100k downloads in •  Response on vouchers 7% first 4 months Simple vouchers have run •  Retention 35%+ rate of €40k revenue •  87% existing members •  Mobile conversion up 20% 13% new members •  Usage of membercard •  Main usage by women 15-29 increasing
  21. Case: Inner teams
  22. Who are your experts?How do you find & use them?
  23. Connect your experts through a simple mobile phone application Rune Solvsteen seeks your advise on instore marketing . Press 1 to take the call. Press 2 to … Search Find Call Enter the topic A list appears w The expert gets you are interested colleagues who called, accepts in via a mobile or have knowledge the request and web interface about this topic takes the consult
  24. Unlock access to corporate knowledge beyond circle of trust1.   Easily find & contact an expert2.  Continuous learning through user feedback3.  Know where to focus your retention effort: Who are your real experts •  Reduce search time for experts with up to 35% •  Experts are of higher relevance which ensure better problem solving & innovation •  Reduce onboarding time of new employees
  25. The real reason that…
  26. To own your data!  Source:  McKinsey  Global  Ins4tute  Analysis  
  27. Merging technologies & big data follows you like never before Personal Private Geo-optimized targeting •  Google knows what you want •  Facebook who you are •  The phone where you are •  The bank what you can afford or borrow •  The Retailer gives the personal, local, instant, time-limited offer…Source: Defacto Partners research.
  28. Key take aways
  29. Key take aways1.  Consumers are device agnostic. They expect you connect everything everywhere. And when you do they want instant gratification2.  The largest opportunity for you may not be in mobile. Get your (online) house in order first3.  If you do go mobile, then find out where you are on the ladder of (mobile) marketing evolution and plan accordingly And then remember: To really make a difference you must have a mission4.  Plan for the collection and use of big data. If you know what your client can afford, what he likes and where he is right now; What can you offer that no-one else can? This is where the real opportunity lies.
  30. Thank you Rune Sølvsteen +31 646 377 173