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Batch and blast email to behavioural marketing automation silverpop festival of marketing


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Contrary to popular reports, email is not dead; but it is changing. In this session, Silverpop will highlight the move smart marketers are making from batch and blast static email to behaviour-driven integrated marketing initiatives. Using case studies and examples that illustrate how transformed marketing initiatives are delivering amazing customer experiences including on-the-go mobile/smartphone marketing. Silverpop will share how leveraging customer behaviour from online browsing, offline activities, past purchases, app usage and more drives increased engagement and revenue. The session will also cover how to get more done using automation techniques to allow your marketing efforts to continue to run without your continuous manual effort.

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Batch and blast email to behavioural marketing automation silverpop festival of marketing

  1. 1. Moving from Batch and Blast Email to Behavioral Marketing Automation
  2. 2. How many brands show their customers love
  3. 3. 150+ annually 3 per week 1 every 2.3 days @LorenMcDonald
  4. 4. Why do we do this?
  5. 5. Because it works … and is “easy money.” @LorenMcDonald
  6. 6. Every time an email goes ka-­‐ching an retail marketer gets her wings! Every time an email dings, an email marketer gets her wings!
  7. 7. While it works, this batch and blast approach is a “hope” strategy. @LorenMcDonald
  8. 8. So you have to ask yourself … @LorenMcDonald
  9. 9. Do I feel lucky? Well do ya, email marketers?
  10. 10. Isn’t it time for change? @LorenMcDonald
  11. 11. But many of us are still marketing like it’s 1999. @LorenMcDonald
  12. 12. And not leveraging current marketing technology and approaches. @LorenMcDonald
  13. 13. The time has come for … @LorenMcDonald
  14. 14. Behavioural Marketing Automation Behaviour Automation Real-­‐Time
  15. 15. It’s about using Behaviour to drive messaging cadence. @LorenMcDonald
  16. 16. It’s about talking to each customer as an individual. @LorenMcDonald
  17. 17. The goal is to create segments of one. @LorenMcDonald
  18. 18. And focusing on what the customer wants to buy, not just what we want to sell.
  19. 19. It isn’t about Big Data … but rather actionable data about each individual customer. @LorenMcDonald
  20. 20. And this actionable behaviour-­‐based data is everywhere. @LorenMcDonald
  21. 21. Likely more than 50 different behaviours
  22. 22. But this requires a shift in thinking …
  23. 23. Capturing a customer’s behavioural clues
  24. 24. Listening and influence along the customer journey Visits store Signs up for catalogue Visits site Signs up for email Browses site Downloads mobile app Does a search Abandons cart Buys
  25. 25. Moving to a centralised marketing database Centralised Marketing Database Individualised Content Social Graph Automation Engine Email Mobile Apps Location Check In’s Purchase History Forms CRM Video File Downloads Site/Page Visits Blog Visits Support History Postal Web Mobile Geo Business Data
  26. 26. Calendar-­‐based Behaviour-­‐based 3 per week 50 per day @LorenMcDonald
  27. 27. Email Channel Promo.onal NewsleJers Offers Transac.onal Order ConfirmaNon Order Shipment ConfirmaNon Order Delivered ConfirmaNon Delivery ConfirmaNon Password Recovery Credit Card Failure NoNficaNon SmartPaks Cancel ConfirmaNon Returns NoNficaNon Lifecycle SmartPaks Welcome Order Reminder Abandoned Cart SmartPaks Up-­‐sell Post Purchase Review Consumable Replenishment Browse Behavior ColiCare + 8 More 24 triggered and transacNonal programs in place, ~50 unique automated mailings/day
  28. 28. Automation gives you scale
  29. 29. The Decisive Moment "To me, photography is the simultaneous recogniNon, in a fracNon of a second, of the significance of an event as well as of a precise organisaNon of forms which give that event its proper expression.” Henri Car)er-­‐Bresson
  30. 30. Map your marketing programme journey @LorenMcDonald
  31. 31. Map lifecycle What markeNng programs will help you capture new email addresses? What markeNng programs will help you convert prospects to customers? What markeNng programs will help you grow customer value? What markeNng programs will help you ensure customer loyalty? What markeNng programs will help you win back lost customers?
  32. 32. Build programmes for each key step of the journey @LorenMcDonald
  33. 33. A few examples and scenarios @LorenMcDonald
  34. 34. Process Abandonment Remarketing @LorenMcDonald
  35. 35. Thank You! Buyer Behavior + Automation
  36. 36. 1. Wizard Overview 2. Started Wizard 3. Completed Wizard 4. Add to Cart 5. Placed Order Try wizard Almost Done… Why you should Wizard Results Did you forget Thank You 1 day! 3 days! 1 day! It will help you 3 days! 1 day! Custom for you 3 days! 1 day! …. x days! …. Responding x days! to Website Behaviors
  37. 37. Supplement Wizard – Abandoned, Finished Process • Customer receives their results • > But does not add items to cart or checkout • 40.17% Open Rate • 4.18% CTR • $0.38 Rev/Email
  38. 38. Supplement Wizard – Abandoned, Did not get results • Customer starts the Wizard • > But does not get to the results page • 44% Open Rate • 7.61% CTR • $0.25 Rev/Email
  39. 39. Post-­‐Purchase – Minimising Churn @LorenMcDonald
  40. 40. Likelihood to churn scoring model Subscriber Activated their System Annual Churn ~13% Power User Arms their home security system regularly Annual Churn ~8% Notification User Receives text/ email messages for alerts in their home Annual Churn ~5% Super User Uses interactive services regularly Annual Churn ~1%
  41. 41. Remarketing based on browse behaviour. @LorenMcDonald
  42. 42. Browse abandonment – Sniffing Around
  43. 43. From the ‘For Him’ Section
  44. 44. Visitor Dropped Into Automated Program
  45. 45. And Served Specific Content 2.2% conv. rate vs 1.6% for Broadcast emails
  46. 46. And It Works So Well… UncommonGoods now has eight browse remarkeNng emails
  47. 47. And The Monthly Numbers… Program Open Rate Conversion Rate Number of Emails Broadcast 18.1% 1.6% 20,400,000 Purchase Confirm -­‐-­‐ 2.4% 398,000 Welcome 34.4% 1.4% 149,000 Browse Remarket 41.8% 2.2% 90,000 Cart Abandon 27.9% 23.1% 11,500 SKU Notify -­‐-­‐ 23.9% 8,000
  48. 48. 3 Things to Remember Behaviour Automation Real-­‐Time @LorenMcDonald
  49. 49. Old New What’s it going to be?
  50. 50.­‐resources The Silverpop Digital MarkeNng Plaborm