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Silverpop Automated and Dynamic Lead Nurturing Success


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Silverpop and Clevertouch outline real-world b2b lead

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Silverpop Automated and Dynamic Lead Nurturing Success

  1. 1. Automated and Dynamic Lead Nurturing Success from the InsideWill Schnabel Adam Sharp @wschnabelManaging Director @silverpop Group Managing DirectorSilverpop EMEA @clevertouch Clevertouch
  2. 2. About Silverpop• Digital Marketing Platform for email marketing and B2B marketing automation• 4,400 customer brands• Across 38 countries• 500 employees• EMEA headquarters in the UK since 2005
  3. 3. About CleverTouch• Founded in 2009• Supported over 75 in their MA deployments• 30+ employees• Compound growth 120% p.a.• Offices in – Alresford, nr. Winchester – Neuchatel, Switzerland
  4. 4. Why are we here today?
  5. 5. Because only 5% of leads you and I generate are ready to buy NOW.
  6. 6. This session’s takeaways• An understanding of funnel challenges we all face• Nurture Programs Silverpop uses to tackle our own challenges• Some results and data points to arm your arguments• Understand how Trend Micro and others incorporated dynamic nurture email to improve ROI
  7. 7. We all have challenges Changing buyerFunnel waste behaviour Lead gen structure not in line with goals
  8. 8. We were wasting leads
  9. 9. Our old funnel (and perhaps yours)
  10. 10. 65% of leads went to waste.
  11. 11. The buying cycle changed
  12. 12. Prospects narrowing the field...“During the initial research phase, the surveyshowed 42% of B-to-B buyers evaluate four ormore suppliers, but as they move closer toprocurement, only 26% get quotes from four ormore suppliers.” Source: Chief Marketer, “Adjusting to the Web- Influenced Buy Cycle,” 22 March 2010
  13. 13. Demand Gen structure is Key
  14. 14. Our Sales team were buried in leads.
  15. 15. Marketing’s response wasn’t ideal.
  16. 16. How we began curing ourselves
  17. 17. Refocused on NurturingSource: Marketing Sherpa 2011 B2B Marketing Benchmark Survey
  18. 18. Changed our demand gen structureWe redrew our demand gen org chart
  19. 19. We aligned Sales/Marketingaround one common goal – revenue.
  20. 20. Introduced a New Lead Scoring Model Heavy Low Interest Interest Right Fit A 1 2 3 4 B 1 2 3 4 C 1 2 3 4 D 1 2 3 4Not a Fit Sales DG Mktg Dead
  21. 21. Began routing leads based on scoringMarketing became lead-traffic-controllers
  22. 22. Service Level Agreements: The Ties that Bind Marketing Demand Gen Team Sales Disposition rules TimeframeTarget agreement Accept/ Source Volume rules Deliver Accept/reject rulesPrograms/tactics Reject Notification Notification Accept Lead definition MQL definition Engagement rules Scoring Qualify Engagement rules Qualify Qualify DNQ rules Nurture DNQ rules Accept Disposition rules Timeframe Accept/ DNQ rules Volume rules Deliver Accept/reject rules Timeframes Pipeline Reject Notification Notification Reject Reject Disqualify Disqualify
  23. 23. Introduced nurture programmes• With goals to: – Improve follow-up with leads – Offload follow-up to not-yet-sales-ready leads • Freeing up costly resources • Improving lead follow-up times – Guide leads through a longer buyer cycle and towards an opportunity
  24. 24. Introduced nurture programmes Media Nurture Inbound Demand Gen Event Follow-up Open and Re-Engage Silverpop on Silverpop Dead/Lost
  25. 25. Automated Media Nurture• Audience: Top of Funnel Media Ad Responses• Offer: White-paper downloads driving to online demo• Team: Marketing• Process: Set-it-and-forget-it automated program• Communications: Series of 6 emails, one every month• Results: Increases Sales Opportunities. Marketing Efficiency improvements
  26. 26. Inbound Demand Gen Nurture• Audience: Top of Funnel Inbound Leads• Offer: Self-Qualification and Re-connect (personalized)• Team: Demand Gen• Process: Contact added after 3 call attempts• Communications: Series of 6 emails, one every 10 days• Results: Efficiency savings: 125 hours per Demand Gen Rep per quarter
  27. 27. Event Nurtures• Audience: Top of Funnel: Tradeshow attendees• Offer: Industry vertical content/tip sheets/case studies• Team: Marketing• Process: Visited booth or attended speaking engagement• Communications: Series of emails, one every 12 working days• Results: Increased New Sales Opportunities
  28. 28. Open and Re-Engage Nurture • Audience: Mid-Funnel Leads • Offer: Quirky subject lines, thought leadership • Team: Marketing • Process: No interaction for 6 months but still opted- in to newsletter • Communications: Series of 6 emails, one every 14 days • Results: 3-5 new sales opportunities generated per week
  29. 29. Silverpop on Silverpop• Audience: Lower Funnel: Prospects with Silverpop Opportunity• Offer: Education in the power of marketing automation through real-world experience• Team: Sales or Demand Gen• Process: Sales initiated• Communications: Series of 6 emails, one every 7 days• Results: Improved Closed Rates/Higher Deal Value
  30. 30. Dead/Lost Nurtures• Audience: Lower Funnel: Lost Sales Opportunities• Offer: Timely thought leadership and best practices staying top of mind towards competitive renewal dates• Team: Sales• Process: Sales initiated• Communications: Series of 10 emails, one every month• Results: Increased Sales Efficiency. New Sales Opps.
  31. 31. When should sales pounce?
  32. 32. Sales Visibility (Lead Activity)
  33. 33. Sales Control over Nurturing
  34. 34. The results...• Reduced non-contacted leads from 65% to < 4%.• Increased lead conversion rates by over 2x in 12-months• Increased marketing-generated revenue by more than 100% in 12-months – Marketing generated over 70% of total sales revenue• Increased opportunity creation to support 50% increase in sales team size
  35. 35. What tools are needed (bare min)?CRM System Marketing Automation• Database of record Platform• Lead and opportunity tracking • Lead management• Pipeline opportunity reporting • Lead Scoring• Sales process management • Lead Routing • Lead Alerts to Sales • CRM integration for sales-initiated campaigns • Publishing and outbound marketing • Nurtures and email marketing • Landing pages for lead generation • Reporting • Sales view into marketing activity • Sales view into lead score, rank and behaviour
  36. 36. About Adam Sharp• Degree in Applied Psychology• DipBA and MBA• Marketing career of 20+ years• Started implementing MA from 2003-when I realised SFDC wasn’t the answer.• Co-founded CleverTouch nearly 4 years ago• Econsultancy Marketing Automation Course & MSc Digital Marketing at Manchester University & regular speaker & contributor to articles in B2B marketing on subject of MA including recent data governance strategy publication. 3
  37. 37. Marketing is so much more than lead gen initiatives & sales promotionIBM CMO study (1700)1. Relationships not transactions • Understand and deliver value to empowered (self- service) customers • Create lasting relationships-individuals not markets2. Struggle with ROI – Perennial problem • Ensure marketing’s contribution is relevant and quantifiable3. Social is here to stay – Having a presence is not a strategy • Need to be further embedded.4. Marketing responsible for the Corporate Character – This is so much more than Brand & Identity • Reputation, Engagement, Channel Models & ePrivacy are all significant considerations.
  38. 38. The USP of Marketing AutomationIn marketing today there are (forbetter for worse) more opportunitiesto create more communication silosthan ever before.Forget lead scoring, lead nurturing,automated drip programmes orCRM integration- which are allfoundations for outperformance.THE TWO biggest source ofadvantages Marketing Automationprovides any organisation are1. the reduction in the number of marketing communication silos.2. The ability to scale marketing.
  39. 39. 1. Relationships not transactions….MA provides the perfect platform. SMB ‘Worry Free’ c.2m units/contacts 9 countries 7 languages 5 routes to purchaseThe briefFully automated, integrated systems,integrate ‘drip’ and ‘keep in touch’ campaignsdynamic content & richer experience
  40. 40. Campaign Flow/User Journey Trend Segment Time Trend Database Micro #1 #4 Database POS Segment Post Purchase Survey Welcome Campaign Regular Monthly Campaigns Data put on to Trend FTP Site FTP site daily Default Customer Communications Ad Hoc Campaigns Mid Term Survey Renewal Reminders CleverTouch Data #1 #4 Data manipulated In Trial SegmentTransformation ready for silverpop Welcome Campaign Post Trial Activate - Y #1 #2 Activation Segment Data uploaded Post Purchase Survey Welcome CampaignSilverpop FTP Site to silverpop for scheduled #1 daily import Activate - N Survey Extended Trial Period Campaign #2 Win Back Campaign New contacts Silverpop added to #8 Database Database Highlights- over 4000 pcm enter this programme, all automated (10 times a day) 5 routes & 9 languages and multi-touch= 250+ scheduled communications
  41. 41. Dynamic Content• Product recommendations based on progressive profiling• Products/links are all personalised so ROI can be calculated at individual level.• Relevancy and personalisation and time to marketing lead to increased traction rates.
  42. 42. % Rates Across all Program Sends40% 36% 35% 34%35% 32%30% 28% 27% 25%25% 21% 21% Completed Advisor Tool20% 19% Opened Advisor Report 16% 15% Clicked within Report15% 14% 12% 11% 10%10% 8% 6% 5%5% 3% 3% 3% 2% 0%0% UK France Germany Spain Italy Netherlands Sweden Other Note: Percentages reflect the proportion of people clicking on the advisor link in the email, who then go on to: fully complete the tool, open the report they are emailed following completion, and click a link within the final report
  43. 43. Etail Event Campaign Workflow w/c 18th June w/c 25th Junew/c 14h May w/c 21st w/c 28th w/c 4th June w/c 2nd July May May Email 4: Email 5: Email 1: Email 2: Email 3: Invitation & 5 ReminderOnline shopping Etail Email 8: Online shopping Validation and reasons PIM is research event Event follow up whitepaper positioning piece essential for statistics multichannel Email 6: Last chance to register Email 4 resend: Email 2 resend: Email 3 resend: Invitation & 5 Online shopping Validation and reasons PIM is ‘5 reasons whitepaper positioning piece essential for why’ WP multichannel Download Email 8 will be created as 1 email with dynamic content for 3 audiences to offer the WP: Landing Page, no Landing Page, no form form Landing Page LP with pre populated form to register, also 1) Registered & attended drop down with AM Videos or PM selection for 2) Registered but didn’t meeting Email 7: Follow attend up email with Link to diary booking to 3) Didn’t register ecommerce confirm meeting WP Download WP Download pro article time All other emails do not use Case study dynamic functionality quotes Thought leadership/ education Market positioning Sales promotion
  44. 44. 2. Struggling with Marketing ROI’s• Typically only 30% of marketing directors even try and attempt to measure ROI.• Much stronger and more powerful to build a relevant (configurable) reporting model for you business and look to predict future outcomes. – Data, history, content, campaigns etc..
  45. 45. 3. Social is here to stay, but should be embedded in MA• Marketing is all about balance – Inbound AND Outbound• Twitter, Linked in or Facebook is not a Social Media strategy.• 7 reasons to embark on SM 1. Recruitment 2. Thought leadership 3. Customer service 4. NPD/Market research 5. Crisis Mngt 6. Lead Gen and Sales 7. Internal morale & comms• We have a dedicated Inbound team and as users of SM tools such as Yammer, Hootsuite and Radian 6 in particular we are still looking at how best to exploit SM within MA environments.• Much to do about the API…………..and reduction in Silos.
  46. 46. Social Media as a platform to SocialiseMethods of systemizing word ofmouthShare to socialInsert Share Messages/Likes to 13 socialnetworks from Email or Landing page.Produces dedicated social media report.Publish to socialPost or schedule posts toTwitter, Facebook, RSS and/or LinkedInthat coincide with a mailing sendschedule. Social network updatesincludes links to a web version of thesent mailing.
  47. 47. The integration of Social Media (& Mobile)• Social Sign-InVisitors can use their existing social networksite such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, orSalesforce (16 available) to bypass aregistration or sign-up Web form. Social Sign-In captures visitors’ current contactinformation and stores the information directlyinto the Engage database.• Social PullOnline form builder for Facebook Pages.• Silverpop Engage SMSText messaging feature to easilycompose, send and track mobile marketingcampaigns within the Engage platform.• POP-InSilverpops Pop-In iPad app, allows marketersto collect leads while in the field. The iPadapplication allows contact information to becollected when there is no Internetservice, and uploaded to Engage as soon asan Internet connection is established.
  48. 48. 4. Marketing responsible for the Corporate CharacterMarketing responsible for the Corporate Character – This is so much more than Sales Promotion or Brand & Identity – Reputation, Engagement, Channel Models & ePrivacy are all significant considerations. – Despite increasing openness on SM sites e.g. Linked In and Twitter and Facebook, this will change with the increasing monetisation of such sites. – What companies will increasingly need and invest in is a Data Management Strategy specifically for MA environments, encompassing 1. Data Hygiene Services & Audits 2. Active Data Management 3. Persona Profiling & Behavioural Analytics 4. Lead Scoring Modelling and Analysis 5. Funnel Forecasting & Campaign reporting 6. Data Governance Strategy 7. MA Data Backup 8. Tiered active/passive data management, where we de-dupe or remove passive data to a tiered platform off out of the MA instance
  49. 49. 4. MA is an ideal platform for auditablecompliance (reputation and character)
  50. 50. Summary• Companies that adopt marketing automation and automated lead nurturing do have the opportunity to grow much faster AND do have the opportunity to solve many of the problems most CMOs face today.• As always it is knowing what resource you have and understanding what you are good at as well as knowing your limitations.• A coherent marketing strategy and business reporting framework helps too Reduction in silos• Naturally we think the smarter Ability to scale companies will look to companies such as CleverTouch and Silverpop for the new sources of innovation & differentiation.
  51. 51. To Learn More… +44 (0) 20 7288 6183 +44 (0) 773 847 5286