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Aloha Welcome Email & Unsubscribe Best Practices


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The "aloha" stages of email marketing (both hello and goodbye) all too often receive little attention and priority on the email marketer's task list. That's a big "hewa" (mistake), because the welcome email, whether a single message or a series of strategic messages, might be the most important email your company will ever send.

Why? The welcome email is typically your subscriber's first email experience with your brand and sets the tone for the relationship. When done well, you will achieve higher levels of engagement out of the gate and minimize early disengagement and churn.

However, whether it happens early or far into the email relationship, some subscribers will still want to opt out. It is critical that you not only make it easy for them to unsubscribe but also provide logical alternatives to saying goodbye. This could help you capture 25 percent or more of those looking to leave.

This Webinar, designed for beginner to intermediate consumer (B2C) marketers, explains why the email "aloha" process is so important, outlines key best practices and shows numerous good and not-so-good examples of welcome emails and unsubscribe pages.

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Aloha Welcome Email & Unsubscribe Best Practices

  1. Aloha: Welcome Email and Unsubscribe Best Practices<br />Twitter Hashtag #SPOPAloha<br />
  2. Speaker and Agenda<br />Loren McDonald<br />VP, Industry Relations<br />Silverpop<br />Kumu (“teacher)<br />Welcome Emails<br />Unsubscribe Process<br />Q & A<br />
  3. Why Aloha?<br />aloha (ah-low-ha): A greeting, hello or goodbye<br />The “hello” (welcome process) is an important driver of early engagement and minimizing the “goodbye (opt-out)<br />
  4. Aloha (Hello): Welcome Emails<br />
  5. When Harry Met Sally…<br />“We're talking dream date compared to my horror. It started out fine, she's a very nice person, and we're sitting and we're talking at this Ethiopian restaurant that she wanted to go to. And I was making jokes, you know like, "Hey I didn't know that they had food in Ethiopia? This will be a quick meal. I'll order two empty plates and we can leave." Yeah, nothing from her not even a smile.”<br />Harry<br />
  6. Welcome emails may be the most important email your company sends.<br />
  7. Conversion Impact from Welcome Emails<br /><ul><li> Text
  8. Single email
  9. IT Generated
  10. No marketing messaging
  11. HTML
  12. 2-part email series
  13. Marketing generated
  14. Promotions, education</li></ul>75% increase in conversions<br />
  15. The Email Relationship Phases<br />Within two months of opt-in, the open rate typically falls 20% to 25%.<br />Source: MarketingSherpaa<br />
  16. Bring the Flowers<br />
  17. 'a 'ole (ah-oh-lay) - no, not, never <br />
  18. Not Much Better<br />
  19. Still, Not Much Better<br />
  20. Welcome Emails: Goals and Purpose<br />Goals<br />Purpose<br />Speed up conversion <br />Minimize list churn<br />Strengthen brand perception<br />Reduce inactivity<br />Educate subscriber<br />Reward/Incent<br />Instill/reinforce trust<br />Enable immediate “email experience”<br />Provide administrative information/tools<br />Set expectations<br />
  21. Internet Retailer 500<br />22% send NO<br />emails <br />Silverpop Study - 2009<br />
  22. Timing<br />The Good News<br />The Bad News<br />61% of retailers deliver their welcome emails within 10 minutes of sign up, with most of those delivering within 3 minutes.*<br />19% take more than 24 hours to deliver their welcome emails, with nearly a third of those taking more than a week to deliver.*<br />*Email Experience Council’s second annual Retail Welcome Email Benchmark Study (2007)<br />
  23. Timing / Cadence<br /><ul><li> Immediate
  24. Suppress regular emails
  25. Transactional OK
  26. Move to a series</li></ul>3-part series<br />Immediate<br />Immediate<br />Email # 1<br />3-7 days<br />Email # 2<br />Stand alone<br />Email # 3<br />7-14 days<br />
  27. Sample From Names<br />From Names:<br />Use the same from name as regular emails<br />Simple, logical and trusted brand<br />From Name/Address<br />Again, use same as regular emails<br />Avoid ugly, number-oriented if possible<br />Good Examples:<br />Olive Garden []<br />MBNA America []<br /> []<br />Questionable Example:<br />Penny at MarketingProfs []<br /><br />
  28. Subject Lines<br />Good/OK<br />Not So Good<br />Welcome to Fetchdog! Take 10% Off Your Next Order<br />Branded<br />Immediate value proposition<br />Welcome to - Take 20% Off Today<br />Branded<br />Immediate value proposition<br />Welcome to Email Savings!<br />Email program is branded<br />Implied value proposition<br />Welcome<br />No branding<br />No mention of email program<br />No value proposition<br />Thank you for signing up!<br />Signing up for what?<br />No branding<br />
  29. Design/Format<br />
  30. Image Blocking<br />
  31. Pre-header & Navigation<br />
  32. Social Sharing/Following<br />
  33. Simple Text<br />
  34. Big & Small<br />
  35. Content Blocks<br />
  36. Bullets / Buttons<br />
  37. Welcome Email – Betty Crocker<br /><ul><li>Cross promotes their newsletters in case you didn’t sign up when you registered for the website
  38. Great use of imagery
  39. Coupons
  40. Star Ratings
  41. Recipe Box
  42. Best Practices Followed:
  43. Primary message is view-able in an images off environment
  44. Email comes from Betty Crocker (From Address).
  45. Includes personalization (first name)</li></li></ul><li>Content/Purpose<br />
  46. Email address added<br />Add to address book<br />Privacy assurance and link<br />Link/instructions on how to change preferences<br />How to get started<br />When the first email will arrive<br />Resources, key links<br />“Your gift” incentive<br />Unsubscribe link<br />Reinforce value proposition<br />Upsell<br />Call to action/”offer”<br />Etc….<br />Sample Welcome Content Checklist<br />
  47. Incentive<br />
  48. Get Started<br />
  49. FAQ<br />
  50. Benefits<br />
  51. Payment Options<br />
  52. Personality<br />
  53. Covering the bases<br />
  54. Offline Purchase<br />
  55. Cross Sell<br />
  56. Things You Can Do<br />
  57. Welcome Series<br />
  58. Fossil #1<br /><ul><li> immediately after opt-in
  59. product info
  60. sales
  61. special offers</li></li></ul><li>Fossil #2<br /><ul><li> 5 days after opt-in
  62. apparel categories
  63. store locations
  64. request catalog
  65. create account</li></li></ul><li>Fossil #3<br /><ul><li>10 days after opt-in
  66. 24/7 shopping
  67. Gift cards
  68. Feedback</li></li></ul><li>Tafford #1<br />Welcome to the Tafford Community<br />
  69. Tafford #2<br />Three Reasons You Will Love Tafford + A Special Offer<br />
  70. Tafford #3<br />Personalize Your Tafford Experience<br />
  71. 2009 Welcome Series Indexed Results…<br />Welcome #1 Performs 6X Better!<br />
  72. Aloha (Goodbye): Unsubscribe Process<br />
  73. Why Recipients Unsubscribe<br /><ul><li> Too Frequent
  74. Irrelevant Content/Offers
  75. Also, lack of email address change functionality</li></ul>Jupiter Research (now Forrester)<br />
  76. Aloha (unsubscribes) are a good thing<br />If unsubscribing is not easy, you risk:<br />
  77. Keys to Unsubscribe Process?<br />
  78. Administrative Footer - Obvious<br />Make sure links are not just images<br />
  79. Euphemisms – lolo (crazy, stupid)<br />Where’s the unsubscribe link?<br />
  80. Don’t Require Magnifying Glasses<br />- Tiny, tiny and buried<br /><ul><li>Appropriate font size
  81. Easy to read font color</li></li></ul><li>Link at Top of Email - Depends<br /><ul><li> Use if high complaint rate
  82. Potentially only with specific ISPs</li></li></ul><li>Pupuka (Ugly) Opt-out Page <br />
  83. Kraft Preference/Unsubscribe Center<br />
  84. Note Timing to Minimize Complaints<br />
  85. “You’ll still receive transactional emails”<br />
  86. What You’ll Miss…<br />
  87. Goodbye doesn’t have to be pupuka<br />
  88. Golfsmith – Branded and Helpful<br />Web site wrapper<br /><ul><li> Names specific list
  89. Link to preferences</li></li></ul><li>So What are the Alternatives?<br />Typical retention is 20-30%<br />
  90. Alternatives at Opt-out?<br />Silverpop Study of Internet Retailer 500 - 2009<br />
  91. Channel/Communication Preferences<br />
  92. Email Frequency<br />
  93. Change Email Address<br />
  94. Multiple Lists<br />
  95. Interest Preferences<br />
  96. Why Are You Unsubscribing?<br />
  97. Kraft <br />
  98. Office Depot <br />
  99. Staples<br />Missing:<br /><ul><li> Frequency Option
  100. RSS or catalog option
  101. Contact info.</li></li></ul><li>Parting Thoughts<br />Create a world-class welcome program<br />Test elements<br />Move to a series<br />Monitor impact<br />Make it easy to unsubscribe, but easier to stay<br />Understand why subscribers are leaving<br />Improve core email program<br />Focus alternative options on key reasons they are leaving<br />
  102. pau (pow)<br />Finished, all done.<br />
  103. Resources<br />Resource Center<br />White papers<br />Webinars<br />Blogs<br />Case studies<br />Newsletters<br /><br />Many presentations on SlideShare<br /><br />
  104. Q & A / Reminders & Contacts<br />Loren McDonald<br /><br />Twitter: @LorenMcDonald<br /><br />Twitter: @Silverpop<br />Webinar Hashtag: #SPOPAloha<br />
  105. Mahaho!On Twitter:’s Webinar Hashtag: #SPOPAloha<br />