2012 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class For Sale QC | Mercedes-Benz Dealer Montreal


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2012 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class brochure provided by Silver Star Montreal in Montreal, QC. Find the 2012 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class for sale in Quebec. Call us about our current sales and incentives at 1 (888) 856-0285. http://www.silverstar.ca

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2012 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class For Sale QC | Mercedes-Benz Dealer Montreal

  1. 1. Silver Star Montreal 7800, boulevard Decarie Montreal, QC H4P 2H4 1 (888) 856-0285 http://www.silverstar.caThe 2012 SL - Class
  2. 2. SL: two letters that spell “legend”.The Mille Miglia is Italy’s most famous road race.Running through everything from sleepy little villagesto the most impressive piazzas, it covers a full1,600 kilometres and takes three days to complete.This is where the SL-Class’ most distinguished ancestormade history back in 1955.The 2012 SL-Class roadster builds on these legendaryracing roots with impressive engines and chassisthat are truly worthy of the SL name. Combined withMercedes-Benz craftsmanship, the SL-Class simplyis a roadster unlike any other.The SL-ClassDESIGN 2ENTERTAINMENT COMMUNICATION 8GRAND EDITION AVANTGARDE EDITION 10AGILITY 12SAFETY 16AMG 18COLOURS MATERIAL 20EQUIPMENT LISTING 24TECHNICAL DATA ACCESSORIES 26OWNERSHIP, WEBSITE TEST DRIVE 28
  3. 3. SL 550 AVANTGARDE Edition.
  4. 4. SL 550 AVANTGARDE Edition.
  5. 5. Design  3 The sporting meets the sublime. A low seating position and a sense of the sublime are waiting for you aboard the 2012 SL-Class. Your eyes dance along the roadster’s elongated nose, whose power domes hint at the powerful engine that lies within. Gently press the accelerator and its smooth power delivers you to your destination in a breeze. But it goes way beyond performance. Design elements, like the impressive side vents add visual excitement as well. Exclusive paint finishes, attractive wheels and performance tires add to this effect, as does the AMG Styling Package, which is standard on all models. Its sharply contoured front and rear aprons and side sills add final touches that are to die for. When it comes to a total driving experience, the SL-Class is the complete package.SL 550 GRAND Edition.
  6. 6. 4    Design Magnify the sky. Make that sunset last a little longer. The innovative retractable hardtop roof gives you the security of a coupe and the freedom of an open-air roadster. At the touch of a button, the SL-Class’ top disappears in 16 seconds – one of the fastest retractable hardtops in production. Even with the hardtop retracted into the rear, the SL-Class has enough trunk space to carry two golf bags. If that’s not enough, experience the open sky in any weather with the panoramic vario-roof. A tinted glass section replaces the conventional metal roof deck above the driver and passenger, allowing you to magnify the sky. On hot days, shade yourself from the sun with an extendable screen. Meet the innovative AIRSCARF system. At the touch of a button, fans at the rear of the head restraints draw in air that is then heated and passed through the front of the seat. The warm air wraps itself round your head and neck, prolonging the open-top driving season. Three settings let you select the perfect temperature. TheAIRSCARFsystem.
  7. 7. SL 550 AVANTGARDE Edition.
  8. 8. 6    Design Some comforting thoughts. Surround yourself in opulent Burl Walnut1, Dark Ash2, Prism Pattern Aluminum Trim3 or opt for the sleek AMG Carbon Fibre4 on the SL 63 AMG AVANTGARDE Edition. Splendor in luxurious leather upholsteries, available in a variety of rich colour combinations. The leather trim for the instrument cluster is a highly complementary detail, and the celebrated 3-spoke steering wheel trimmed in supple leather and high-gloss Burl Walnut, Light Burl Walnut or Dark Ash wood is a magnificent addition. Multicontour leather allows you to adjust your seat to the unique contours of your body. Air cushions in the lumbar and side bolsters provide lateral support when cornering. With the push of a button, air pads gently pulsate to massage your back muscles. The Climate Comfort seats feature heat at the touch of a button, as well as active ventilation to keep you cool on warm top-down summer days. Enjoy perfect climatic comfort with THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control, standard in all SL-Class models. Automatic adjustments are made for individual occupants based on sunlight intensity and moisture. Plus, a sophisticated air filter for dust and pollutants keeps the air ultra-clean. When it comes to comfort, the SL-Class leaves nothing to be desired. 1 StandardontheSL550AVANTGARDEEditionandincludesmatchingwoodandleathersteeringwheel.Availableasastandaloneoption ontheSL63AMGAVANTGARDEEdition.NotavailableinconjunctionwiththeGRANDEditionPackage.2Availableasastandaloneoption ontheSL550AVANTGARDEEditiontheSL63AMGAVANTGARDEEdition.NotavailableinconjunctionwiththeGrandEditionPackage. 3 OnlyavailableinconjunctionwiththeGRANDEditionPackage.NotavailableontheSL63AMGAVANTGARDEEdition.4Standardonthe SL63AMGAVANTGARDEEdition.NotavailableontheSL550AVANTGARDEEditionorinconjunctionwiththeGrandEditionPackage.
  9. 9. SL 550 AVANTGARDE Edition interior.
  10. 10. 8    enTeRTAinMenT  COMMUniCATiOn  High technology equals high simplicity. The cockpit of the SL-Class is designed with ergonomics in mind, and features iPod or auxiliary audio input, and allows you to control your iPod playlists perfectly positioned controls and displays. with the multifunction steering wheel buttons of the COMAND APS system. Experience radio like never before with SIRIUS Satellite Radio1, featuring The COMAND APS control and display system combines navigation, Bluetooth 120 channels, including 100% commercial-free music from every genre, plus connectivity, audio and telephone into one elegant 6.5 high-resolution full sports, news, talk and comedy – all with crystal-clear, coast-to-coast coverage. colour screen. For ease of operation, all key functions can be called up by means Also standard is the harman/kardon LOGIC7 surround sound system, with of the LINGUATRONIC voice control function that recognizes street and city high performance speakers and Digital Signal Processors (DSP) for optimal names without the need for voice training or spelling. The SD memory card slot acoustics within the interior of a roaster. It even adjusts itself when the top and MUSIC REGISTER function that provides up to 4GB of storage space on goes down. the internal hard drive further improve MP3 capabilities. The SL’s Media Interface offers full integration with the harman/kardon 1 ©2011SIRIUSSatelliteRadioInc.“SIRIUS,”theSIRIUSdoglogoandrelatedmarksaretrademarks ofSIRIUSSatelliteRadioInc.Complimentary6monthsofserviceincluded.Monthlysubscriptionrequired LOGIC 7 surround sound system. It features three connection options via USB, forservicethereafter. harman/kardon LOGIC7 surroundsoundsystem.
  11. 11. enTeRTAinMenT  COMMUniCATiOn    9COMANDAPSwithnavigation.
  12. 12. SL 550 GRAND Edition.
  13. 13. gRAnD eDiTiOn  AVAnTgARDe eDiTiOn  11Two ultimate models, one tough decision.Two special models are offered that continue to deliver on the SL-Class’heritage of exceptional performance, all while delivering outstanding value.Already handsomely equipped, the SL 550 AVANTGARDE Edition includesDISTRONIC proximity control, Climate Comfort seats, AIRSCARF, panoramicvario-roof, power trunk closer and KEYLESS-GO as standard equipment.For even more exclusivity there’s the SL 550 GRAND Edition. Available in theexclusive and desirable designo crystal silver, this Edition includes uniquefeatures in addition to the standard SL 550 AVANTGARDE Edition, includingclear headlights and taillights, aluminum framed wind blocker, matte-silver fins,leather wrapped sport steering wheel, Edition exclusive prism aluminum trim,Nappa leather and GRAND Edition floor mats. It truly is a sight to behold,and an experience that only a fortunate few will be able to own.
  14. 14. 12    AgiLiTY Which flavour of outstanding performance would you prefer? Mercedes-Benz has been making racing history with the SL-Class since the legendary Gullwing model of 1954. But it has never been quite as dynamic as it is today, equipped with eight cylinder engines that deliver spine-tingling acceleration. The SL-Class experience starts with a V8 engine under the hood of the SL 550 AVANTGARDE Edition and SL 550 GRAND Edition. Producing 382 hp and 391 lb-ft of torque, it effortlessly catapults the driver to 100 km/h in a mere SL550AVANTGARDEEdition. 5.4 seconds. For those who crave even more power, the SL 63 AMG AVANTGARDE Edition features an astounding 518 hp V8 engine that soars to 100 km/h in a remarkable 4.6 seconds. Whichever model you choose, performance will never be an issue. With the 2012 SL-Class, it’s merely a matter of degrees. SL550AVANTGARDEEdition.
  15. 15. AgiLiTY  13BeholdtheSL63AMG’s518hpheart,hand-builtwithpassion.
  16. 16. 14    AgiLiTY There’s nothing you can’t handle. Underneath the beautifully sculpted body of the SL-Class, The SL-Class’ standard Active Body Control (ABC) system also helps to deliver you’ll find engineering that reinforces its legendary status. the perfect ride. Ten sensors monitor the vehicle’s handling. Continuous automatic adjustment of each wheel’s suspension counteracts vibration, roll, The 7G-TRONIC 7-speed automatic transmission, standard on the SL 550 pitching and braking. Lateral movements are also reduced when cornering. AVANTGARDE Edition, makes shifting virtually imperceptible and delivers The suspension is automatically lowered at higher speeds. improved power and acceleration. The SL 550 AVANTGARDE Edition also comes standard with the Sport Package, which includes two shift paddles For added convenience, the standard DISTRONIC proximity control takes cruise mounted to a sport steering wheel for manual gear changes, upgraded front control to a whole new level. At speeds from 30-180 km/h, radar sensors calipers, and perforated brake rotors for even more control over the road. automatically keep you at a safe and constant distance from the vehicle in front of you. Plus, the standard PARKTRONIC feature helps you park, with audible Taking performance a step further, the SL 63 AMG AVANTGARDE Edition and visual warnings when objects are in close proximity. features the innovative AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-Speed sports transmission. Standing for “Multi-Clutch Technology”, MCT offers shift times are 20% faster than our already lightening-fast AMG SPEEDSHIFT 7G-TRONIC unit, and the automatic double-declutching and race start functions ensure optimal performance. 1 StandardontheSL550AVANTGARDEEdition. 2StandardontheSL550GRANDEdition. 3StandardontheSL63AMG AVANTGARDEEdition.NotavailableontheSL550AVANTGARDEEditionorinconjunctionwiththeGRANDEditionPackage.
  17. 17. AgiLiTY  1519AMG5-spokewheels119AMGbi-colourtwin5-spokewheels219AMGtwin5-spokeforgedwheels3 The7G-TRONICautomatictransmission;oneofover18millionautomatictransmissionsproducedinaperiodspanningmorethan50years.
  18. 18. 16    sAfeTY Proven safety for the road ahead. Whichever route you choose, you’ll always be taking the safe road with the The Electronic Stability Program (ESP ) can dramatically enhance cornering SL-Class thanks to the pioneering safety technology on board. control by monitoring your steering and braking actions and responding nearly instantaneously if it detects a loss of directional control or stability.3 Mercedes-Benz has led the way in roadster safety since 1989 when it fitted If your SL-Class begins to fishtail (oversteer) or plow (understeer), ESP can the first ever sensor-controlled rollover bar as standard in the SL-Class. At the apply the brakes to any of the four wheels or reduce excess power to help you heart of this technology is a tilting-cone sensor that works with an electronic regain control and stay on course. control unit to detect when the SL-Class is at a critical tilt angle. Normally concealed out of sight, the rollover bar can extend fully in just 0.3 seconds Active Bi-Xenon headlights come standard on all models, providing much the instant danger is sensed. better illumination than conventional headlights. The cornering light function uses a wider fog lamp beam to illuminate the road in the direction you are In case of a collision, the SL-Class offers you the best possible protection. turning. This effectively allows you to see around dark corners and respond The driver and passenger air bags1 trigger in a matter of milliseconds in the to potential hazards accordingly. event of a collision, and the large-capacity head /thorax air bags on both sides inflate in response to a side impact. Post-accident functions include automatic engine shut-off and a signal sent to the TeleAid2 Emergency Response Center, where trained specialists can assess the situation and alert emergency services, if required. 1 WARNING:Theforcesofadeployingairbagcancauseseriousorfatalinjuriestoachildundertheageof13.SeeOperator’sManualfor additionalwarningsandinformationonairbags,seatbeltsandchildseats.2Firstyear’smonitoringprovidedatnocostwithsubscription, Subscriptionisrequiredforservicetobeactive.TeleAidoperatesonlywherecellularandGlobalPositioningSystemcoverageisavailable. 3 Nosystem,regardlessofhowadvanced,canovercomethelawsofphysicsorcorrectcarelessdriving.Pleasealwayswearyourseatbelt. Bestperformanceinsnowisobtainedwithwintertires. ActiveBi-Xenonheadlamps.
  19. 19. sAfeTY  17Theenergy-absorbingcrumplezones,anextremelyrobustsafetypassengercell,andthedoorswithspecialreinforcingelementsformaneffectivedefensivebarrierinanemergency.
  20. 20. Peerless and powerful.AMG and SL – two sets of letters that are synonymous with motoringpassion and exclusivity. When fused together, the result is a sensationalsport car unlike any other.The SL 63 AMG AVANTGARDE Edition features an aggressive and dominatingexterior. Sharply defined edges and lines flow from the large front air damand chrome-ringed fog lamps, right to the twin chromed tailpipes anda diffuser-ridged rear apron. The effect is captivating.The SL 63 AMG AVANTGARDE Edition also features a 6.2-litre 32-valveV8 engine with 518 hp. This impressive power plant is managed perfectlyby the revolutionary AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-speed sport transmission.Electronic speed limiter deletion1, limited-slip differential, AMG Sportsuspension, AMG Performance steering wheel and distinctive 19 AMG twin5-spoke forged alloy wheels with performance tires complete the package.Simply put, this roadster is without peers.SL 63 AMG AVANTGARDE Edition. 1 intended for track use only. Please obey all speed laws.
  21. 21. 20    COLORs  MATeRiALs An expression of character. AlpacaGrey/DarkAlpacaGrey AlpacaGrey/DarkAlpacaGrey The finishing touches can mean the difference between a work of AMG PASSION LEATHER3 PebbleBeige/DarkPearl PebbleBeige/DarkPearl art and a true masterpiece. Whichever colour you opt for, you’ve FlamencoRed/Black FlamencoRed/Black FlamencoRed/Black NaturalBeige/Black NaturalBeige/Black made the right choice. Because with a selection of both solid and NAPPA LEATHER 2 metallic paint finishes benefiting from an extra scratch-resistant Black/Black Black/Black Black/Black LEATHER1 clear coat, your SL’s colour is less susceptible not only to scratches, but also to sunlight, temperature variations, dust and soot. SOLID PAINT Black • • • • • • • • • • • • FireOpal • • • – – – • • • METALLIC PAINT MagnetiteBlack • • • • • • • • • • • • ObsidianBlack • • • • • • • • • • • • ThuliteRed • • – – – • • TenoriteGrey • • • – – – • • • DiamondWhite • • • • • • • • • • PalladiumSilver • • • • • • • • designoCrystalSilver – – – – – • • – – – – AlabanditeGreen • • • – – – • • • IridiumSilver • • • – – – • • • Recommendedcombination PossibleCombination –NotAvailable 1 StandardontheSL550AVANTGARDEEdition.NotavailableontheSL63AMGAVANTGARDEEditionorinconjunctionwiththe GrandEditionPackage.2StandardontheSL550inconjunctionwiththeGRANDEditionPackage.NotavailableontheSL550 AVANTGARDEEditionortheSL63AMGAVANTGARDEEdition.3StandardontheSL63AMGAVANTGARDEEdition.Notavailable ontheSL550AVANTGARDEEditionorinconjunctionwiththeGRANDEditionPackage.
  22. 22. COLORs  MATeRiALs  21SOLID PAINT METALLIC PAINT (OPTIONAL)040Black 183MagnetiteBlack 755TenoriteGrey 058designoCrystalSilver590FireOpal 197ObsidianBlack 799DiamondWhite 779AlabanditeGreen 541ThuliteRed 792PalladiumSilver 775IridiumSilver
  23. 23. 22    COLOURs  MATeRiALs LEATHER1 NAPPA LEATHER2 AMG NAPPA LEATHER3 211Black/Black 218AlpacaGrey/DarkAlpacaGrey 801Black/Black 211Black/Black 215PebbleBeige/DarkPearl 214NaturalBeige/Black 807FlamencoRed/Black 215PebbleBeige/DarkPearl 217FlamencoRed/Black 804NaturalBeige/Black 217FlamencoRed/Black 218AlpacaGrey/DarkAlpacaGrey
  24. 24. COLOURs  MATeRiALs  23TRIM ROOF LINER 731BurlWalnutWood4 H75AMGCarbonFibre6 Y83designoAnthraciteAlcantaraRoofLining Y85designoAlpacaGreyAlcantaraRoofLining 736DarkAshWood5 H73PrismPatternAluminum7 Y84designoPebbleBeigeAlcantaraRoofLining H12LightBurlWalnutWood51 StandardontheSL550AVANTGARDEEdition.NotavailableontheSL63AMGAVANTGARDEEditionorinconjunctionwiththeGRANDEditionPackage.2StandardontheSL550inconjunctionwiththeGRANDEditionPackage.NotavailableontheSL550AVANTGARDEEditionortheSL63AMGAVANTGARDEEdition.3StandardontheSL63AMGAVANTGARDEEdition.NotavailableontheSL550AVANTGARDEEditionorinconjunctionwiththeGRANDEditionPackage.4StandardontheSL550AVANTGARDEEditionandavailableasastandaloneoptionontheSL63AMGAVANTGARDEEdition.NotavailableinconjunctionwiththeGRANDEditionPackage.5AvailableasastandaloneoptionontheSL550AVANTGARDEEditionandtheSL63AMGAVANTGARDEEdition.NotavailableinconjunctionwiththeGRANDEditionPackage.6StandardontheSL63AMGAVANTGARDEEdition.NotavailableontheSL550AVANTGARDEEditionorinconjunctionwiththeGRANDEditionPackage.7AvailableontheSL550onlyinconjunctionwiththeGRANDEditionPackage.NotavailableontheSL63AMGAVANTGARDEEdition.
  25. 25. 24    eQUiPMenT LisTing  AVANTGARDEEDITION AVANTGARDEEDITION AVANTGARDEEDITION AVANTGARDEEDITION INDIVIDUAL EQUIPMENT INDIVIDUAL EQUIPMENT SL63AMG SL63AMG SL550 SL550 TRANSMISSION EXTERIOR CONTINUED 7G-TRONICautomatictransmission ▲ - Electronicallyadjustableheatedexteriormirrorswithturnsignal ▲ ▲ AMGSPEEDSHIFTMCT7-Speedsportstransmission - ▲ indicatorsandpowerfoldingfunction TRACTION/STABILITY Heatedwindshieldwashersystemwithtwostagerain-sensing ▲ ▲ ActiveBodyControl(ABC) ▲ ▲ windshieldwipers ElectronicStabilityProgram(ESP )includingABSandtractioncontrol ▲ ▲ Remotetrunkrelease ▲ ▲ BrakeAssist(BAS) ▲ ▲ Tintedglass ▲ ▲ Limitedslipreardifferential - ▲ INTERIOR AUDIO/VISUAL/COMMUNICATION Multicontourdriverandpassengerseatswith ▲ ▲ 3-positionmemoryandmassagefunction COMANDAPSwithharddrive-basednavigation, ▲ ▲ DVDchanger,MusicRegisterandSDmemorycardslot Climatecomfortseats ▲ ▲ harman/kardon LOGIC7 surroundsoundsystem ▲ ▲ (heatedandventilated,withperforatedleather) Mediainterface(withiPod ,USBandauxiliaryconnections) ▲ ▲ Leatherupholstery ▲ - SIRIUSSatelliteRadio 1 ▲ ▲ Nappaleatherupholstery ▲ Bluetoothconnectivity ▲ ▲ designoalcantararoofliner - ▲ LINGUATRONICvoicecontrol ▲ ▲ 3-spokeleatherwoodmultifunctionsteeringwheel ▲2 - EXTERIOR AMGperformancesteeringwheel - ▲ 19AMG5-spokewheels ▲ - Steeringwheelshiftpaddles ▲ ▲ 19AMGtwin5-spokeforgedwheels - ▲ Panoramicvario-roof ▲ ▲ 19AMGbi-colourtwin5-spokewheels - AIRSCARF ▲ ▲ AMGStylingPackage(frontandrearapron) ▲ ▲ THERMOTRONICdual-zoneautomaticclimatecontrol ▲ ▲ Activebi-xenonheadlampswithwashersandcorneringlights ▲ ▲ Auto-dimmingmirrors(rearviewanddriver’sside) ▲ ▲
  26. 26. eQUiPMenT LisTing    25 AVANTGARDEEDITION AVANTGARDEEDITION AVANTGARDEEDITION AVANTGARDEEDITIONINDIVIDUAL EQUIPMENT INDIVIDUAL EQUIPMENT SL63AMG SL63AMG SL550 SL550INTERIOR CONTINUED SAFETY CONTINUEDPower-tilt/telescopingsteeringcolumnwith3-positionmemory ▲ ▲ Firstaidkit ▲ ▲Powerwindowswithone-touchexpressupanddown ▲ ▲ EQUIPMENT PACKAGEFabricwindscreen ▲ ▲ SL 550 GRAND EDITION PACKAGE: Nappaleatherupholstery,LeathercoveredsteeringwheelshiftRearluggagebelts ▲ ▲ knob,panoramicvario-roof,19AMGbi-colourtwin5-spokewheels, ∆ -CONVENIENCE Prismpatternaluminumtrim.PARKTRONIC ▲ ▲ ▲ Standardequipment ∆OptionalEquipment Optionalaspartofanoptionpackage–NotavailableDISTRONIC ▲ ▲SmartKeyremotewithpanicbutton ▲ ▲KEYLESS-GO ▲ ▲Powertrunkclosure ▲ ▲Integratedgaragedooropener ▲ ▲Valettrunklocking ▲ ▲Locatorlightingwithheadlampswitch-offdelay ▲ ▲PowersteeringcolumnwithEASYENTRYfeature ▲ ▲SAFETYTeleAidemergencycallingsystem3 ▲ ▲Anti-theftalarmsystemwithtow-awayprotection ▲ ▲Dual-frontairbagsandhead/thoraxsideairbags ▲ ▲Two3-pointheight-adjustableseatbelts ▲ ▲ 1 © 2011 SIRIUS Satellite Radio Inc. “SIRIUS,” the SIRIUS dog logo and related marks are trademarks of SIRIUS Satellite Radio Inc.Belttensionerswithbelt-forcelimiters ▲ ▲ Complimentary6monthsofserviceincluded.Monthlysubscriptionrequiredforservicethereafter.2NotavailableonSL550GRANDEdition. 3 Firstyear’smonitoringprovidedatnocostwithsubscription.Subscriptionisrequiredforservicetobeactive.TeleAidoperatesonlywhereTirepressuremonitoringsystem ▲ ▲ cellularandGlobalPositioningSystemcoverageisavailable.
  27. 27. 26    TeCHniCAL DATA  ACCessORies The finishing touches. Technical data: Added nuances and unique refinement is just what will SL 550 AVANTGARDE SL 63 AMG AND GRAND EDITION AVANTGARDE EDITION make your SL-Class a distinctively richer automobile. Mercedes-Benz accessories are a cut above, having been Enginetype 32VDOHCV8 32VDOHCV8 designed and built to the highest standards for concept, Totaldisplacement 5,461cm 3 6,208cm3 engineering, quality, form and function. Netpower 382hp@6000rpm 518hp@6800rpm Nettorque 391lb-ft@2800-4800rpm 465lb-ft@5200rpm Acceleration1,0–100km/h 5.4seconds 4.6seconds Approximatetopspeed2 210km/h 250km/h Tires, ront f 255/35R19 255/35R19 rear 285/30R19 285/30R19 Fueleconomy 3,city/highwayestimate 15.6-9.7L/100km 17.9-10.6L/100km Fueltankcapacity 80L(with10Lreserve) 80L(with10Lreserve) Fuelrequirement Premiumunleadedgasoline Premiumunleadedgasoline Dimensions 4 heelbase W 2,560mm 2,560mm Overalllength 4,562mm 4,605mm Overallheight 1,295mm 1,295mm Overallwidth–MirrorsExtended 2,069mm 2,069mm Curbweight 1,915kg 1,995kg Luggagecapacity 288litres 288litres 1 Statedratesofaccelerationarebasedonthemanufacturer’strackresultsandmayvarydependinguponmodel,environmentalandroadsurfaceconditions,drivingstyle,elevation andvehicleload. 2Electronicallylimited. 3TheseestimatesarebasedonTransportCanadatestingmethods.EstimatesfortheSL550AVANTGARDEANDGRANDEditionSL63 AMGAVANTGARDEEditionarebasedon7G-TRONICmodels.Theactualfuelconsumptionofthesevehiclesmayvary.Refertothe FuelConsumptionGuide. 4Dimensionsshown areformodelswithstandardequipment.
  28. 28. TeCHniCAL DATA  ACCessORies  27ThecustomCarCoverwillprotectyourSL-Classfromalltheelements.ThisshallowTrunkTrayisprecisiontailored,andmadefromnon-slipmaterials.Keepyourtrunkclean,andprotectitagainstspillage.PrecisiondesignedchromepieceshelproundofftheSL’schromeaccents, Highquality,two-piecedoorsillpanelsmadefrombrushedstainlesssteel.ThewhiteilluminatedMercedes-Benz whileprotectingyourpaintfromscratches. letteringisactivatedeverytimeyouopenthedoortogetinorout.
  29. 29. 28    MeRCeDes-benz OwneRsHiP, websiTe  TesT DRiVe A passion for things done right. It’s what you expect from Mercedes-Benz. A passion for craftsmanship and attention to detail is what sets Mercedes-Benz apart from all other manufacturers. This passion drives us to set new standards in design, performance, comfort and safety. To continually build on the legendary traditions of Mercedes-Benz, and to provide you with an ownership experience unlike any other, including the valuable benefits described below. 24-hour Roadside Assistance Wear and tear period Customer service LimitedWarrantyoccursmorethan80km Duringthebasicwarrantycoverageof Thefollowingpartslistedarecoveredfor OwningaMercedes-Benzmeansthatwhen fromyourhome,leavesyourMercedes-Benz 48monthsandthetimedurationoftheoptional wearandtearduringthefirst24monthsor youhaveaquestion,we’reheretohelp. vehicleinoperableorunsafetodrive,and ExtendedLimitedWarranty,Mercedes-Benz 40,000km,whichevercomesfirst.Brake CustomerServiceisopenfrom9a.m.to requiresovernightrepairs,we’vegotyou RoadsideAssistancewillbeatyourservice. pads,brakediscs,brakepadwearsensors 5p.m.EST,MondaythroughFriday,andis covered.Youwillbereimbursedupto$500 We’llbringyousomegas,replaceaflattire andlightbulbs. staffedwithknowledgeableMercedes-Benz forhotelaccommodationsandupto$600 withyourspare,orjumpstartyourcar.Inthe peoplewhocantalkyouthroughthefiner foralternativetravelexpensesperincident eventofamechanicalbreakdown,ifattempts Mercedes-Benz warranties pointsofworkingyourcar’saudiosystem whileyourcarisbeingrepairedatan byourRoadsideAssistancetechnician TheMercedes-BenzNewVehicleLimited —orevenassistyouinlocatingthenearest authorizedMercedes-Benzdealership. havenotmadeyourvehiclesafely Warrantycoversdefectsinmaterialsor Mercedes-Benzdealership.Justcall operable,towingservicewillbeprovided workmanshipfor48monthsor80,000km, 1-800-387-0100.It’sthatsimple. tothenearestMercedes-Benzdealership. whichevercomesfirst.Towidenyourwindow Assistanceisavailable24hoursaday, ofconfidence,youcanoptforaMercedes-Benz Trip interruption reimbursement everyday,toanyonedrivingaMercedes-Benz ExtendedLimitedWarrantyaswell . 2 IfabreakdowncoveredbyyourNewVehicle anywhereinCanadaorthecontinentalU.S.1 LimitedWarrantyoroptionalExtended 1 Vehiclemustbeaccessiblefrommainroads.RoadsideAssistancemayinvolvechargesforparts,serviceandtowing.Dependingonthecircumstances,theseservicesmaybeprovidedbyanoutsideserviceprovider,courtesyof Mercedes-BenzRoadsideAssistance.ForfulldetailsoftheRoadsideAssistanceProgram,pleaseseeyourdealer.2 Pleaseseeyourdealerforwarrantydetailsaswellasforterms,conditionsandpricingforextendedwarrantyoptions.
  30. 30. Mercedes-Benz is virtually yours. To be continued. With a test drive.Visit mercedes-benz.ca and open an online window to Mercedes-Benz Nowhere is your SL-Class so convincing as on the road. It’s only thereCanada. Revel in the incredible photography of our vehicles and get a that you can fully experience the superior handling and power thatvisceral impression of what it would be like to see yourself behind the makes this car so special. Feel the engine move you forward, and watchwheel. Access information about any of our vehicles, including financing your heart rate rise with the speedometer. That unique feeling in yourand leasing options, upcoming models, and configure your dream stomach cannot be put down on paper. That’s why we would like to inviteMercedes online. Our website also offers details about the Mercedes-Benz you in for a test drive at your local Mercedes-Benz dealer. Reserve yourExtended Limited Warranty, vehicle ownership, and much more on the appointment today, or visit mercedes-benz.ca.fascinating story behind one of the world’s most recognizable brands. We look forward to seeing you.
  31. 31. © 2011 Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc.All illustrations and specifications contained in this brochure are based on the latest productinformation available at the time of publication. Mercedes-Benz Canada reserves the right tomake changes at any time, without notice, in colours, materials, equipment, specificationsand models. Any inaccuracies in colours shown are due to reproduction variations of the printingprocess. Some vehicles may be shown with non-Canadian equipment. Some vehicles may beshown without side marker lights. Some vehicles are shown with optional equipment availableat extra cost. Some optional equipment may not be available on all models. For currentinformation regarding the range of models, standard features, optional equipment and/or coloursavailable in Canada and their pricing, contact your nearest authorized Mercedes-Benz dealeror visit mercedes-benz.ca. harman/kardon and LOGIC7 are registered trademarks of HarmanInternational Industries Inc. iPod is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.Printed in CanadaMBC-11-SL12-2900EMercedes-Benz Canada Inc. 98 Vanderhoof Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M4G 4C91-800-387-0100www.mercedes-benz.ca