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Metal Cladding - Quinta Metalica in English


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Metal Cladding Brochure in English
Company: Quinta Metalica (Silos Cordoba group)

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Metal Cladding - Quinta Metalica in English

  1. 1. 1 Pasión por los revestimientos METAL CLADDINGS Co nd en sa do re s A. A. io ar rn ce• Lu io ar rn ce Lu
  3. 3. 3SummaryContents PáginaConcept´s Presentation 4The metals 6 Titanium 7 Copper 8 Zinc 10 Stainless Steel 12 Lead 13Sistems of metalic claddings Standing seam for roofs 14 Standing seam for facades 15 Shingle system for facades 16 Facade pannels 17Roofs QUINTA METÁLICA® 18 ®Facades QUINTA METÁLICA 20Special Facades 22QUINTA METÁLICA The company. Certifications 23 Installation Service 24 Technical Assistance 25 Resources 26Technical information for Arquitects The metals,properties and characteristics 27 Double standing seam, shingles systen 28 Slot in panels, cassetes 29
  4. 4. 4 CONCEPT´S PRESENTATIONWe talk about roofs and facades made out of noblesmetals, and in most of the cases, installed by seamingtechnique. The fixations are not visible, the joins arediscrete, and most of the details are hand made. We aretalking about fit tailored systems for each project.The necessary techniques to make these types ofcladdings were developed in Central Europe somecenturies ago. The combination of quite ductile metals andnoble metals in combination with seams technique,, hasproved to be a quite attractive, effective and durablesolution.Quinta Metálica has born to offer architects and mainconstructors worldwide, the chance to employ this samesolution for the claddings of their projects. We hope youenjoy some of the projects we have participate and toexpect to help you to choose one of our solutions.
  5. 5. 5Here are some of the reasons that have movedthe architects and the promoters to use thesetypes of solutions : • Atrractive and Natural surfaces • Possibility to adapt to any type of geometry and any kind of project • Buildings stand out most with them • Metals have a natural weathering process • Long durability • Light heavy solution for large roofs • Competitive price • No maintenance or cleaning needed
  6. 6. 6 THE METALS Unless the lead, rest of metals are in strictly accordance toCommon Characteristics a sustainable construction , as all of them are recyclable at any time, are not toxic nor for the environmental nor for theThe metals we work with in Quinta Metálica are mostly human being, require low energy consumption for theirnoble metals. They have natural surfaces that react to the production and are coming from large disposals exposure, creating and forming in each case theirown particular patina.This gives special textures and unique colours to thebuildings where they are installed, typical of a naturalmetal, offering a range of sensations of quality and warmththat any other painted metals are able to give..They are extremely durable and will protect the buildingswhere are installed during decades without any kind ofmaintenance or cleaning .
  7. 7. 7TITANIUMIt has become quite famous due to its use by architectslike Frank O’Gehry and one of his famous Project theGuggenheim Museum in Bilbao, the titanium is the bestmetal employed by Quinta Metálica.Quite light, very strong and exceptionally resistanceagainst corrosion, it creates the difference in the buildingwhere it has been used..In the seaming technique it is normally used thinnerthicknesses compared to copper or zinc (0,4mm instead of0,6 o 0,8mm) and this gives the typical water undulation inthe facades. These facades have quite movement andprovides own life to the façade that it last all over its life.
  8. 8. 8COPPERCopper is quite well known due to its typical blue-greenpatina which is created in all copper claddings. Copper isone of the natural metal that has its own colour. Thistypical orange salmon pink colour , turns quite fast tobrownish tones and it loose its typical brilliant aspect of thesurface. These colours are established and changesprogressively to a darker brownish tones. This is thetypical final colour in some facades or in areas protectedagainst rain water, but copper installed in a roof willdevelops all over the years the typical turkish blue –greenish patina..
  9. 9. 9Besides the natural copper, there are other surfaces madeout of copper installed by Quinta Metálica : • Pre oxided brown copper. It comes from the production with the typical brown tone of copper after some months of natural weathering. • Pre patinated copper. It comes from the production with the real patina copper making this material specially used to have the cladding with green bluish aspect from the beginning.. • Tinned copper. This is a hot dip tinned strip of copper that gives a matt grey surface keeping main characteristics of copper..There are some other copper alloys in the market that offermore possibilities of surface aspects . In this case wemake special mention to the brass – alloy of copper andzinc , and the copper – aluminium alloy that gives ayellowish aspect similar to gold.All these types of materials are installed practically in thesame way as natural copper and all of them has longlifetime over 100 years without any need of maintenanceor cleaning. All of them are suitable to be used in sea sideareas or industrial areas, where its exceptional wellresistance to corrosion is specially recommended.
  10. 10. 10ZINCThis metal combines perfectly some quite attractivesurfaces with very good mechanical and chemicalproperties at a very competitive price. This metal hasone of the best relation quality – price to this type ofapplications.The natural colour of zinc is clear grey metallic. Onceexposed to the weather, it loose its brightness graduallyand it turns to a darker bluish grey . The colour of thismetal it develops slower in the façade than in the roof,but after some months of weather exposition, it comesto its final typical matt bluish grey .
  11. 11. 11There ares some other tones of zinc we install : • The most popular is the prepatinaed clear grey. This is the colour that zinc will have after some months of weather exposition. This tone is quite stable and without remarkable changes both in facade and in the roof.. This surface transmits lightness and modernity and is mostly used in facades more than in roofs.. • It exists another prepatined zinc, much more darker than the other one, which is almost dark as anthracite. Its combines quite well with slate and some other natural materials. • Another type of surfaces to be added to these prepatinated. We refer to the pigmet zinc , which are prepatinated materials with blue, red and green tints . These colours keep the natural metallic texture aspect of zinc, but giving new chances to play with new aspects of the metallic claddings.The system of installation of these pre patinatedmaterials is exactly the same as the used in naturalzinc.
  12. 12. 12Stainless SteelStainless Steel could be easily recognized at first sight.It has such a high resistance corrosion properties thatalmost does not change its aspect from the initial estate.This gives an unique view of solidity and integrity,providing aspect of unlimited material.There are basically two types of surfaces: • Glossy matt • BrilliantGlossy matt is normally installed with double standingseam techniques in roofs, while brilliant surface isnormally installed in panels systems in facades..
  13. 13. 13LeadNew lead material has an aspect of clear metallic grey,similar to natural zinc. Once exposed to atmosphere, itloose this brilliance gradually and it turns into a mattdarker grey aspect.Colour changes in facades are bit slower than in roofs, butapproximately after two years, it becomes morehomogeneous and it reach its maturity patinationprocess..Compared to any other metal, lead does not present anykina of waves or undulations in the sheet, due to itsexcellent adaptation to its base ( this is also helped due toits high specific weight and its almost non existingmechanical resistance ). This provides a quite solid andcontudent visual aspect.Its extreme ductility and malleability, makes this metalable to cover any kind of support easily.
  14. 14. 14 ROOFING AND WALL CLADDING SYSTEMSStanding seam for roofs Seaming processThe double standing seam system us perfectly valid for flatroofs, pitched roofs ,curved roofs or irregular roofs . This isa quite versatile system that has proved its validity duringcenturies in those countries where these systems aretraditionally used.This system covers the roof seaming longitudinally thesheets , joining and folding one sheet to the other, creatinga waterproof seal and non visible fixations..Its aspect is discreet, creating fine parallel lines every halfmeter approximately, that longs all over from ridge to theeave. It provides directionality and lightness to thecovering. With this system, we reach the goal ofreinforced this sensation, by using fine and appropriatedetails and flashings , also in the junctions with otherexisting materials in the roof. Angle seamOn top of this , these flashings and unions allow metal tokeep its regular thermal expansion due to variation of thedifferent weather conditions they are exposed to. This is amust in order to secure a guarantee a long life for thecoating. Quinta Metálica employs the same details Double standing seamdeveloped and tested all over centuries in countries with finished.long tradition metal use , such as Germany, Belgium,France or U.K , in order to make sure that metal roofscould expand and dilate because of thermal changes.
  15. 15. 15Standing seam for facades Seam proceesStanding seam for facade is quite similar to the oneemployed by Quinta Metalica for the standing seam inroofs.This is a system that covers the facade by welting thesheets between them in the longitudinal way, creating awaterproof joint with hidden fixations. Direction ofinstallation is from the bottom to the top.Direction of the joint could be horizontal or vertical, butcould be also be done with a particular angle if the projectrequires it.The longitudinal joints, creates a clear fine lines that arecreated all along the facade. Due to the shadow effect ,this aspect is much more visible in the horizontal jointsthan in the vertical ones. These joints are separated everyhalf meter approximately. This transmits lot ofdirectionality to the facade and give particular properties tothe facade.In order that the façade is well organized and aspect isordered, is quite important that joints are in line with thelocation of the windows or any other holes of the façade.Quinta Metálica gives the necessary technical support toprovide the correct lay out of the facade.It is possible to make any kind of combination with differenttypes of heights of sheets. Quinta Metálica will provide thebest advisory and will propose best solution for eachmaterial.
  16. 16. 16Shingles system for facades Proceso de enganchadoThe shingle pannels system is also known as fish-scale.This is the most flexible system , as far as the joins andmaterial could be adapted to any kind of geometry. It couldbe also applied in roofs with minimum pith of 35º.The join is the same all over the facade , and could createsame lines in both senses, horizontal and vertical.Installation direction could be done in any sense, butnormally is in horizontal, vertical or at 45º.The joins create quite discrete and fine lines in the façade, in both senses , and could be placed from half a meter upto two meters, depending on the final aspect expected . Itexists many possible combinations in order to reacharchitect’s expectative.The correct result of this type of facade, requires perfectcombination with the aluminium or wooden carpentry.
  17. 17. 17 Proceso de enganchadoFacade pannelsThis system provides a particular aspect to the facade,with panel systems with particular trace between them.The direction of the trace could be horizontal or vertical,and the architect could play with different widths to givedifferent aspect to the façade.Installation of panels is by a inserting one panel with theother using the particular profile on them. Fixation is notvisible . Way of installation is starting from the top partgoing down to the bottom part of the facade, or from oneside to another depending on the direction of the trace.This system usually is not able for curved facades.The longitudinal joins create fine or strong lines over thefacade, depending on the previous idea of architects. Thissolution transmit strongness and order to the facade,specially in the darker colours.
  18. 18. 18 QUINTA METALICA ROOFSOur metallic roofs are long lasting life , not only because ofthe metals used, but also for the installation system.Besides this, no need of any maintenance, no cleaning Different types of roof systemand free of problems. We consider all details in all ourinstallations and every step is strongly controlledaccording to the certified Management Quality systemISO9001.These types of roofs are made out of different layers, andeach one, has its own function and utility. Non ventilated roof. Zinc over • Outside metal layer : protects and secures the ventilation membrane over Word sandwich panel impermeability and provides final esthetical to the building. • Separation layer or ventilation membrane : helps the thermal expansion of the metals, reinforce the impermeability, could avoid condensations, and could absorb small irregularities on the direct substrate . It provides a microventilation to the internal face of the metal layer. • Direct support : provides the support of the metal Non ventilated roof. Zinc over and its fixations base, and it resists wind, snow, ventilation membrane , solid thermal insulation and profiled steel sheet. and heavy rain pressure. • Ventilation chamber: this is employed in the ventilated roofs . This system fully avoids the condensation and disperse temperature of the roof. • Thermal insulation : protects from the exterior temperatures • Vapour barrier : avoids condensation in the non ventilated roofs. Ventilated roof. Zinc over ventilated membrane, chipboard with battens with thermal insulation between battens.
  19. 19. 19Before starting the installations, we draw the roof inautocad in order to establish its correct bonding. It isstrongly recommended to take real measures of the basesupport in order to secure correct measures.Metallic roofs in most of the cases, are installed by theQunta Metalica Double Standing Seam system. Thissystem is water proof from 7º of pitch ,During installation we pay special attention to the follwoingpoints : • Roof and metal should have coorect thermal expansion • Flashings should be carefully treated • Same solution for the whole roof • The bonding of sheets should be aesthetical correct. • Metal should be free of cracks, hints or marks and must be as plain as possible. • Global final aspect should be in accordance to the general aspect o the project .Besides this, we guarantee the impermeability of the roofand its protection and long lasting life over decades.
  20. 20. 20 QUINTA METÁLICA FACADES Quinta Metálica Facades will provide excellence to the Project As in the roofs, our facades are made out of different layers, and all of them are carefully designed, planned and executed with its own function . However, in facades we are not limited individually for each building . to the double standing seam, as it exists other façade systems that could be used that provide more technical and aesthetical Most of the sheets, are previously produced and profiled in chances.. our plant, so we make sure that are not manipulated at the building site and are installed following the installation plan previously designed. Example of facades Ventilated facade. Zinc with membrane ventilation over profiled sheets with insulation.Non ventilated facade. Copper over Ventilated Facade. Copper fixed to Z Ventialted Facade : zinc withunderlay layer, insulation, fixed to a profile, fixed to the supporting layer. ventilation membrane, chipboard,concrete support omega profiles, insulation between them, fixed to the base support.
  21. 21. 21When we designed a facade, we always try to make sure thatthe metal cladding is fully integrated, in a natural way, with therest of facade elements ( metallic windows, doors, balconies,etc).This could only be achieved by making previous design andplan of the front elevation of the roof , and adapting thedimensions of sheets to the metallic carpentry , that should befully integrated with the metal cladding .During production process of the metal, that is , the slitting,profiling, bending and transport to the building site, we alwaystake care of : • Correct ending free of hits, marks or scratches • Secure correct thermal expansion of metal • Corners, endings and unions with other metals should be clean and well executed. • Metal sheets should be as plain as possible
  22. 22. 22 SPECIAL FACADES We also provide to the market , full support for the architects for their projects with new metal endings. This includes facades with perforated, expanded or punched finishing, that could be obtain with any kind of metal. This is an increase tendency, and Quinta Metalica has been chosen to execute these type of jobs in many projects.The combination of high quality metals withflexible and improved cladding systems, aresuitable to provide unexpected results to thebuildings they are installed in, and are able tochange totally transform the final impact oftheir visual and aesthetic aspect .
  23. 23. 23 QUINTA METÁLICAThe company CertificationsPasión por los revestimientos. This is our identitie leit- We are fully convinced in Quinta Metálica that qualitymotiv with means passion for claddings. This is what we should be a must in all our activity and is the only way tolike to do, and this is where we are strongly specialized. We create a difference in the market. Because of this, webasically use the materials shown , but we in fact deal with obtain the ISO9001 certificate that certifies that our Qualityany type of metal and systems. Control Management is in strict accordance to this international certification.We work all over the world and we have more than 300projects installed. Besides this, and due to our commitment with all environmental issues that should be fully respected andOur human force is our main force, where more than followed in all kind of activity and service. Based on this, weseventy persons are exclusively dedicated to this type of also obtain the ISO14001 certification that confirms that ouractivity and to continuously improved our presence and Environmental Management System fully follows thisquality service in the market. specification .We can offer the complete construction solution for eachProject and we manage from the base structural support upto the exterior and final metal cladding..
  24. 24. 24The installation ServiceQuinta Metálica has as main objective to offer to ourcustomers a high quality service in the supply and installationof metal claddings.We prefabricated our materials before the installationwhenever is possible and we deliver to the building sitematerials already profiled and bended. To achieve this, wenormally follow this procedure steps : 1. Measurement at the building site , basically the base support in order to make sure metal will fit to this base. 2. Drawing of the façade in AutoCAD . 3. Bonding of the metal according to the drawings. 4. Once the bonding is approved, we sent the production order to our plant in order to profile and send sheets to the building site. Packaging of the material to avoid any damages during transport. 5. Installation of the metal sheets and flashings according to the installation instruction prepared by the technical department.This way of procedure and philosophy, is what we called “ theQuinta Metálica system” , in accordance to the ISO 9001certificate.
  25. 25. 25ResourcesHuman ForceOur human force and installors are correclty trained to cladany type of surface. This installors have passed their owntrainee period and are organized in different categoriesdepending on its spcialization skills and knowledge. Thisinstallation tema is supported by a technical back office whichis in direct contact with them and customers to obtain the bestresults.MachineryQuinta Metálica has its own completely equippedproduction plant. We have specialized machines fabricatedin Germany, Austria and Switzerland which are the mosttraditional countries using these type of systems.
  26. 26. 26Pasión por los revestimientos