Lumixyl™ Pro-Infusion Treatment Protocol
Begin by having the patient complete a consultation card,                        ...
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Treatment Protocol, Lumixyl


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Treatment Protocol, Lumixyl

  1. 1. Lumixyl™ Pro-Infusion Treatment Protocol Begin by having the patient complete a consultation card, Treatment Head Quick Reference and perform a skin evaluation prior to any SilkPeel® Very Fine (140) & Fine (120) Sensitive & delicate skin, post-laser, patients new to cosmetic procedures. to ensure that there are no contraindications to performing Medium-Fine (100) Average patient. (most commonly used tip) a treatment. Medium (80) Slightly thicker, more tolerant skin types. Very tolerant skin types, patients that state 1. After analyzing the skin, choose the appropriate diamond Medium-Coarse (60) “no pain, no gain”, or who are used to receiving head for the patient’s skin type. more aggressive exfoliation treatments. Extremely thick and tolerant skin types, used to treat mature scars, heels/bottoms of feet, etc. 2. Select the Lumixyl™ Pro-Infusion formula to reduce the Coarse (30) (rarely used on face in normal operating appearance of dark spots or hyperpigmentation. circumstances) Used to apply topical to skin under vacuum pressure, 3. Cleanse the skin thoroughly to remove all makeup Smooth (00) aid in lymph flow, aid in healing , and great for post laser and oily buildup. treatments. Also used for lip treatments. 4. Adjust the vacuum according to the recommended settings while considering skin type & patient comfort. Vacuum and Flow Setting Quick Reference *see chart* When analyzing the skin to determine proper vacuum settings, the following items should be taken into account: 5. Perform one set of complete passes over the neck and Tensile Strength: Is the skin healthy, and has good elasticity? face. Avoid any areas with prominent This will determine the amount of vacuum pressure it can tolerate. telangiectasia; a common result of UV exposure. If the skin has low elasticity, reduce vacuum pressure first, then adjust accordingly. 6. Spot treatment- Address the nose, and any areas that may Vascular Activity: Does the skin appear to flush or bruise easily? need additional passes (fine lines, uneven pigment, UV High vacuum may exacerbate these conditions. Start with damage, etc) Passes can be performed in a cross-hatch reduced vacuum pressure, then adjust accordingly. pattern. VACUUM SETTINGS FLOW SETTINGS 7. Complete the 2nd and final set of passes over the face. AREA VACUUM Vacuum Pressure INTELLIFLOW Setting 8. Apply Lumixyl™ Topical Brightening Creme and sun Face 4-5 PSI 5 and Below 100% protection. Neck and Decollete 3 PSI Above 5, Below 6 50% NOTE: UV exposure should be minimized and sun protection Eyes/Lips 2.5-3 PSI Above 6, Below 7 45% worn daily. Body 4 PSI Above 7, Below 8 40% If the patient is also experiencing dehydration, the Hydrating formula may be alternated every other treatment. 8 and Above 30% Important Note: This is strictly a treatment guideline, and in no way intended to take the place of proper patient consultation and skin evaluation- every patient is different- use your best judgment and professional knowledge before performing a treatment.