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COURSEWARE: Social Media and PR Crisis Communication


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A practical workbook to introduce you to a range of Social Media Tools to help manage crisis communications in Public Relations. With extensive case studies and exercises the tools covered include blogs, Twitter, Facebook, widgets, virtual worlds, social bookmarking and tagging.

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COURSEWARE: Social Media and PR Crisis Communication

  1. 1. Social Media Workshop: PR and Crisis Communication SOCIAL WEB WORKSHOP P.R.& Crisis Communication Series A Level 1 (2008 edition) Laurel Papworth World Communities 2008 @SilkCharm 2
  2. 2. Social Media Workshop: PR and Crisis Communication 3
  3. 3. Social Media Workshop: PR and Crisis Communication About this PR and Crisis Communications courseware PR and Crisis Communication: This course combines and introduction to social media tools with strategies and exercises for Public Relations practitioners who are interested in both monitoring and participating in online en- gagement. It is focussed on how social networks use word of mouth in crisis such as bombings, floods and bush- fires. Also how social networks can create a crisis online by creating anti-PR around a brand or company. We also cover social media press releases About the Courseware series It is not a whitepaper, strategy document or state of the industry presentation. It is a workshop, or course based exercise book. Because I am Australian, most of the case studies are from Australia. These courses have been presented in Europe, Asia and Middle East, and I have found that most case studies are relevant, or at least initi- ates discussions, in most cultures. Some material is duplicated from course to course. So foundation information that is relevant to PR - such as ʻwhat is a blogʼ may also be relevant to Marketing. However each course invariably has different case studies, as the way that Public Relations uses social media tools is different than Marketing, which in turn is different from Cus- tomer Service and Technical Support. Other Courseware I have presented many courses over many industry sectors, so intend to gradually in the next few months migrate my courseware into a format that can be printed by other trainers, online. Some of the current courses/workshops that I present and have content for include; •Social Web Workshop: Monetization & Revenue - revenue streams for online communities. •Social Web Workshop: Enterprise 2.0 - social tools behind the firewall - collaboration & knowledge sharing •Social Web Workshop: for H.R. and Recruitment Workshop - on how social networks changes the paradigm •Social Web Workshop: Travel and Tourism Workshop - course on strategies for large group & niche travel •Social Web Workshop: The Social Media Marketing Campaign - 5 stages of a social media marketing campaign •Social Web Workshop: The Social Media Audit - search and discover conversations on the ʻnet •Social Web Workshop: Measurements and Metrics - workshop on how to measure social media •Social Web Workshop: Small, Medium Size Business - workshop on using free tools for SMBs In addition, I have case studies and material specific for Social Web Workshops specific for Film and Television, Finance and Accountants, Law, Medical, Telecommunications and so on. Please enquire. About Copyright This work is under a creative commons license so donʼt be evil (attribute me, and ask me before you hack it up). Iʼm pretty flexible, email me if you need something, never hurts to ask. Contact; +61432684992 (0432684992) or for information, licensing or exemptions. If you purchase the printed courseware through any of the official sites, then that license applies. Donations gratefully accepted Front Page Graphic is from and Photographs by Gary Hayes of 4
  4. 4. Social Media Workshop: PR and Crisis Communication About Laurel Papworth I am a consultant and workshop facilitator and international keynote presenter in social networks and social media. I have been involved in virtual communities and social networks since the late 1980ʼs and running forums and vir- tual world customer support since the late 1990ʼs. I present courses on Facebook for Business, Twitter for Busi- ness and also industry streams e.g. Social Media for Banking, for H.R & Recruitment, for Film & TV. I teach social media marketing campaign workshops through the University of Sydney Centre for Continuing Education and con- sult on social networks to major companies including Middle East Broadcasting (MBC) - womenʼs online commu- nity in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Singapore Government, Macquarie Leisure, Sony Electronics, Channel Ten Aus- tralian Idol community. For information on my speaking engagements and courses available, consultancy and ad- vice, please go to If you wish to discuss the courseware, is a good place to do that. Thanks to Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) for giving me opportunities to present my concepts and public rela- tions stories in Australia and to UK and worldwide (via video) conferences. Thank you also to various Singapore Government organisations such as Mindef (Defence) and MDA (Media Development Authority) for being such en- thusiastic participants in my social media and PR/Marketing courses. I learnt a lot from teaching! On Twitter, thanks to • @trib (Stephen Collins of AcidLabs) • @ariherzog (Ari Herzog) • @leehopkins (Lee Hopkins of Better Communication) . • @kcarruthers Kate Carruthers for their support as colleagues and high ethics as competitors • Also @trevoryoung of PR Warrior, • @shel of Holtz Communication • twitter@PRSarahevans of for great social media tools for PR people, Special mentions to Trevor Cook of Corporate Engagement, who escaped Twitter and is now a PR fugitive - twugi- tive? Shel Israel@shelisrael and Robert Scoble @scobleizer for their world changing book, Naked Conversations - I count myself lucky to include Shel Israel as a friend across oceans yet seems to be only a few pixels away. Finally, thankyou to my partner and co-conspirator and editor, @garyphayes. All the errors are his! Lastly I donʼt know if anyone will find my courseware useful. If you do, please let me know or make a donation at my website. Students can share questions and answers at The courseware wonʼt stand on itʼs own without a trainer - use a good one! Additional material (recommended sites, case studies) are available for trainers to download at or 5
  5. 5. Social Media Workshop: PR and Crisis Communication TABLE OF CONTENTS Content Networks 8 Content Portal Diagram 10 Blogs 11 Blog Case Studies 12 Wikis 13 Wiki Case Studies 14 Distribution Networks 16 Ripple Effect Diagram 18 Facebook 19 Facebook Case Studies 20 RSS Syndicating Information 21 RSS Case Studies 22 Widgets & Snippets 23 Widget Case Studies 24 Social Bookmarking 25 Bookmarking Case Studies 26 Social Tagging 27 Social Tagging Case Studies 28 Conversation Networks 30 Twitter 31 Twitter Case Studies 32 Forums 33 Forums Case Studies 34 Virtual Worlds & Serious Games 35 Virtual Worlds Case Studies 36 Lists & Links 37 6
  6. 6. Social Media Workshop: PR and Crisis Communication 7
  7. 7. Social Media Workshop: PR and Crisis Communication Social Media Content Networks 8
  8. 8. Social Media Workshop: PR and Crisis Communication 9
  9. 9. Social Media Workshop: PR and Crisis Communication Content Portal Diagram An explanation of the social media content portal diagram What is the diagram about? Any site that is focussed on content creation - video, podcasts, multimedia - usually has most if not all of these features. Do not confuse social media content sites with social media distribution or social media conversation sites. Their primary purpose is quite different from the SM Content Portal sites. When we create a video for YouTube or DailyMotion or Metacafe, or we post up a photo on Flickr or Photobucket, or a powerpoint presentation on Slideshare, we have created that information in isolation and presented it to the social network for comments and questions. So the PINK represents the content that the content creator has control over. We can create a channel on You- Tube for all our Videos. Often the Channel is just our name - in my case SilkCharm Slideshare or similar. The Header is the Title and the content the heart of our creation. We can also display a Profile or About page, and add licensing (creative commons etc). The BLUE is viewer created content. This is quite different than our social media - short Comments, Votes or 5 star Rating *****, they can favourite our content and add it to groups they visit. They can also flag it as inappropri- ate to a moderator. The YELLOW colour is for the 3rd participant in social media sites - the host. The host (for instance, Google You- Tube or Yahoo Flickr) offer dynamic information - number of Views, Recommendations, Embed Codes. Case Study Two Case Study One You Tube The Power of The Embed The embed code allows fans to distribute your con- tent - videos, podcasts - around the internet rather than forcing people to come back to your site or YouTube. However you can still measure view count. The trickiest part of embeds is understanding that the video is not duplicated. Itʼs not downloaded and saved to the viewers site, it just adds a widget. A bit like watching the television through a window. You are in another room (on say, a blog) but the video is playing on the main server (YouTube). In fact, the television is a good analogy - the You- Tube page broadcasts out, but the TV set is on the viewers Facebook, MySpace or some other page, receiving the signal. Embeds are powerful - remember getting the mes- sage out is more important than traffic to a site. FInally While you control the content, the additional tools tell a viewer whether to bother or not. Learn the analytics. Content sites have poor built in audiences - unlike Facebook with friends lists - so use embed and RSS and other distribution tools as much as possible to seed you content from the content portal to distribution sites. 10
  10. 10. Social Media Workshop: PR and Crisis Communication Blogs This section covers blogs and how they are used by PR practitio- ners to communicate with the public. What is a blog? If you blog as an afterthought, your readers will read it as an by Laurel Papworth afterthought. Jorn Barger, coined term “Weblog”. A blog is a series of articles written in a diary format with comments and social tools embedded. The articles are usually written in the 1st person (“I am”) and Blog Options seek to inform, entertain or otherwise engage readers. While they may have PR an advertising component, usually the Write from the public relations purpose is to address and communicate perspective, offering expert in- issues either about the company specifi- formation, videos, photos to the cally, or the industry as a whole community to discuss. Unlike a wiki or a forum, a blog is a one-to-many channel. The blogger CEO sets the topic, tone and timeframe for discussion. The article (blog post) A dynamic CEO with a unique is written in isolation and then presented as a finished product to the “voice” may use a blog to voice audience, who may then comment and ask questions. The audience his/her corporate vision and in- usually must stay on topic (that the blogger or author has set) and will dustry directions. be consided “spam” if they stray onto other topics. While a blogger may Customer Service invite other bloggers to contribute (group blog), they will stay retain con- trol by pre or post moderating comments or removing commenters. Staff that engage with consumers on a daily basis may make excel- lent bloggers as they know the questions and answers and cur- Why? rent issues. The fact that blog posts are written in isolation and are edited before Leader being presented to the social network makes them perfect for PR and Sports bloggers for a health drink marketing. As long as the writer seeks to engage with the audience, the company, TV star bloggers for topic, tone and content stay on target for community conversations. teen fashion companies, external leaders with a voice in that demographic can blog about sto- ries of interest. How do blogs t into your PR Strategy? When and how to implement Use a blog to address emergency situations - product recall, rumours, staff changes - where you seek to limit the discussion. Blogs can be either up- Wordpress, Blogspot, Typepad, dated regularly (once a day or once a week) or hidden until required. How- and others- these blogging plat- ever, be aware that “in case of emergency, break glass” blogs do not have forms show you or a customer the trust and credibility as those that are always engaging with the target can set up a blog in 3 steps. Add demographic and regularly updated. Monitor comments carefully until situa- in YouTube video, Flickr for pho- tion is in hand. toblogging and Slideshare for Blogging press releases (see Social Media Press Release section) will con- powerpoint presentation blogs, tinue to offer social media assets (content) that brand evangelists can use. and you can see that depth of content sites are easy to use. 11
  11. 11. Social Media Workshop: PR and Crisis Communication Blog Case Studies This section helps you understand who is using blogs as a busi- ness tool and how they are implemented. How is it used in practice? Blogs have built in content tools but few audience tools. Consider the topic, tone of voice, and content matter. Video blogs, photoblogs, text and multimedia have a different look and feel. Original indepth content often mixes with distribution - links to newspapers and other sites. Case Study One Case Study Two Blogs To Watch NowWeAreTalking by Telstra FASTLANE by GM Motors • 1 - The Consumerist - Shoppers Australiaʼs largest telecommu- The car manufacturer is in the top Bite Back nication company has a group ten of corporate blogs, and have • 2 - BadPitch Blog. blog (12 bloggers) to discuss now built their own channel so they • 3 - NotGoodEnough - Austra- regulatory issues and other do not need to rely on traditional liaʼs Complaints Site topics that were not getting fair media (newspaper, magazines) to • 4 - PR Disasters - PR disasters, mainstream press. publish their press releases. spin doctors and reputation During the last few years, management gone wrong NWAT has laid off or sacked • 5 - Better Communication - Lee bloggers. Consider the conse- Hopkins A blog is not collaborative but it quences of raising the profile of • Crikey - Trevor Cook IS discussion. Publish industry a few bloggers only to lose them, acrimoniously or other- content, not just corporate. wise. Tip: Laurel Papworth Exercise - What shall we blog? • Look around for videos - particularly howto or DIY? Who in the organisation can manage the role of blogger best? Class - get into groups of four, write 3 sentences on your passion/interest, then find a segue to link to each other. FInally, If you have content such as reports, powerpoint slides, videos of HowTos and the CEO presenting their vision, consider a mul- timedia blog. Easy to update, you can engage directly with consumers through comments and avoid dependence on main- stream media. 12
  12. 12. Social Media Workshop: PR and Crisis Communication Wikis This section covers wikis and how they are used by PR practitio- ners to communicate with the public. What is a wiki? If a blog is like a lecture with questions at the end, a wiki is by Laurel Papworth like a collaborative workshop. Laurel Papworth A wiki is an article on a web page that is editable by a group of peo- ple and makes a great example of a broadcast, collaborative knowl- Wiki Uses edge management system. Every- one can add pages, update pages, Replace eMail comment and discuss pages on- When staff leave they take ac- line. Unlikes blog posts that have a cess to their email with them. All locked down article with comments conversations are lost, or must underneath, wikis have both an be forwarded/printed up. Wikis editable article and a discussion keep the conversation accessi- tab for comments. ble. Because, like a blog, there is no software to download, everything is FAQs and Manuals accessible on the webpage. Within the Enterprise, wikis make a com- Customer Service can update pelling argument for replacing email and outside the firewall, can be wikis on the fly. Publish parts used to collaborate with the consumer. Upload pictures, videos, dia- publicly, keeps others internal grams, tips, bullet points and FAQs to a collaborative system and watch only. as consumers add value including translating to other languages. Collaborative Press Releases Staff that engage with consumers on a daily basis may make excel- Why? lent bloggers as they know the questions and answers and cur- Collaborative knowledge management tools reduce email traffice, ver- rent issues. sion issues and make sure everyone is “on the same page” - literally. They are great for workshopping an idea or group editing contextual Leader documents. Sports bloggers for a health drink company, TV star bloggers for teen fashion companies, external leaders with a voice in that demographic can blog about sto- ries of interest. How do wikis t into your PR Strategy? When and how to implement Start with the internal directory page - place that on a wiki and allow every- one to update their own page with their own contact details and photo- graphs and calendars. Encourage those with niche information to update and share on the internal Imagine a world in which every wiki - critical and time sensitive customer and business issues such as cus- single person on the planet is tomer service or technical support. given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. That's Start to publish well patronized and updated pages to the public, with an what we're doing option later for the public to changes some pages. Jimmy Wales, Even further into your strategy, the public may choose to collaborate in co- Founder of Wikipedia creating public relations services. 13
  13. 13. Social Media Workshop: PR and Crisis Communication Wiki Case Studies This section covers how wikis affect PR. Also how Enterprise uses them as collaborative knowledge management systems. How is it used in practice? Blogs have built in content tools but few audience tools. Consider the topic, tone of voice, and content matter. Video blogs, photoblogs, text and multimedia have a different look and feel. Original indepth content often mixes with distribution - links to newspapers and other sites. Case Study One Case Study Two National Emergency Wikipedia vs WikiScanner Wikileaks During the Mumbai bombings, Monitor Wikipedia for entries Wikileaks is developing an uncen- bloggers created a Google Doc about your brand or company. sorable Wikipedia for untraceable that could be edited by anyone. The wikipedians have a strong mass document leaking and analy- You added the name of someone culture and will remove any- sis. Removes the need for a “whis- who was missing in Mumbai and if thing that is untrue or defama- tleblower” to connect with a journal- anyone else heard news of that tory. ist, and puts the power of publish- person (safe, in hospital, or dead) ing and audience into their hands. the document was updated. However, do not edit the page to remove true information. Crowdsourcing during the Tsunami Wikiscanner doublechecks all led to a wiki being created, and the Wikis are becoming an essen- changes to wikipedia pages, Australian bushfires news was tial communications tool for and recently the Australian De- kept updated on WikiNews. partment of Defence was enterprises, named as having edited Ross Mayfield, SocialText Wiki Wikipedia 5000 times. Exercise - What shall we wiki? • Think about using a wiki internally first as they can be the most challenging to manage with customers. How could you share information better using a wiki in the office? Class: Make and edit a list of 20 words on either ʻblueʼ, ʻrockʼ or ʻlightʼ. (leads to Tagging exercise later). FInally, Using crowdsourcing or “collective intelligence” may lead to faster raising of awareness and distribution of time critical informa- tion during a crisis. It is the responsibility of communications professionals to collate and verify this information. 14
  14. 14. Social Media Workshop: PR and Crisis Communication YOUR NOTES 15
  15. 15. Social Media Workshop: PR and Crisis Communication Social Media Distribution Networks 16
  16. 16. Social Media Workshop: PR and Crisis Communication 17
  17. 17. Social Media Workshop: PR and Crisis Communication Ripple Effect Diagram An explanation of the connected chain reaction diagram for distributing content through social networks. What is the diagram about? Most companies think of broadcast when determining distribution of information strategies. As many eyeballs, visi- tors to site, viewers of videos as possible. The blogosphere, Twitterverse and other social networks work more on a chain reaction or a ripple of content. A blog is great for content creation but doesnʼt come with an inbuilt audience. The key is to connect with others who are interested in this content. Content moves around one network - e.g. retweeted on Twitter and then bounces out into other networks - to Facebook, for example. Corporate blogs that do not link to other blogs or other pages do gain traffic from those sites. Reciprocity is a social contract between content creators Two key concepts with this type of distribution are disintemediation and democratization. Disintermediation means that you can go to an original source - if there is a quote in a newspaper or blog, you can follow back to the original thinker and view the entire press release or article. Only bloggers and distributors that add value retain audience. Democratization allows a blogger with very few readers to still have a major impact - as long as one of their read- ers moves the content along. Over time content may be driven into many networks, and fastmoving channels like Twitter present the opportunity for velocity - 1 blog post may develop into 47 million media impressions over a weekend. So while Ripples are not broadcast, they can have the same impact as traditional marketing channels. Case Study One Case Study Two Engadget vs Apple Deaf Mom vs fast food giant In May 2007, Engadget received an email from an Not all ripple start with a big blog and large reader- email account stating that the iPhone ship. In January 2008, Karen, of Deaf Mom blog, would be 3 months late, as would the Leopard op- drove through the drive-thru of Steak-and-Shake, erating system and ignoring the mike/speaker, asked to make the order at the window because she is deaf. She was “Appleʼs stock promptly tanked on massive selling, denied service. Her small blog post caught the eye going from $107.89 to $103.42 in six minutes of Diversity Inc which in turn was reblogged at The (11:56 - 12:02). This wiped just over $4 billion off of Consumerist (large blog). Journalists read about her Appleʼs market capitalization. A lot of people lost a story on there, contacted her, and she was on the lot of money very quickly.” Techcrunch evening Fox News on TV, and the local newspaper. Ignoring blogs and social media can affect your bot- During this time, when you did research on Steak- tom line earnings, stock price and trust/reputation in and-Shake on business news sites like Yahoo! the marketplace. if you have a problem with C-level News and Google Business News, two facts were executives in your company understanding the obvious. One, that a deaf mother had been denied value of being involved in social media, as them to service contravening the Disabilities Act of America read my blog post on the issue. and two, that Steak-and-Shake were at a sensitive stage of negotiations regarding a merger. gus-iphone/ works-and-pr/ FInally, Creating content is not enough - listening and responding, promoting relationships and being engaged is a fundamen- tal change from broadcast channels. Understand that the absence of a relationship with social media circles creates a void that will be filled by content that may harm you. Yet building Trust and Reputation through engagement would go a long way to mitigate erroneous information. Not all bloggers are created equal, learn who has a voice, and how to get corrections, updates and apologies out in a meaningful way. 18
  18. 18. Social Media Workshop: PR and Crisis Communication Facebook This section covers how to use Facebook as both a social net- work operating system and as a business communication tool. What is Facebook? If Facebook were a country, it would be the 8th most popu- by Laurel Papworth lated in the world, just ahead of Japan & Russia Mark Zucker- Australia has a population of 21 berg million people. Over 4.5 million adult Australians (over 18) have joined Facebook since May 2007. Whether PR and Marketing profes- Viral Touchpoints sionals personally like Facebook, it cannot be ignored as a powerful Email (out), Inbox (internal) customer community. Send 1-1 or group private mes- sages. Facebook is a personal profile based site (not blog) that acts as a Notifications “gated community” - the member stands at the gate and allows other Receive messages in email, in- members to connect, or not. Information is restricted to those who share box or feed of groups, events and mutual friendship - you wonʼt find many videos on Facebook that have applciations friends have added. been seen 12 million times, like you do on YouTube. Yet Facebook has Public a huge amount of viral “touchpoints” - tools to pass information around. The Wall, Shared/Posted Items, Facebooks role is very much distribution rather than content based. Status Updates, Notes (miniblog) In addition Facebook Applications platform - F8 - empowers any com- - places for links. pany to create an application for distribution in the social network. A Feeds widget or App may have RSS feeds, be a game, or simply show loyalty. Minifeed (about me) NewsFeed On Facebook you canʼt blog and therefore it is quite a different network (about them) - passive notifica- than say open broadcast blogs like MySpace. tion. Content Attach item, Photos, Videos - Why? promote in other ways Group Activity Social networks of this size and this well organised are like opening a stall on a busy shopping mall. Itʼs free, but you still have to staff it, and Groups, Events, Fan Pages, find ways of grabbing attention. Still, the speed of distribution (see: Applications Chain Reaction and Ripple Effect) is high, and word of mouth powerful. 3rd party games and tools, Brand Fanpages are different How does Facebook t into strategy? from Brand Groups . With Fan- When and how to implement Pages, mutual friendship is not required, and you have metrics Create your “depth of content” on external broadcast sites such as YouTube such as how many people visit a (videoblog), Flickr (photoblog) and Wordpress (text or multimedia blog). page, unique views, become a Then use Facebook to distribute that content. Because Facebook is a per- fan and graphs. Groups may ap- sonal profile “first” service (unlike Ning that is groups “first”), use FanPage, pear more authentic. groups and events to bring customers together into channels for discussion. Use applications to provide interactive promotion and awareness. Laurel Papworth 19
  19. 19. Social Media Workshop: PR and Crisis Communication Facebook Case Studies This section covers how Facebook is being used by Governments and Crisis Groups. How is it used in practice? Some brands use Facebook Fanpages as the branded microcommunity. Others add it as just one tool to a social media campaign strategy. Applications such as TripAdivor ʻWhere Iʼve Beenʼ mean that a group/page is not neces- sary. Case Study One Case Study Two Facebook Groups Prime Minister Kevin Rudd Australian Bushfire on • Itʼs a good idea to find groups Facebook The Australian Prime Minister, that are target for PR activity - Kevin Rudd, uses a Facebook There are 81 groups covering the political, not for profit and me- page to push out information to fires of ʼ09 including memorial dia. Here are journalist groups: the members. pages, fundraisers and housing • 1 - Journalists and Facebook. assistance. While Twitter was used Mr Rudd distributes his content • 2 - International Journalists to broadcast news quickly, Face- from other social media sites Network (IJNET). bookʼs applications offered fund- for example My Flickr for pho- • 3 - Foreign Correspondents raising widgets and event man- tographs. He also offers a Kev- Club of Facebook agement tools. in07 widget “Rudd and Labor • 4 - Reporters sans Frontieres Supporter” that voters can add • 5 - Find a Journalist - Around to their own Facebook page. the World TIP: Add Facebook applications Notes are used for mini blog that simplify your life: there are posts on current affairs. ones that auto-add your latest blog post, Twitter tweet or Flickr pho- tos. Exercise - Structuring forums • Class: Split into equal groups. Discuss building an Facebook widget/app for 1. An Orchestra. 2. Launch of a new car 3. Not for profit to save cats 4. A photography group. Present back to group. Everyone votes but not for their own presentation. FInally, Facebook is used by members to connect to each other in a time of crisis, to find out news of family at risk at a distance, to gain verified information from society leaders and to share community rituals and events around a situation. Applications such as ClipIn give donation and fundraising tools to everyone and may impact Not For Profit sector. 20
  20. 20. Social Media Workshop: PR and Crisis Communication RSS Syndicating Information This section covers RSS feeds and their importance to PR and Crisis Communication. What is RSS? RSS newsfeeds are usually made up of headlines, sum- by Laurel Papworth maries, links and content, and offer live updates ʻoff siteʼ. Opening up content to RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a way of publishing your content online in a broadcast fashion. Syndication RSS for PR means making your information available to other services, via Builtin ʻsubscriptionʼ. Before the days of Itʼs usually built in to the Web 2.0 the internet, news subscription re- tools like blogs, wikis and forums. quired AAP or Reuters to fax or Press Centre telephone content around the world to editors. In a sense, distributing Consider adding RSS of Press to their news articles internationally, to other services. With RSS we allow your site. subscribers (consumers, bloggers, social media sites) to consumer our Emergency RSS content where and when they want to . Perhaps they want to receive the If you work in an Emergency in- headlines of our blog on .. Facebook? MySpace? their blog? Perhaps dustry, add RSS as a tool for they want our videos on their iGoogle page or MyYahoo? RSS allows breaking news. that to happen. Content Part of Web 2.0 is the separation of form from content. This is a way of Add RSS for videos, photos, receiving the information as text headlines or images, without having to powerpoint go to the host page. Internal Comms Offer calendar and meeting min- utes RSS feeds. People can see Why? when they have been updated Expecting people to come to YOUR website or YOUR Facebook page Other departments limits your ability to build a channel. When a consumer subscribes to Consider RSS for advertising your RSS feed, they will be updated on the latest breaking news, with- (latest special offers), jobs, clas- out having to open email or visit you. It will be on their favourite, most sified ads, and event manage- visited pages, as they choose. ment. How does RSS t into your Strategy? When and how to implement ... folks are just beginning to real- RSS is really part of your distribution strategy. You create content on You- ize is that RSS helps people (in- Tube, Flickr, and other content social media sites, and allow fans to sub- cluding journalists) cut through scribe (be notified) of new content. Because of RSS flexibility, the updates the messaging overload. Speak- are where and when the target audience wants them. Think of ʻbreaking ing for myself, less than 5 per- newsʼ from the Sydney Morning Herald appearing on your NineMSN or cent of the 400+ emails I get MyYahoo page, and you have an idea of how bloggers creating breaking every day actually contain rele- news feeds of their latest blog posts and let people be notified who they vant, targeting pitches from PR want to subscribe to them. professionals. see my Monitoring Social Media workbooks for using RSS for conversa- Mark Jones, Infoworld tions. 21
  21. 21. Social Media Workshop: PR and Crisis Communication RSS Case Studies This section is on how RSS will work for service wanting to provide realtime updates across the internet & not just on their own site. How is it used in practice? Because every time you update information on your own site, it is updated remotely on other sites, RSS offers an excellent tool to broadcast real time business critical information such as bushfires, stock prices and new head- lines. Case Study One Case Study Two Things to Do: Homeland Security, US Gov. Centers for Disease Control and • Check for Prevention, CDC, US Gov. “Can I use Homeland Security examples of using RSS for PR News Feeds on my Web site? CDC has RSS feeds. EXAMPLE: • Check and “CDC Flu - Get notified whenever other Feed sites. Yes, Department of Homeland any new or updated documents are Security headlines and stories • Consider feeds for: PDF, Pow- posted anywhere on the CDC Flu may be displayed on your Web erpoint, Video, Audio/Podcasts, Website Includes Avian flu, Travel site using RSS. Your own tech- Images/Diagrams, Downloads. advice,” nical staff is your resource for • Note the use of RSS in the later implementation.” section on iGoogle - manage your information overload. EXAMPLES: News, Press Re- RSS feed readers are now built leases, Speeches, Testimony, • Use to combine directly into browsers such as Mi- Leadership Journal multiple feeds such as Top 10 crosoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, PR Blogs Safari and Flock. • RSS your common search terms. Exercise - Using RSS • Class discussion. FInally, RSS breaks the internet up so that people can receive your latest headlines on their Facebook page, My Yahoo! an RSS reader, email, in their browser and so on. Itʼs all about feed subscriber numbers, not site visits or unique visitors now. 22
  22. 22. Social Media Workshop: PR and Crisis Communication Widgets & Snippets This section covers widgetizing content for distribution across the Internet as games or interactive panels. What is a widget? Widget content is not static, is interactive, and is a small by Laurel Papworth frame on another website. Offer a widget, also called a snip- pet, or (in the case of Google) a gadget, as a way of extending RSS content. While RSS tends to be Widgets for PR purely information such as head- lines being offered on external Clocks websites, widgets are more graphi- Branded clocks that people can cal and can be extended into add to their webpages games and information boxes. Countdown to Event While a list of weather in capital Consider a countdown widget for cities is an RSS feed, pinning live updates of the weather to area maps, a conference or school holidays. with the map widget being clickable or zoomable, makes for a more Auction Tickers interactive experience. Extending this even further, so that images of people wearing different clothes based on the weather is fun yet infor- Using RSS to bring a widget with mative. latest auction items Stock market tickers Customers who choose to add your widget to their sites and pages are doing advertising for you. If in turn those widgets empowers sales e.g. Add RSS widgets with stock price eBay or Amazon widget, customers are also selling to customers. Word and news of mouth takes place by their choice to add your brand to their social Fundraising space. Allow people to add ClipIn dona- tions to their blog and Facebook. Traffic and Map Why? Map mashup widgets include traffic jams Widgets breakup the internet into “little bits everywhere” making for Weather and Planetary highly customizable and personal sites. By offering a widget, that is use- ful, informative, education and/or fun, the consumer is comfortable with Daily weather, planet positions branding their personal social space with widgets that their friends can and the tide see and use offering viral seeding into relevant social networks. Widgetized maps of areas af- How do widgets t into your Strategy? fected by natural disasters allow everyone concerned to add that When and how to implement information to their sites. It is an There are a substantial amount of non-nutritional social networking products effective ripple or word of mouth available for free to millions of consumers. By non-nutritional I mean ʻfunnyʼ campaign to ensure that the applications that are added once then never used again. Try to develop a message - whether avian flu or fun, yet useful widget to ensure long term engagement. bushfires - is passed along. The map updates with Official infor- mation. see my Facebook for Business workbooks for using application widgets for promotions. 23
  23. 23. Social Media Workshop: PR and Crisis Communication Widget Case Studies This section is on how widgets work for organisations as peer to peer distribution of information. How is it used in practice? Many companies use widgets as advertising - hoping that a poll, silly questionaire or funny game will entice cus- tomers to add the company branding to their page. However some widgets are very indepth including map mash- ups. Example Case Study Two Things to Do: Homeland Security, US Gov. • Move beyond text - what up- Real Time Terror Alert Warning dates (weather, stock price) Badge could be graphical? • What internal databases could “Displays the Homeland Security be opened up - stock availabil- departments' current terror alert in ity, office opening times, health a handy color-coded badge. “ or travel information? The RSS is now a changing badge. • Consider asking your public what they want - a competition maybe? Advertise your site with an interac- • Professional and educational tive widget. Offer sales through a works for critical information. sales widget. Keep people upto- • Fun and personal widgets work date with graphical information. for everyone else. Exercise -Creating a widget • Class activity - in groups, discuss your group activities from earlier in light of making a widget or application. If no subject has been chose, pick Orchestra, Formula 1, or Icecream. FInally, Widgets allow customers to show brand loyalty and add value to the visitors to their blog or Facebook page by adding your information. During times of crisis, having a widget ready will see a large uptake in that widget. 24
  24. 24. Social Media Workshop: PR and Crisis Communication Social Bookmarking This chapter covers filtering and favouriting sites and sharing them across the social networks. What is Social Bookmarking? Find others who are book- marking the same sites you by Laurel Papworth like and use their list to find more! Normally when you bookmark or Laurel Papworth, favorite a site in your browser, that site is only available to you and only available on that computer or device. Social Bookmark Social Bookmarking services allow you to bookmark into ʻthe cloudʼ - Sites save the bookmark on the internet Technorati and then to choose to share or not Has been around for a long time that bookmark with others. and tracks hundreds of millions of Some bookmarking sites are purely to aid your memory - found a great blogs website? Bookmark it, share it with others doing research, write a note about it. Others, such as DIGG function more as a social newspaper A popular shared bookmarking with Citizen Editors pulling in articles from the internet to share with oth- site ers. StumbleUpon Using the bookmarking service at work cuts down on emails passing The fun of random sites book- links around, and means that monitoring of bookmarked sites can be a marked by a large community. shared collaborative office activity. Digg Keep each bookmark private, share it a group, or share with everyone. Vote bookmarked items up and down to see if they make it to the front page of citizen newspaper. Why? Facebook Creating content is time consuming and requires a reasonable amount Yes, Facebook can also be used of commitment and knowledge. Finding relevant information and sharing to store bookmarks or see others it, on the other hand is relatively easy which is why social bookmarking - check out POSTED ITEMS, for is one of the most common and popular toolset on the internet today. a start. Friendfeed Lots of people like to chat about bookmarked items on Friend- Feed. How this ts into the Social Media strategy 6th August 2005 Ask the team to create social bookmarking profiles on the same service and These three activities – the then ask them to share with the team the sites they are moderating, com- “Three Fs” of finding, filtering ments they are watching, and use the notes section to share concerns. and forwarding – scaled up to Monitor your own sites and forums on popular services to gauge public re- the swarm of a billion Internet action. Push out time critical, emergency communications into sharing sites users, describe the world we to ensure coverage. see today. Mark Pesce, Future Street Consult- ing 25
  25. 25. Social Media Workshop: PR and Crisis Communication Bookmarking Case Studies This section lists the major social bookmarking sites and gives an opportunity for the class to discuss strategies. How is it used in practice? As a promotional tool, bookmark sites and their widgets empower readers to forward your content into their own networks. Monitoring social bookmarking sites helps with analytics and measurements, making for easier organi- sation. Notes Laurel Papworth Many major newspapers are adding social book- mark buttons to their sites to add readers who wish to share the article with friends using other re- sources than simply printing or emailing a link. Most of the sites on the right offer analytics - so you can see how many times your information has been saved as a bookmark, sent to others, rated with 1 to 5 stars, listed on popular leaderboard lists, and gain rankings in niche communities. Remember you donʼt need to visit every site - you can pull in an RSS feed (see earlier section) and monitor the communication that way! Exercise - using bookmarking on your own site • Class - discuss how you use your bookmarks now - alphabetical, in folders, one long list? FInally, Remember, some of these sites are not just for bookmarking but develop their own communities. Leaders may promote your bookmarked item to hundreds of thousands of others, if you fit in to their community. 26
  26. 26. Social Media Workshop: PR and Crisis Communication Social Tagging This chapter covers how we name content on social media sites and categorize our conversations. What is Social Tagging? The spontaneous cooperation of a group of people to organ- by Laurel Papworth ize information into categories Wiktionary, 2008 Until now, most of humanities clas- sification systems have mostly been hierarchal (called Taxonomy). Think of a book in a library - it be- longs in one section, one place and What is a TagCloud? nowhere else. from Wikipedia Social tagging, also called collabo- rative tagging, social classification, The first use of tag clouds on a social indexing and folksonomy, high-profile website was on the uses keyword tagging to classify photo sharing site Flickr, created content. Each person viewing the content can use their own keywords - by Flickr co-founder and interac- or view popular keywords provided by others. tion designer Stewart Butterfield. That implementation was based Finding information becomes easier because of this ʻmetadataʼ - you on Jim Flanagan's Search Refer- can find websites not only based on taxonomy but on emotions such as ral Zeitgeist,[3] a visualization of ʻgoodʼ, ʻawfulʼ ʻfunnyʼ ʻtragicʼ. Web site referrers. Tag clouds Now the book - an online version anyway - can be kept wherever you have also been popularized by want. Multiple keywords means you can find the link to it in multiple lo- and Technorati, cations. among others. A text cloud or word cloud is a visualization of word frequency in Why? a given text as a weighted list. The technique has recently been Allowing consumers to tag information with their own keywords helps popularly used to visualize the with brand recall and retention of information. Many also add bookmark topical content of political widgets to their websites and blogs that say “What Iʼm Reading” dy- speeches. namically updating as they read your articles. Search becomes easier. How this ts into the Social Media Campaign 6th August 2005 On Twitter, members use the Tagging can reveal consumer sentiment about content on your site. Tags letter # (hash) in front of key- such as ʻusefulʼ ʻinformativeʼ may be measured against ʻawfulʼ ʻuselessʼ. words. This tells the readers Navigating content via Tag Clouds is an alternative to search that visually that a tweet belongs to a par- oriented people may prefer. ticular thread or conversation. Because the content is being tagged, Google and other search engines #followfriday, #election.. rank the metadata tags higher than the normal data/words, because 5 or 6 Hashtagging on Twitter words describing a page helps the search engines deliver appropriate search results to users. Tags may therefore help with Search Engine Opti- mization. 27
  27. 27. Social Media Workshop: PR and Crisis Communication Social Tagging Case Studies This section gives examples of tagging, tag clouds and an exer- cise. How is it used in practice? Easy navigation of websites, widgets that use tags to define the person “this is who I am” and assists with releas- ing website information from the long tail (content that rarely gets found or read). Case Study One Laurel Papworth A local council service in Australia found their or- ganisationʼs Intranet search hard to use and unreli- able. So one of the women in the office went through every document and bookmarked it in, tagging each document with keywords relevant to the different groups in the organisation. However, as tagging is really a social activity, it wasnʼt long before everyone was bookmarking the documents, sharing them amongst themselves and clustering the documents into many different groups. Remember: staff will use tools that work for them, or that they use anyway in their every day life. Exercise • Class - Split into groups. Take one keyword each. Rock, Blue, Water. Now create more keywords based on your one keyword. FInally, Keep an eye on tagging sites to see how your brand material is being tagged. Implement tag clouds so that people can navigate the site based on metadata. Check tag clouds to see what keywords are strong, and which ones weak. 28
  28. 28. Social Media Workshop: PR and Crisis Communication YOUR NOTES 29
  29. 29. Social Media Workshop: PR and Crisis Communication Social Media Conversation Networks 30
  30. 30. Social Media Workshop: PR and Crisis Communication Twitter This section covers Twitter as an instant (synchronous) communi- cation tool, some software to use with it and itʼs role in news. What is Twitter? Follow people who share your values, sense of humour and by Laurel Papworth interests. You decide who and what is important. Laurel Pap- Twitter is a mobile social network - worth though mostly used through the web in Australia - where you have 140 characters to answer the ques- tion “What Are You Doing”. Most Twitter Terms answers fall into 1 of 3 categories - Testimonials (I am going to work, I Tweet am taking the kids to school), Dis- 140 character - 1. testimonial, 2. tribution links (Read this blog linking URL or 3. @conversation. and Conver- Followers vs Friends or sation (@SilkCharm how are you “Followed” today) The people who are listening to Twitter functions as a realtime (synchronous) network and while it is the your tweets vs The people possible to continue a discussion days later, picking back up the thread you are listening to. weeks later is rare. Twitter is not a depth of content based network like a hashtags # blog, but a conversation and distribution network. A simplified version of searchable topics Facebook it works on a half-gated policy. You can openly broadcast your own content yet selectively ʻfollowʼ other people. Tweetup Organising a real life meetup with Twitters real power is in itʼs open APIs and hundreds of applications/ Twitter folk. services (see later for API information) including ʻadd followersʼ tools. @Replies Put @ and their twitter name, and the public message will show Why? up on recipients Reply timeline. TinyURL, Twurl, etc A fast growing social network (Entered Top 100 sites early 2009), and Use a URL shortening service to because of itʼs realtime communication tools, Twitter facilitates ex- include long links in your 140 tremely speedy distribution of news and critical information. Even with- char. out a large audience, substantial number of ʻretweetsʼ ripples your mes- sage out. TwitPic Upload a foto to Twitpic and it will be auto tweeted How does Twitter t into your Strategy? When and how to implement Connect to people based on geo-location, interest, or reach. Use velocity of Why Twitter Is Useful marketing to get message out, and receive market intelligence. Use the For business, Twitter can be channel to engage particularly Customer Service answering real time ques- used to broadcast your com- tions, publicly, and to empower Twitter members to co-create with you. En- pany's latest news and blog sure you EITHER participate in community events and rituals such as posts, interact with your custom- #2ForTuesday OR simply run an autobot for news, clearly stating that fact. ers, or to enable easy internal collaboration and 31
  31. 31. Social Media Workshop: PR and Crisis Communication Twitter Case Studies This section is on how Twitter will work for business as a real time Q&A tool, for distribution of information and customer service. How is it used in practice? Some brands use Twitter for customer service ʻpersonalʼ service albeit publicly accessible discussions. Time criti- cal information picks up velocity with re-tweets. The mobile nature makes it ʻalways-onʼ. Or distribute via an RSS bot. An account that simply links out all the time is ignored - must have conversation or testimonials as well. Case Study One Case Study Two Things to Do: UK Security and Defence @BigPondTeam from Telstra • Search for lists - Famous peo- updates Australia ple on Twitter, journalists on UK newsfeed on security and Bigpond initially made an error in Twitter. defence issues @In_Terra filling their tweets with “thankyou, • Join friends on Twitter - keeps automatically posts up informa- weʼll get back to you”. Eventually you honest and friendly. tion using RSS and autobots. Customer Service engaged and • Investigate tools like Monittor, answered questions on Twitter. EXAMPLE: SECURITY NEWS Tweetdeck, Twitterfall. Reduces helpline calls and aids FEED: Medhat received death • Search bios with Peoplebrowsr threats - Fatah leader: Slain or Tweepsearch senior Palestinian of.. • Tweet jobs available, items for TIP: @RichardFromDell is better sale, housemates wanted with a than simply @Dell. Or leave Notes using an ʻauto-botʼ to link to deeper content sites. enough room to sign off your autopost Tweets is useful (if • tweets with your first name. reTweet fundraising events or limited) for high alert time criti- coffee meetups for followers. Exercise - Using Twitter • Class discussion - discuss using Twitter for real time updates for business information. Focus on Sales and Customer Service. FInally, Try to use Twitter to show a human face (tell your story), make sure you link to other interesting, humorous or educational articles/blogs as well as your own. Respond openly to questions with @name. Following many, with few following back, looks like spam. 32
  32. 32. Social Media Workshop: PR and Crisis Communication Forums This section covers forums and how they are used by consumers to raise awareness of issues around brands and organisations. What is a forum? A bulletin board is a place where you can leave public messages - by Laurel Papworth to advertise, buy/sell, promote events, or provide information. Forums allow anyone to start a conversation - unlike blogs. And while the conversations (called threads) are not editable by each Forum Features member (unlike a wiki), each mem- ber can comment back in a linear Many to Many fashion. Anyone can start the discussion. Forums are asynchronous (not real Topics are placed in relevant sub- time). The real time version of fo- forums. Others join in. rums would be chat channels. Fo- Peer to Peer rums are also called bulletin boards or bbs and are sometimes a second A blog limits the conversation to step after setting up a blog for companies. the topic of the blogger. By open- Forums often have builtin social networking tools that the other social ing up a forum, customers can media tools donʼt offer. For example, titles for commenters (called “post- feel that their needs are ad- ers” in forums). This enables the natural hierarchy and leadership roles dressed by allowing them to post of a community to be implemented, enabling the community to scale up discussion threads and answer larger much quicker. Moderator/Admin tools are quick sophisticated and each other. subforums for special groups work well as reward systems. The ability Complex and mutilayers to offer Karma Points (forum loyalty points) is also a feature. Many people responding on many topics - following subthreads and repeat threads becomes challenging. Why? Long Tail The power of forums is the fact that one customer can ask a question A forum thread can have thou- and another customer can answer it. This provides authentic testimoni- sands of responses, sometimes a als and peer to peer support, reducing cost of acquisition of the cus- small group may post many times tomer and technical support costs. over a number of years. This sort of discussion rarely happens on a blog. How do forums t into your Social Network? When and how to implement Everything about your forum - If your blog is popular and you would now like to have the customer com- colours, leaderboards, path to munity respond back proactively rather than through comments, a forum community moderator, Badges might be for you. Blogs are light on community - itʼs hard to badge leaders, for roles, tribal areas (subfo- reward roles of welcomer, teacher and give tools for subgroups on a blog. A rums), rituals and events should forum usually has these things built in. By offering forums, you may find work together to build a good your community grows exponentially - rather than a blogger setting the behaviour. Donʼt rely on Code of agenda for the conversation, the community choose themselves what they Conduct or Etiquette Statement. wish to discuss. Laurel Papworth 33
  33. 33. Social Media Workshop: PR and Crisis Communication Forums Case Studies This section covers how forums work for business as a peer-to- peer support tool and many-to-many conversation. . How is it used in practice? Forums offer many-to-many discussions. They drop technical support and customer service costs to 1/5th by em- powering one customer to answer another customers question. Sophisticated complex social tools empower fast growth. Case Study One Case Study Two Forums Parents Jury (Australia) (Australia) • 1 - Big Brother and Australian In Australia, the Parents Jury This is a community of nearly Idol for TV microcomunities. forum addresses issues around 300,000 telecomms technicians • 2 - Hepatitis and Diabetes for children and healthy food and discussing broadband in Australia. health and children. advertising. They have become They undertake some of the roles • 3 - EssentialBaby for mothers a successful lobby group, and of Regulatory Affairs, highlighting and babies won a battle to have over- inaccuracies in contracts and ad- • 4 - Microsoft, Cisco and Open- sugared cereals removed from vertising and are more visited than source forum communities supermarkets. telco sites. • 5 - Sports forums Watch carefully industry • 6 - vBulletin, PHPBB, Simple- boards/forums - this particular Board are three examples of one has a Fame and Shame Online forums do not belong to cheap or free bulletin board fo- award - the one for Pester Gen Y. The first forums or BBSʼs in rum software. Some come pre- Power is to shame companies the 1970s - weʼve socialized PCs installed on a hosting plan. that use children to advertise to together since the beginning. children. Exercise - Structuring forums • How many subforums can you think of - Announcements, on topic, offtopic? What roles would you allocate in the community? Teachers, ʻcopsʼ, editors, event organisers? Class: play a game of telling a story. Each person tells the next line, following on from before and only ONE line. FInally, Once you have established clear behaviour sociability features in your forum, they need a lighter hand than other tools. In fact the host should not insert as much content as they would in say, a blog. 34
  34. 34. Social Media Workshop: PR and Crisis Communication Virtual Worlds & Serious Games This chapter covers how we use 3D worlds to engage and distrib- ute information. What is a virtual world? “As society migrates into vir- tual worlds we become pio- by Laurel Papworth neers exploring the new fron- tiers of the mind” Computer games have been avail- Laurel Papworth, video 2008 able to the public for many years, but the multiplayer social virtual worlds are growing at a faster rate than stand alone games. Worlds Virtual P.R. such as Twinity, and Second Life bring members together to create, Second Life collaborate and discuss in a 3D environment. Duran Duran made a huge Serious games use virtual worlds splash in summer 2006 with their and gaming technology for ʻseriousʼ purposes - business training or mili- announcement of a Second Life tary or teaching about crisis scenarios. presence, that got them more press coverage than theyʼd had The public is spending an ever increasing number of hours in these vir- in the prior year. tual worlds, and ever decreasing hours consuming traditional media. The newest virtual world tools are overlays on web browsers - Exit Real- Recently, though, Fox broke new ity and RocketOn are two - so that the public can walk around your ground as the studio brought websites with 3D avatars. Bruce Willis into the popular on- line community Second Life to take questions from the fans and Why? media. In order to host such a unique opportunity, Fox con- The realtime experiential nature of virtual worlds makes them ideal for structed one of the most impres- corporate training and organisational virtual facilities. Simulation and sive Second Life structures ever preparedness exercises using webcasts, video, and online courses ex- built. tend the education of the public into 3D social spaces. United Nations Food Force One of the most well-known and highly regarded serious games, How this ts into Social Media Strategies Food Force was commissioned by the United Nations' World Advertising, Sales, PR, Customer Service, H.R., Recruitment, Food Programme, and aims to Training... educate the user about the Virtual worlds make an excellent Research and Development (R&D) envi- causes, effects and solutions to ronment as well as triggers for rippling out into the blogosphere as virtual famine in third world nations. worlds are intense experiences. Viral micro goods also called branded pixel products are used to both pro- mote and to connect to the audience. Events such as inviting pop stars into Habbo and Second Life to give interviews and concerts can promote a cause or awareness, and are generally well attended. ...make sure the people who you Reuters had a dedicated virtual world journalist in Second Life, the Ameri- employ to represent you inworld can Army use virtual worlds for combat training and over 300 Universities are extremely familiar not just use Second Life as a virtual lab and classroom. There are a vast range of with the local space they will be tasks and activities that can be done in a virtual world or through serious hanging around in but the whole gaming that donʼt have the same real time impact in a 2D environment or social world. are not feasible in the real world. Gary Hayes, Virtual World Expert 35
  35. 35. Social Media Workshop: PR and Crisis Communication Virtual Worlds Case Studies This section gives background and case studies on companies and governments using virtual worlds for public engagement. How is it used in practice? . Case Study One Case Study Two Things to Do: Darfur Is Dying BioTerrorism Preparedness • View machinima (videos made Darfur is Dying is a serious The Idaho Bioterrorism Awareness in virtual worlds) on YouTube game that seeks to teaches and Preparedness program • Start a Habbo account as itʼs about the conditions in which (IBAPP) has been launched to pro- browser based people live in the warring re- vide bioterrorism and emergency • Read blogs MUVEDesign, Sec- gion of Darfur in Western Su- preparedness training to Idaho's ondLifeBlogs, Business Com- dan. The player is tasked with healthcare workforce. municators of Second Life, New controlling the members of a World Notes family caught in the middle of • Download Second Life, the conflict. As a chosen family In augmented and online virtual, Kaneva, or Active- member you have to gather worlds, humanity will exponentially Worlds and start an avatar there water to help grow crops, but to evolve, free from the limiting get to the water you have to • Ask a young relative to talk to ghosts of that other virtual world avoid roving bands of militia. you about World of Warcraft or we call reality. Runescape. Gary Hayes Exercise - Virtual Worlds • Class -A RolePlay in Physical Spaces FInally, Virtual worlds provide a better educational system, more engaging entertainment media, creative and innovative collaborative spaces than traditional web solutions. By investing time and research into virtual worlds and serious games, companies have a better idea about true engagement and interaction beyond viral videos and email newsletters. This is a growth area and using virtual tools broadens a companies ability to respond to 36
  36. 36. Social Media Workshop: PR and Crisis Communication Lists & Links Here we list top PR blogs, some tools to monitor reputation, sites that explain negative groundswell and how it happened. PR Blogs PR Tools Online Brian Solis - PR 2.0 Press Release Grader - PR Squared - Trackur - A shel of my former self - BuzzGain - Pop! PR Jots - Radian6 - Strategic PR - BuzzLogic - Young PR - Australia BrandsEye Pro PR - Canada Dialogix PR Communications - PR Newser - Negative Groundswell Monitoring Crisis Forum Lee Hopkins The Ad Contrarian Drawn from AdAge Power150 and From PR to Eter- The Consumerist nity blog. Not Good Enough - Gerry McCusker Other courses Bad Pitch Blog Dell Hell - Its pretty important to follow this session Parents Jury with Social Media Workshop: Social Me- Shaping Youth dia Press Releases if speed is important. UserVoice Also, Social Media Workshop: Media Get Satisfaction Training and Staff Guidelines helps en- Bernaise Source sure that your staff donʼt accidentally cause a negative groundswell by blogging, twitter- Anti Marketer ing or posting on a forum in a way that has I Hate This repercussions for your organisation. Glass Door Finally, Social Media Workshop: Monitor- Rate Your Job ing and Brand Reputation goes into more eBossWatch detail on filtering and finding discussions. This is a good start if you are interested in Crikey undertaking a Social Media Audit of what Travel-Rants is happening online around your brand or organisation. These sites are known for publishing information More information at that identifies triggers that may inflame online com- munities. 37