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What Keeps HR Up At Night?


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As HR professionals we all have a million different things on our minds. Are we keeping up with the latest and greatest trends in the space? Will we have the resources we need to do our jobs as efficiently as possible? And perhaps most importantly, what are some ways to simplify our processes and make life easier? We asked, you answered! See the results in this SlideShare and be sure to download the report!

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What Keeps HR Up At Night?

  1. 1. What Keeps HR Up At Night?
  2. 2. Todays Workforce HR Technology Role Specialty Age Gender Geography Age Motivation Gender Distributed Workforce Culture Geography Education Motivation Thinking Styles Gender Culture Thinking Styles Gender Interests Education Role Specialty Interests
  3. 3. Survey Respondents 853 Professionals responded to the survey 89% 55% Plan, manage, or administer Recruiting, Learning, Development or other HR programs. Had more than 500 employees. 82% The respondents had 5 or more years experience in HR.
  4. 4. Survey Structure The survey was divided into five sections: • • • • • General/Strategic HR concerns Talent acquisition and retention Technology Compliance The business side of HR
  5. 5. Top 3 HR Management Concerns 48% Engaging and retaining employees 45% Developing leaders and managing skills gaps 41% Recruiting the best employees
  6. 6. Human Resource Management Concerns Engaging and retaining employees Developing leaders and managing skills gaps Recruiting the best employees Battling organizational resistance to change Improving or implementing HR technology to maximize value for the organization. Meeting compliance regulations Implementing learning and development programs Creating succession plans Managing employee compensation programs
  7. 7. Insight into concerns • Only 12% of respondents selected Gaining C-suite support for our HR initiatives. • Yet, in a subsequent write-in question about concerns, professionals were vocal about their relationship to the C-suite and the executive team’s role in shaping the work environment.*
  8. 8. Concern By HR Area Recruiting 28% 27% Performance Learning and Development 21% HRMS Onboarding 15% 7%
  9. 9. Recruitment and Retention Concerns Creating an attractive organizational culture to engage employees. Sourcing the right candidates for the company. Addressing turnover in our workforce. Recruiting employees, but with fewer resources (budget or staff). Giving employees opportunities to use their skills and abilities. Offering a better salary/benefit package than our competitors do. Providing flexible work arrangements that promote work/life balance.
  10. 10. Replace a Top Executive? 38% Yes 41% No
  11. 11. The Generation Gap
  12. 12. Workforce of the future
  13. 13. Attracting Millennials As Boomers Retire
  14. 14. Technology Concerns 54% Having sound data and analytics, so that we can have a clear picture of our workforce 43% Integrating our HR systems 39% Offering the latest tools and technology to maximize our employees effectiveness 39% Ensuring HR technology can satisfy compliance reporting requirements 6% Must have been dreaming because they said they had no technology concerns
  15. 15. Compliance Concerns
  16. 16. Compliance 70% of respondents reported that they are regulated by a governing or outside agency. 16
  17. 17. Overall HR business concerns Top three concerns you have about how the HR department works within your company’s business overall. Developing an HR organization that acts strategically, rather than tactically. Ensuring that HR has a “seat at the table” in making business decisions about the organization. Managing organizational change. Applying HR policies and procedures throughout all areas of the business. Developing partnerships across different teams to achieve business objectives.
  18. 18. What else keeps HR up at night...
  19. 19. Other HR Challenges We gave respondents an open-ended question, “Is there anything else in the subject areas we’ve covered that keeps you up at night?” 700 Professionals responded to the question Many concerns focused on the position of HR within the organization and the relationship of HR to executive leadership.
  20. 20. Respondents wrote... • “Getting management to utilize HR as a business partner rather than an after-thought used to put fires out.” • “Being business relevant and adding value.” • “Getting the C-suite to agree that the HR function is as key as the Finance function and consequently pay attention to HR issues.” • “Top leadership retiring in the next 3 years hanging on to archaic strategies and processes.”
  21. 21. Respondents wrote... • “Turnover and acquiring the right employees for the organization.” • “In a time of downsizing and change in business approach, the communication aspects seem to be considered as the least important. Executive management is making decisions based on monetary concerns with seemingly little consideration of operational impacts on process, product, and people.” • “Keeping supervisors and managers apprised of risks in a litigious world.” • “Performance reviews that have value and are not just a check mark to get it done.”
  22. 22. Conclusions
  23. 23. Conclusions HR leaders have a wide variety of concerns, juggling myriad issues-from recruiting top talent to keeping current on compliance laws and fostering employee engagement. Survey results indicate that HR leaders are voicing perennial concerns about developing a strategic role within their companies. This entails not just focusing on HR departmental issues, but on the challenges facing the business as a whole--helping to develop a workforce that will create value for the organization.
  24. 24. Key Takeaway Organizations must move from tactical to strategic approaches. In order to demonstrate the business value of HR. Key takeaway: Talent Acquisition and Talent Management should partner internally to bridge the gaps in metric providing a more holistic few of what's working and what's not providing a clearer picture to the business. 25
  25. 25. Key Take Away Compliance regulations are evolving rapidly, driven by technology, changes in hiring, veterans benefits, and more stringent healthcare policies Key takeaway: Professionals need 21st century tools to keep informed so they can better manage these changes 26
  26. 26. Take Away Metrics and analytics matter: Evaluate initiatives regularly and systematically. Key takeaway: Data on finance, productivity, and retention must be made more easily accessible. Technology, e.g. automation and data analytics are one solution. 27
  27. 27. Want more? Download the full report View the Infographic
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